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  1. Hello Stoffe. M v h Gunnar
  2. Hello and welcome to SGL!
  3. http://www.telescope.com/assets/product_files/instructions/29370_07-09.pdf
  4. Hi There are no springs between backhousing and mirrorcell on the MN190. Primary adjustment screws run thru flexible rubbergrommets as i remember it, not much flex in them they are only about 6mm thick. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/141012-skywatcher-190mn-fitting-of-a-moonlite-focuser/ Gunnar
  5. Minor batch in progress.
  6. Hi Robert Yes as Per says, the secondary Is glued with adhesive tape from the factory. I have replaced the double-sided adhesive tape on my 190MN! My secondary-mirror Is now glued in position with 3 blobs of silicone glue, not tested yet so cannot tell if there is an improvement there. Regards Gunnar.
  7. Yes, that Is correct Stuart! It Is a fullframe.
  8. Hi. This Is Barnard33 shot from Sweden in february with an unmodified Canon EOS-500D. Exposures, 14x5min @ ISO800. Telescope, Skywatcher 190MN. Images stacked in DSS and the processing is done in Adobe CS5. Full frame link here, http://www.astronet....2343&mode=large regards Gunnar.
  9. Thanks! The background in the picture is very exciting too, with lots of small distant Galaxies! Click on the full 100% link to explore the background!
  10. Hi, This is my attempt at the Owl nebula and also the first picture taken with cooled CCD camera for me. My Canon EOS500D has now retired. The image is photographed from Uppsala in Sweden, date 2013-03-13. Exposures L23x10min, R9x10min, G9x10min, B7x10min. Camera SBIG STF-8300M, cooled to -30 ° C. Telescope, Skywatcher 190MN on NEQ6-mount. Guide camera-QHY5M. Stacked in Maxim DL and then processed in Adobe Ps Cs5. Weather conditions good, around -15°C. Enjoy! Full 100% wiew: http://www.astronet....2550&mode=large Close up wiew, cropped: http://www.astronet....2549&mode=large
  11. Hello, During Friday / Saturday night it was finally time to try out the telescope after the modification. I dragged with me my stuff out to Sandvretens observatory, http://uaa.saaf.se/observatoriet.php to test it. In summary, there was no improvement. The lack of mirrorclips made ​​no major change. I started to take images of Vega and immediately saw the problem (the darker shade on the right side of Vega) remains on the brighter stars. In any case, I proceeded then to photograph pacman for the rest of the night. On the pacman picture it`s clearly that the error is across the entire image exc
  12. Freff! That was interesting! At first I thought masking out the mirror clips. The idea was to make a mask made of cardboard or plastic, formed like a ring around outer edge of the mirror and over the mirror clips. Gunnar
  13. Test image in post nr #44 found in better resolution here! Klick on the link and scroll down to IMG_4719.jpg and IMG_4719.2.jpg http://www.astronet....p?t=6895#p26684
  14. Hello Per! I hope you will recieve your Moonlite baseplate quickly, because the weather going to be better soon! It is not the mirror itself who is sliding on mine. The silicone blobs you can see at the picture on the outher edge of the mirror here is only for glueing the mirror to not fall out from the cell! I was afraid that this can happen if the mirror only is siliconed with 3 blobs of silicone at the rear. The mirror is not moving inside it`s cell. The problem is that the whole mirror cell is sliding a few mm off centre when losening the collimation screws. So I also put 3 soft foam spac
  15. Hi. Here comes part two! More collimation and modification of Skywatcher 190MN. I have continued to work with some adjustment on my Skywatcher MN190. The reasons are, 1. I recently discovered that the mirror cell can be in an off-centered position in the tube, which I completely missed earlier! 2. I still get weird spikes around stars. 3. I suspect that the mirror clips could cause some disruptions / reflections in the image. I wanted to improve my MN190 on these points! I even found an interesting article by Paul LeFevre which was very interesting! http://lefevre.darkh.../clipectomy.htm The p
  16. Hi Aaron! And FLO sells them. it`s about £248. http://www.firstligh...newtonians.html Gunnar
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