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Pier and roll off cover, mostly pics


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It's all red, white and blue :) Need I say anymore? :(

Sorry spaceboy I didn't answer your question about the track. The exposed part of it is removable so I can protect it from the elements. A bonus is that it looks like a regular shed :(

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First light, Iris Nebula. All comments welcome :(


Atik 314L+ Colour

ST 80 / QYH5 / PHD Guided

36 Lights @ 300s

20 Darks

Flats with EL panel


Also stained the roll off


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Wickedly good Iris. You rarely see the central star like that the processing is 'invisible' just as it should be.

The shed is really crisply done. I've made a couple of slightly larger full roll-offs but used steel because I lack the skill to make a structurally sound wooden one. They are (very!) significantly less elegant as well...


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Thank you for your replies

Derek, the increase in imaging time is significant. Rather than thinking, “better pack up now because it’s going to take me ages to unplug and lug the gear in” I can relax knowing that it’s a breeze to pack up. The other thing is, I rolled the cover off the other night and got only 3 subs before the clouds rolled in. No big deal, I parked the scope and packed up in no time at all.

Olly, thanks for the comments. With the processing, I used to use curves for the initial stretch but now use levels. I only use curves for bringing out specific areas of the image and it helps prevent highlights blowing out.

Fitted gym mat to the floor


Also fitted some spare track to stick on the draught excluder


This piece of laminate flooring provides the seal. Also note the shoot bolts, this will prevent the shed buckling in very high winds or if ever there’s a significant amount of snow on it


Cut some foam to make some shelves for accessories


I have also painted the inside of the shed with a 1:10 dilution of PVA glue. This is to help reduce dust off the timber and polystyrene

Thanks for looking


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Pete, Really nice build. Like the video, your test image and the colour scheme!

I planning mine at the moment on another thread hadn't seen yours but you've given quite a few really useful pointers - Thanks - inspiring (big is not always necessary)

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I am considering my obsy build, if I ever get this house sold and do my move...... I have been considering various designs, and must say yours is VERY impressive. I don't pretend to be able to build it to that standard but I like the size and the whole general ideas behind it.

Thanks for a very in depth build guide...... I will deffo be using a good few of your ideas Petrol, thanks.


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