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ATIK Beta 1 Release Candidate Drivers & Example App release!


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Almost two months have passed since the alpha 3 release and I've been working behind the scenes on the next driver release.. Beta time!

Example Application (standalone)

This is a complete, standalone, just use application for your Mac. You'll not need to download or install any drivers - these are already baked into the app.

Please note, as the application is not digitally signed, this means OSX will complain if you have not allowed applications you've not downloaded from the Apple store. To resolve this goto System Preferences > Security & Privacy and on the General Tab select the "Anywhere" option from the "Allow applications downloaded from" section - you will need to unlock using the padlock to change this.

You may have seen the Alpha3 app - youtube but I've recorded my dulcet tones once again as I use the latest release:


Download the example app here: ExampleApplication.zip

With the app, you can use your ATIK camera(s) and EFW2 filter wheel :D

If you have a legacy USB 1.1 camera - please see the additional post below on how to add the FTDI chip id to the application.

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Drivers (not required for standalone app)

Next up for the developers in the house.. the drivers and documentation for the new Beta 1 Release Candidate.

Developer's Guide (covers both modern and legacy): ATIKOSXDrivers.pdf

The modern camera drivers: ATIKOSXDrivers.framework.zip

The legacy camera drivers (requires modern drivers): ATIKOSXLegacyDrivers.framework.zip

The main thing here is the amount of work done (again) behind the scenes - including handling disconnect.

Example App source code

Lastly - the Example Application source code: ExampleApplication Source Code.zip

Note this is the XCode source for the Example Application only - not the drivers themselves. To compile you'll need to add the drivers into the XCode project.

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Legacy USB 1.1 cameras

To get hold of your magic FTDI Chip identity you will need access to a PC with Windows - but only once :D

The 32bit PC application works nicely to extract the FTDIChipID for the ATIK 16IC series legacy support.

Dll Version = 1.1.0
Number of 232R devices = 1
Device 0
Serial Number: A3001QH8
Description: ATK 16IC Camera
Location ID: 0x00000012
Chip ID: 0x0EE8F4C9
Get Chip IDs using handle
1 FTDI devices connected
Chip ID: 0x0EE8F4C9
Press return to exit

With this you can then add to the Example Application "Preferences" - as I have here:


Once you've added a camera's details quit the app then restart it - the app should store the details. Keep a note of the details for future reference.

You'll need the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (x86)" (http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=5555).

Simply unzip then use "cmd" console to run the "GetFTDIChipId.exe". Note down the serial number and associated chipid for each camera - add to the Example Application...

Get the PC/Windows FTDI Chip ID reader program here: GetChipId.zip

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Video finally uploaded to youtube.

Youtube here:

Olly - I think if Sandrine sees another camera she'll divorce me lol.

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Hi Gustavo - currently the app and drivers currently run on 10.8 Mountain Lion.

I will look at 10.6.8 for the drivers, however Apple have made so many changes it's difficult to support desktop applications for 10.6 now without running the whole development on a 10.6 virtual machine (like Parallels).

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In order for an application to work, the application developer would need to add support - either for something like AOSX (supporting a wide range of devices under one integration) or directly to the drivers directly.

When manufacturers write drivers for the PC, they usually write for ASCOM. Application developers then integrate to ASCOM which then acts like the glue so any device will work.

The example app is designed to allow developers to see how to integrate (by looking at the source code), and for those interested in try their ATIK camera on OSX natively for the first time.

There is plenty of interest from application developers to integrate with ATIK cameras :D

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Just looking at what would be required to compile 10.6.8 32bit drivers. I have the retail 10.6 disc from upgrading my old macbook pro and virtuabox on the mini.. so let's see if I can get that working.

I know a few people are interested in the 10.6.8 32bit drivers to include into their software.

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I noted a bug with the timing in the B1 drivers. So in short if you're taking long exposures add 3 zeros to the number of seconds (my fault getting confused between micro and milliseconds) with the new timing setup in the B1 drivers - this is already fixed and will be released in B2.

I've also spent today doing some realtime image processing using the drivers - part of an ongoing project :D

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