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  1. Hello Stoffe. M v h Gunnar
  2. Hello and welcome to SGL!
  3. http://www.telescope.com/assets/product_files/instructions/29370_07-09.pdf
  4. Hi There are no springs between backhousing and mirrorcell on the MN190. Primary adjustment screws run thru flexible rubbergrommets as i remember it, not much flex in them they are only about 6mm thick. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/141012-skywatcher-190mn-fitting-of-a-moonlite-focuser/ Gunnar
  5. Minor batch in progress.
  6. Hi Robert Yes as Per says, the secondary Is glued with adhesive tape from the factory. I have replaced the double-sided adhesive tape on my 190MN! My secondary-mirror Is now glued in position with 3 blobs of silicone glue, not tested yet so cannot tell if there is an improvement there. Regards Gunnar.
  7. Yes, that Is correct Stuart! It Is a fullframe.
  8. Hi. This Is Barnard33 shot from Sweden in february with an unmodified Canon EOS-500D. Exposures, 14x5min @ ISO800. Telescope, Skywatcher 190MN. Images stacked in DSS and the processing is done in Adobe CS5. Full frame link here, http://www.astronet....2343&mode=large regards Gunnar.
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