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M81 M82 First Light Tak 120

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Absolutely gorgeous images. Well done. I can't add much more because I am still very much a beginner but that shot looks stunning to me.

Not bad from Surrey - how is the LP for you?


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Thanks Martin, - I'm a beginner too! only started last October/November...

LP in Surrey is fine where I am. Surrey Council have been replacing all sodium streetlights with white light low(er) light pollution lamps, which has improved the situation. You should expect that too at some point this year.

Also, I've found that using narrowband imaging, I get superior results than LRGB. I'm currently having a go at the Witches Broom nebula, which is almost invisible in L at 600s, but clear in H-alpha at 600s. Will post it when I've got enough data; I need a few hour's worth of O III...



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