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Which astronomy book?


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Hi all

This morning in the post, I received the A4 size.....Philips Night Sky Atlas.

Although, I've only had a brief look through it, seems an excellent purchase.

Very informative and interesting.

If you could only have ONE astronomy book......which book would you have?



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+ 1 for the Sky & Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas. TL@O is another book that I love, but doesn't show the whole sky like the Atlas does. It's size means that its easy to handle on nights out and thanks to a piece of acetate and the 'to scale' Telrad rings, it is brilliant for star hopping! Bring on the dark skies...

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I would say The larger version of the pocket sky atlas................. the " Sky Atlas 2000 "

and " Companion " guide; which I consider the second half, of a two part book.

This could keep you occupied for a lifetime. :smile:

Click photos to enlarge.



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I'd go with the Backyard Astronomers Guide by Dickinson and Dyer because its covers everything. Its got comprehensive chapters on all aspescts of astronomy; one one what scope to choose and why , one on what eyepieces, filter etc. (the pros and cons of each) all the way through to astrophotography. It even has star charts in it and a deep sky observing guide. It really is The Bible for someone just starting out like I was last year and I've read it cover to cover twice and still go back to it fo reference.


PS. you cant go wrong with Sky & Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas for a tenner (I didn't want to feel left out).

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How important is the Companion to the Sky Atlas 2000? Is it a case of cant have one without the other?



As for importance, you don't really need it, but why buy a road map without an index. ?

The Sky Atlas 2000 Companion has the data and descriptions for all of the two thousand seven hundred galaxies, star clusters, and nebula that are shown in the Sky Atlas 2000. The Companion guide is currently available on Amazon for about £14.

Edit: An excelent reference handbook is " Nortons Star Atlas ". Consider checking your local Library to see what Astronomy related books are available; try before you buy. :smiley:

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I have a SAC book (printed by the Webb Society) 'SAC's 110 best of the NGC', and the BAA Deep Sky Catalogue that I use as the 'Indexes' for my Pocket Sky Atlas. These little books tell you what to look for, by constellation, and the Pocket Sky Atlas shows you where to find them. The SAC book has 10° finder charts, which is very hand at the scope.

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So many great books out there. Narrowed down to:

Favourite Bathroom Read: Rees' Universe

Favourite Book for Awe and Inspiration: Gribbin's Stardust

Favourite Out in the Field: Sinnott's Pocket Sky Atlas and Mullaney's Double Star Atlas

Favourite Beginner's 'DIY': Thompson's Hacks

Favourite Book on the Sun: Wilkinson's New Eyes

Favourite Moon Guide: Field Map and Rukl's Moon Guide

Favourite Doubles Book: Argyle's Doubles

Favourite Book for Urban Hope: Mollise's Urban Guide

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