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  1. I haven't posted here for a long time, but last night I was so lucky that several factors were in my favour in normally smog ridden, light pollution blighted eastern China. We have the tail end of a typhoon which has blown away the smog and the clouds, and I happened to be viewing from the edge of Jinji Lake Suzhou so I had a fantastic naked eye view of the sky to a low angle, so was rewarded with Mars, Saturn, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus in one beautiful arc across the southern sky from the city at about 7.30pm local time. The light pollution pretty much obscured all of the stars except a few
  2. That's great advice thank you. I miss the cold nights outside, and my gear is currently safely stored while I work out the best way to use it. But there are some benefits to using public data, more sleep, warm hands and less wasted nights being just a few! Cheers Martin
  3. Lovely work on those images - I'm very impressed and inspired. I am currently in Shanghai with very little opportunity to get out of this horrendous light pollution. I have recently decided that I need to get back into astronomy and imaging somehow and until I get my own remote robotic scope (in reality could be 10 years!), then maybe using someone else's data is the best way! All the best and keep up the good work Martin
  4. I travel to Shanghai regularly but not frequently (if you see what I mean). I have often wondered if there is an astronomy community in the city - and where you might go to get clear skies! I hope you get some responses, and I wish you luck. If I am back with some spare time I will be back in touch (I will bring my bins!). All the best Martin
  5. As someone who has yet to invest in PS, an would only do so for astrophotography, this is just the best thread ever. A 30 day trial sounds irresistable, once I get time to grab some more images anyway....... Martin
  6. Some great advice given here, I can't add a great deal to it. There are limitations to everything. I think the 200p is a good balance of bangs per buck (planetary views are very rewarding indeed) and also allows you to learn a lot about scopes and optics. If you do get a 200p you will enjoy it, but whatever you buy you will soon want something different that does a different job.Martin
  7. The original T adapter I had before I upgraded by 200p focuser has done the job very nicely. As Steve says - you will appreciate the difference with the Steeltrack. Just had to drill some new holes in the tube to mount the focuser which wsn't too hard! Enjoy Martin
  8. Absolutely lovely - good effort. I would be delighted with that. Martin
  9. Absolutely gorgeous images. Well done. I can't add much more because I am still very much a beginner but that shot looks stunning to me. Not bad from Surrey - how is the LP for you? Martin
  10. Yes - I use a 200p and EQ5, and I still get a big WOW when something good pops up on the preview screen. If you get a decent polar alignment then you will be able to get some clear images of things you can only just see visually through the eyepiece. It's truly amazing. Nobody seems to have mentioned Polar Alignment yet - for me it was (and is still in many ways) the hardest part of astrophotography. It is the first thing that you have to do in the setup that will make a serious difference to the quality of your images, almost everything else comes after the alignment and is affected by how we
  11. Thanks for the review - but please update when you get round to using it as a finder guider. I have recently bought one as a finder and intend to upgrade to finder guider shortly, so will be very interested - hopefully I will be able to share some experience with this too. All the best Martin
  12. Better than my first crack at saturn! Good start and keep up the good work. Martin
  13. My experience has been that it is possible to get nice images, that I have been quite proud of, with my EQ5. I am currently getting up to 90s unguided (well some of them come out OK!), although 60s is a lot easier! But this allows me to capture images of things that I would never see otherwise (except in othe rpeoples photos of course). I have been suffering from "mount upgrade fever" for a while but it won't be until the autumn that I can afford it. As has been mentioned above starting with a good value mount (second hand EQ5s seem to be readily available) is a great way to learn and get dece
  14. mart rich

    MR's AP

  15. The remote timers are brilliant and great value - about £12 from Amazon for full control over exposure length, no of exposures, delay, etc. All dead easy. I have tried creating time lapse videos with mine as well as astro photography. However if you have a laptop to hand then the Canon utility software that comes with their dslrs also allows you to control exposure lengths, delays and number of exposures via the cameras usb cable - alternatively there may be free software around that does the same. I upgraded from and old dslr without live view to a new 650D and the difference is fantastic. L
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