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  1. Thanks Sleepy Kiki, here are some more pics from the evening. Not processed properly yet but you get the jist.
  2. The guys at Casa Zaguan did a great job that night, would definitely recommend. Pick up from my hotel, meal at Casa Zaguan, sunset at 7000ft, up to the caldera to watch the Milky Way appear, back to the roof terrace at Casa Zaguan with the big dob then dropped off back at my hotel after midnight. Great night.
  3. Thanks guys, only just seen these posts. Just got back, the skies were awesome, here's an unprocessed image ??
  4. 1.07am is the Tenerife moon rise time ?
  5. Booked on their sunset and stars trip on 3rd August, Moon rises at 1.07am on the 4th so works out with the times of the trip. Buzzing! ???
  6. D'oh! I should be ok towards the end of the holiday.
  7. Thanks guys, sounds great. I'll get in touch with them.
  8. Hi Been a while since I've been on here. I'm off to Tenerife (staying in Costa Adeje) at the end of July/earlyAugust, and am very excited about the prospect of some widefield Milky Way imaging. I realise I'll need to get away from the light pollution of the main resorts in the south. I've started looking at organised trips up to the observatories, which I'd be interested in but I'm not sure how much 'free time' I'd have to do some imaging. The imaging is more important, I think. I realise that hiring a car and driving up into the mountains is an option but Mrs Hermit is rather concerned about that option... I'm not sure how mobile I'll be at that point for any trekking as I'm recovering from an operation over the next few weeks. Can anyone give me any tips, advice, recommendations etc please? Many thanks, Dave
  9. Thanks all. The difference in sensitivity between the eyeball and a camera chip always amazes me.
  10. Hi Just got back from a week at a Haven caravan site near Pwllheli with the family. One clear night I wandered down to the beach and captured these images, amongst others. Very pleased with the Milky Way shot, especially as I captured a meteor (not sure if it was a Perseid). I was slightly apprehensive about going to the beach on my own late at night but a few teenagers at the other end of the beach made me feel at ease, strangely. Once they left around midnight and the beach was eerily quiet, I thought it would be a good idea to pack up and get back to the caravan... Both single 30 second exposures, 800 iso, processed in Lightroom to tease out the detail. Any comments/tips welcome. Thanks, Dave
  11. I'm just impressed that you got the wife to watch it with you. Tips required, please. ;-)
  12. The popup version is also the same price. http://www.gelert.com/gelert-pop-up-utility-tent-789332 Can't see any guy ropes though nor a mention of them... (?)
  13. Managed just 5 seconds last night through the 10x50s via high thin cloud, then thick cloud rolled in. Still time yet...
  14. Great letter! My Milky Way image made it into the letters section under "Northern lights". Chuffed!
  15. I think it just comes down to setting your own expectations, which is so important in this game anyway. Star parties aside, if you expect to have a medium/high number of observing/imaging sessions over a longer period then you're going to be disappointed in the UK. This is much more apparent when the time is condensed into a star camp/party weekend. I'm heading off to Kielder Starcamp today. My expectations are that I'll have a break in a beautiful place with my mate, a laugh and catch up with like-minded people, a few beers, enjoy the lectures and *maybe* enjoy the dark skies. I'm not pinning all my hopes on the last one, especially based on this weekend's forecast! But, obviously, the skies there are a big attraction when clear. Whatever happens, I always look forward to Kielder and always have a great time, whatever the weather. The fantastic organisation always has to be done well in advance, around the new moon.
  16. I'd recommend this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1849073007/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_OoTpub065BRM7
  17. Smaller version attached, I'll get the original deleted. Thanks. DSC_0266 sm.bmp
  18. Does anyone know how I can attach a smaller version of the file? I've resized i down to 10mb but can't see how I can reattach in htis thread...
  19. Hi I took this just half a mile to the north of Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales at the end of July. I am pleased with it but am sure I can improve. It's a 30 second exposure, ISO 3200, F3.5. I adjusted the curves in GIMP so may have introduced excess noise, along with the noise which was present due to the high ISO. Also, I forgot to shoot in RAW, so the original is JPG. Apart from these learnings, does anyone have any tips, please? Thanks, Dave
  20. The Olympus arrived yesterday so I tested them last night. Definitely an improvement over the Celestron, better contrast, not murky, sharper. Very pleased. Thanks guys!
  21. Thanks for your replies, just ordered the Olympus after getting frustrated with my Celestrons last night and having some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket... Still got £45 left, might see what the Olympus case is like before putting the flames out. Cheers.
  22. Thermals, eyemask, ear plugs, bucket...
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