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  1. £300 for all or £185 for Everbright Diagonal or £80 for each eyepiece i would rather keep them than sell them for less.
  2. Tele Vue 2" 90 Degree Everbrite Mirror Diagonal Skywatcher Panorama 7mm and 15mm -- weight ... 335 Gramm -- barrel diameter ... 1,25" with filterthread -- app. field ... 82° -- eye relief ... 12mm -- lenses ... 7 elements TS-Optics Optics 2x ED Barlow lens, 2 inch, ED Element Brand New never used dust on them new smell still on boxes all i want is less than half price the Everbrite Mirror Diagonal cost me 300 alone basically getting the two eyepieces for free eyepieces were 225 euro and 275 euro each back in 2013 barlow was 175 Euro and Everbrite Mirror Diagon
  3. I just had to bro i couldn't resist it after i found this image on Facebook
  4. I ordered an OGEM from JTW Astronomy this EQ6R-Pro should tie me over until i get my permanent observatory up and running from JTW.
  5. I want 750 pound the camera is like brand new ill pay for the shipping in the price not dropping the price any lower i have the ASI2600mc Pro as reason for selling.
  6. Sony IMX294 4/3 CMOS Sensor Extremely low read noise - 1.2e @30db gain 14Bit ADC - provides real 14bit dynamic range Electronic shutter - no issues with vibrations sometimes found in mechanical shutters USB3.0 Port (back compatible with USB2.0) - 16fps@4144×2822 AR coated protective window - all light can pass Compatible with Windows / Mac OS / Linux LIKE NEW £750 FLO price with delivery is £1,022.95 ill pay shipping getting ASI6200mc Pro why I'm selling camera is perfect. The camera will be shipped in box with all the extras
  7. I really hope the OGEM works out lets hope UK has its very own English Planewave Instruments style company starts off small then turns into a power house Astronomy company remember Planewave Instruments was nothing in 2008 they had one EQ mount Ascension 200 and 20 CDK and many people wanting their money back.
  8. I come from working class family and poverty but today my own family and mother and father and seven brothers and sisters are lower middle class in UK we would be probably be middle class as Ireland is much wealthier that England by living standard
  9. I have three children im just gone 40 this is why i got it now cause i knew later on i would be able too with 11 year old 7 and 4
  10. The mount you have to see it to believe it the adjustment knobs are so easy to turn yet very strong not like Ioptron pound shop quality where if you tighten them too much you know they could snap off and you have to tighten them with allen key to keep alignment the gears i have it set to 10 arc second that's medium speed 20 arc seconds is just insane and you can put 90-100 lbs of scope on you would still get 35-45 mins unguided subs if well-balanced i still believe on ASA DDM85 is a match for 10 Micron as for all the rest it crushes all before it yet ASA DDM85 only slews at 13 arc
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