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  1. StarSense hand controller package works with all Skywatcher mounts you can buy them
  2. I was about to say may the powers of Grayskull be with you RIP mount Grayskull Lives
  3. Your not doing it right read the manual again turn mount 90 degrees on side position 1 then position 2 then position 3
  4. CGX is a better mount and the All-Star alignment is a classic insanely easy and very accurate but you must use crosshair eyepiece thats the catch do it twice and it will be even better Chuck Ayoub on youtube has CGX have you seen his work EQ6 Pro is very good mount too.
  5. I have decided to sell my Cem-120 mount as i got a second hand AP 1100 GTO from my friend who got a new AP 1600 with encoders its just under a year old bought from Altair Astro so still under two year warranty is in mint cont i couldn't miss the opportunity to get AP 1100 GTO and let it go still waiting for pier plate for mount. So theirs no point in keeping two large mounts after i got my dream final mount buyer will pay shipping price is 2150 pounds. Altair Astro price without Ipolar Camera is 3250 pounds without Ipolar Camera which is 200 pounds total 3450 pounds
  6. I cannot say enough praise about the amazing Tracer 12v 24ah i bought to run my mount Intel NUC8 and ASI294mc Pro ccd for nearly six hours and still be half full i might buy another Tracer 12v 24ah for running my two dew straps i tested them on the same battery gone five hour and was just under half full these LifePo4 batteries are just insane they just keep running.
  7. Hello new to this forum i have a CEM-120 mount and Ipolar camera i have it polar aligned but the it wont go to objects only a few i think its the UTC what is the correct UTC for Dublin Ireland is it the same as England UTC +60 i miss the simple All-Star Alignment from Celestron only thing i dislike about my mount is Ioptron software
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