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  1. Just got in from a 2-10 shift

  2. Well done...Now ur gonna get the bug.
  3. Bad Weather forces me to concentrate on my photography

  4. Hi dave, you will find the exposure is too long, hence letting in too much light.
  5. hey!..... 2 Doctors. That would make a good movie? "The Professor and the Doctor"
  6. mrs is going out tonight...night to myself, and guess what?....Cloudy..ARRRG

  7. Clear night tonight....apparently ?

    1. gazza63


      As it now happens...apparently NOT!

      Typical british weather

  8. Lovely photo's. Where were these taken?
  9. Well done, Glad you enjoyed it. As for the weather? That's what this hobby is all about.....getting out while you can.
  10. Maybe I should have put this in the Eyepiece- discussions category? Admin..... please move, if you think it should be? Thanks
  11. Hello, to you all Are 1.25" binoviewers worth buying? Are there any advantages( probably the use of two eyes, are one) and disadvantages. Is there anybody on here that uses them? Here's the link: http://www.cameracentreuk.com/skywatcher/skywatcher-125-binoviewer-with-2x-barlow-lens-dual-eyepiece-50989-1460-261-1496.php
  12. Thanks all, I'll try the vacuum first (not an upright of course). If that fails i will blast him out ! Cheers
  13. Evening everyone Have just noticed, I have a cheeky spider setting up home on my primary mirror. How do I go about getting rid of it. The tube is 4ft long, so have no reach to get to it. Any ideas, anyone (without touching the mirror). Cheers
  14. Beer and nibbles are good. If the beer don't get them..... the salted peanuts will.
  15. Meaning....all sorts of different subjects, which I read about. Some meaningless some not. Not rubbish to me.
  16. Loads of Rubbish goes on in this head of mine. Ha
  17. It's a new modified Celestron. They installed it on January. It is used primarily,for Earth imaging and to observe the Earth for natural disasters. Also, to help world countries that do not have their own Earth observing satellite to assist in damage and evacuations.
  18. Suppose they could be used to weigh down the tripod legs on a less sturdy mount !!!?
  19. Hi It would Dampen the wobble slightly, (not much though). As soon as you walked, or made a movement, the slabs would bounce, as the base is more flexible that the top.(unless the slabs were very heavy) But i would not recommend placing something heavy on top of a decking structure. It's like placing a car on top of a trampoline. The other down side is that, the wooden boards would not be able to breathe when damp, thus.... they rot. Best thing you can do is try it ! Other than than that, an alternative site seems the only option i'm afraid. Have you asked a neighbour if you could use their garden one night? Never know...They might take an interest in astronomy themselves. Sorry I cant be of more help
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