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M82 - Need more cloudy nights....


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Well, it has been so long since I posted anything........I just had to.

Rushed capture, severe lack of processing skill (why is every time like the first time? - try to learn again what you thought you'd grasped when you last did this 3 months ago....)

But here's my take on M82.  10x120s Lum, 10x180s R/G/B. 5x900s Ha.  Alll bodged together in PI and photoshop.

The Ha is really stretched, and it was taken with quite a lot of moon about (any excuse!)

But you can see what it is at least.

I know I should be doing better, but I'm busy renovating a house (with a nice dark garden - can't wait).


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    • By OJ87
      At end of January I placed my order to buy a mount directly from this supplier which is also the manufacture, so ordering was only per email. (I’m not living in UK so there are no online Shop selling this mount)
      Communication per Email was at the start generally easy and fast with acceptable language skills, I usually got a response within the next 24h. 
      Delivery time was expected to be after about 14 weeks (the mount includes the wedge which will be individually made for my cement pier, counterweights … etc).
       To take the order I was asked to transfer a 1900€, so did I.
      anyway hard communication has been started after I began  ask about the mount as we entered the week 13 , I was told the mount is almost ready and the the material for my wedge will be ordered now??? I was asked about the Paramentes of the wedge for my pier, which I already gave in Februar.
      So I gave the Paramentes again and was promised to be finished in the next 3 weeks. After about 20 days I asked again about the mount since I didn’t get any updates or information: I was told that everything is going as planned ,  I  don’t need to ask about it again and I have to read the E-Mails again. After this rude  email and with frustration I had waiting for the mount for almost 21 weeks I asked for a 2 weeks deadline, In which I get my mount, or in case of not delivering: get my money back. I was told that mount is almost ready ( same state one month ago) and the wedge is being made, but he refused to give me a deadline or even recognize a delay he has, also he said he will not respond to my emails till my mount will be ready. 
      based on that I told him to cancel the order and refund my money back.  
      he refused returning the refund back, I offered him to cut 450€ from deposit (to save the time and nerves )but he also refused telling me that I don’t have any ground to cancel my order. i started a legal process to get my refund back, it may take some time, but I will take my money back. i have all the text of mailing between us, in case my review may come in question. 
      my conclusion to never buy from this supplier, the web site doesn’t have any AGB or a clear return/refund  policy.
        Best regards,  
    • By OJ87
      Hi everyone,
      i want to share my sad long story with ordering the MESU mount to not let you fall in and to warn anyone planning to order it from MESU:
       I ordered this mount based on its given„fantastic“ specification und a relativ lower Preis comparing to other high end mounts, considering also all good reputation wrote by people who bought this mount or came in contact with Lucas Mesu.
       I ordered it at end of January: at that time i was told all the mounts are sold and he’s  going to make a new 25 serie and assured me I’m the first one who will receive it, but it’ll take longer than 10 weeks he usually give. According to his words it will be possible to be finished in May. So I accepted the deal and ordered it with the wedge and counterweights.
      now it’s almost middle of Juni and almost half year after ordering: but it seems the  order not to be finished. Mailing MESU about it from the end of April. I realized after just 5-6 E-Mail his style of answering and also how unprofessional he is: he never answered my question directly and gives me reasons I really can’t follow, which are sometimes not logical to me and of course sometimes I felt I had to apologies because I wrote him emails asking about my delayed order.
       and I’ll try to summary it here:
      -April: (asked him after I saw people getting their mounts before me): he told me all parts for the mount are ordered and it will take few weeks to be finished.
      -after three weeks: he asked me about the parameters of my pier to make the wedge ( which I already gave him 3 months ago) and he tells me the mount is ready just the wedge.
      -2 weeks later I asked him again about the delivery:  now he tells me he is waiting for the material for the wedge to be delivered , after it he will order the material for coating and it takes another week and he is waiting also for controller which appears not to be there, despite he told be the mount is ready( let me mention his first email where he said everything is ordered)
      - another 2 weeks of waiting: he tells me everything goes as planned 😂😂 ( I couldn’t resist the smilies despite the sad story), asking him about which Plan he means because I was lost: he tells me to read the E-Mails because I’m wasting his time, which he needs to finish my wedge ( the wedge supposed to be finished according to his given plan 2 weeks ago). 
      after so much frustration I told him his plan will be finished in 1 week, so I’ll give him 2 weeks to send me the order, in it’ll not be finished until then, I want to step back and cancel it, I based my decision according to the emails he wrote me( delay of the order more than 6 weeks upon given date and giving him a deadline ). 
      the answer was I don’t have the right to cancel my order, and he’ll stop answering my emails until the mount will be finished ( he didn’t give me any date or deadline). After this I decided to  avoid  the pain, more angry emails and I went to my lawyer to open a case (the good thing the insurance will cover it). 
      Unfortunately this is my story, I wish I could go back in time and undo this order, slap my self to do such stupid idea but it’s not possible. 

      I know there are people in forums swear by Mesu mounts and talks how very good is he, my order was based on those reports. But I didn’t  feel that, I’m wondering how it’ll be for after sale service..
      My advice is to step back and order something else, maybe a bit expensive, but you know it’ll come at the given date, the company will apology for delay, will never tell to stop wasting their time.
       I’ll update when something new comes.
       Clear skies,
    • By ZS1RA
      After what felt like a decade my Mesu e200 was finally delivered. It is such a beautiful piece of machinery, no frills just pure functionality.
      I had the counter weights manufactured locally and completed the mechanical assembly, pretty straight forward. Thanks to @Jonk, https://stargazerslounge.com/profile/37161-jonk/ for providing me with the dimensions for a 16,5kg counterweight in stainless steel. I downloaded and installed SciTech.exe plus the other bits of software to make it work. The only thing I’m still uncertain about is Carte du Ciel. I’m used to Stallerium for my Skywatcher and Celestron PWI, which I love. I guess I’ll just have to get used to CDC.
      I need some assistance and would appreciate help. My mount is not going to have the luxury of a permanent pier, I have to move it off the balcony every time I’ve finished my session. I have a very limited view of the South (I’m in South Africa) and no view of the SCP. Despite this I can polar align to a high degree of accuracy with the Synscan routine embedded in the SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro hand controller. Having had a cursory glance at the help menu in the SciTech Polar Alignment tab and it appears that I will need to have a view of the Celestial Pole. Does anyone have advice please? 
      Thanks Shaun

    • By DaveS
      Finally I have something like First Light with the ODK12. This is just 6 x 600 sec subs Luminance with the Moravian G3 16200 and Chroma filters. Sigma Add stacking in AstroArt 7 followed by a slight crop to get rid of dither edges, Gradient Reduction (As the moon was starting to interfere), DDP and Unsharp Mask.
      Calibration was with Darks and Flats only as I had neglected to do Dark Flats *slapped wrist*.

      Reduced 50% for upload and JPEG. Yes it's a bit noisy, and I think I may have focus issues.
      C&C welcome as usual. 
    • By DaveS
      "Unboxing" seems too feeble a term for this. As posted in the Lounge, This arrived just after midday

       Getting it into my conservatory nearly did my back in so had to give it a rest before proceeding. Removing the cover (Six very long screws revealed lots of bubble wrap

      Concerned about getting the 'scope out safely I put a folded duvet (The one I had for SGL19) ready to cushion the floor

      After heaving it out of the packing (Heavy, but not unmanageable) the 'scope was revealed in all its pristine glory.

      On the back is a Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser, plus connection for the internal dew heater.

      I think that will do for now. There was also an envelope with instructions for collimation, and a small package with a spacing tool and ronchi grating to get the spacing correct (OOUK specify +/- 1 mm), and the adaptors for the Moravian G3 16200 that's going on it. Phew!
      More photos will follow when I get it on the mount.

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