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  1. Just returning to Astro and this deep galaxy hunting is inspirational!
  2. Really impressive, what camera are you using? .... Just found it in another post SX Ultra.
  3. Thanks for the info, using Win-7-Pro with remote-desktop over cat 5, cat 6 and an infra-red link (no wi-fi), it all works fine on i5 and i7 systems, will check out the compression options and do some tests. What are you using all that bandwidth for (other than RDP)?
  4. This is exactly what happens in my outside buildings. If the weather here (near the coast) changes quickly from cold and dry to warm and damp and I enter a building or open a window or a vent I can see all the cold surfaces cloud over instantly. The larger the gradients the worse the condensation. The better the insulation the steeper the gradient the more dramatic the effect gets, the best insulated unheated room (just like a fridge) can hold a low internal temperature for several days after prolonged frosty weather.
  5. https://www.dehumidifiersuk.com/eco-air-dd122fw-simple-7-litre-low-temperature-desiccant-dehumidifier.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkKSloofA4AIVRrDtCh2kaAXPEAQYAiABEgJ-ePD_BwE Get one for each room, switch on as required and or run them on timers. amazing device! Or with timer and ioniser: https://www.dehumidifiersuk.com/eco-air-dd122fw-mk5-classic-7-litre-desiccant-dehumidifier.html
  6. Hi, does anyone know if the VA software supplied for the Atik Infinity can be used with the 414EX? I am asking because I figure I might as well spend a little more (for the 414EX) and be able to do some 'cooled lower-noise longer-exposure' sessions when conditions permit. They both use the 825 sensor but I don't know if the the firmware differences would prevent this.
  7. This explains them very well: https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/Breather_membranes_for_buildings
  8. That's the thing; when the designer and builder is the same person the whole project becomes organic/dynamic, it happens so often... my wife just calls it 'over-engineering again'. I call it 'optimisation that delivers results and motivational energy' (how noble). ? oh yes and more work and more expenditure...? Good luck with your obsy trials and tribulations..
  9. ! Yikes sorry I mentioned it, seems you have enough on your plate with this impressive build. If you go ahead you could just float the osb edges and put some supporting wood behind the seams, the structure looks solid enough.
  10. This loglap seems good value and is unlikely to come apart like shiplap. Loglap at £1.30 a metre: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100mm-x-22mm-TREATED-SHED-TIMBER-CLADDING-LOG-LAP-GRADE-A-SEE-POSTCODES-/272755487107?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10&var=571890564978
  11. It can be quite alarming seeing seasonal daylight appear between cladding boards or via knot holes! You could take the cladding purchase off the critical path; separate aesthetics from structure and get your obsy operational by sealing the whole structure in 9mm exterior shutter-ply (only £14.40 for 2440x1220 sheets). More stable than ship-lap or feather-edge cladding and more resilient than OSB. Leave a few mm expansion gap between boards and seal with silicone. For about £150 it would give you a weather and bug proof structure in one day, At a later date you could install any cladding on top of the ply (make sure to mark the stud locations). It won't matter what warps or shrinkage you get in the cladding you choose as the box will already be sealed.
  12. Outdoor and obsy cabling considerations: Pipes can really attract slugs, had a motor control unit burnt out by a slug that thought a buried electrical conduit a good route to somewhere nice and warm. It started a fire on the pcb where the mains transformer was mounted. Now all conduit/cabling pipes are sealed with silicone.
  13. Hmmm I see what you mean, not sure. If the centre bolt was not tightened right up and the tripod head was restrained via one of the 3 leg connectors then the assembly wouldn't move and azi could be set and then the centre bolt tightened. Hope that's the way it'll work as it will be less work and less expense.
  14. Looking at actuators and mechanical systems for lifting a mount. 'Davey-T' has already done it so I am keen to learn how.... From James's obsy build thread.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "" Made it myself out of 200mm square steel tube and some lengths of 75mm angle, basically 4 lengths of angle concreted in the ground with the tube fitted over them and the ram inside lifting it. It has four locking bolts in slots each side to lock it at any height, got it fully raised ATM viewing Jupiter but the seeing is rubbish with surrounding roof tops giving off the heat from the day. Got the actuator from these folks it's 12 volt https://gimsonrobotics.co.uk/ I had a video of it going up and down somewhere but can't find it, can take one tomorrow if you're interested. Dave "" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. A picture or 2 would be great, I'll start a thread on adjustable piers.
  16. Sounds impressive, does it keep PA from night to night? Sorry to James for the thread hijack!
  17. I've been looking at actuators, is there a thread on how you did this? Interested in what you used mechanically to get a precision lift, was it a telescopic pier?
  18. Not sure I understand the problem; with the Todmorden type pier wouldn't you just use the disc without the 5 bolts and just use the single centre bolt? I intend to use the centre bolt and the old tripod-top with the legs removed.
  19. Good luck with your build Alex, I've done loads of projects lately and found some local suppliers that really help keep costs down. Check out some of the cheapest pressure treated framing timber in the country and not too far away so cheap delivery. http://www.diyclick2buy.com/ Another local supplier (good for ply, treated framing and decking) with a great reputation: https://www.savoytimber.com/ For shiplap/loglap these seem the best value: http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/qualitytimberproducts Curious about the roof tech you intend to use, any more info?
  20. I like that Peter, looks very stable, looks like 3 blocks tall.
  21. Thanks James for such a comprehensive reply; really got me thinking about the challenges. I was considering the tension limitations of blocks and thought about some form of bracing, I like the idea of the steel rods running through the whole structure. Just realised there will be an access platform at about 1 metre so I'll have an opportunity to brace the structure at that point, not bothered about the platform touching the column as I will be mainly imaging remotely from the study. The first 3 blocks would be braced by the platform leaving about 755mm to play with.
  22. How high can a Todmorden block pier go? I need to get to about 2 metres but not sure if it would be safe to go that tall. I want to build something that will be removable. It's a flat roof at 2.7 metres with a large hatch opening to 1500x1500mm. The floor is concrete. Any thoughts?
  23. Be careful when adding or laminating more lateral thickness to your end supported beams, this will add more weight and not a lot more resistance to long term flex. Thinner taller beams if they can't move laterally will be stronger and lighter, laminating thinner beams with carbon will save weight and increase rigidity.
  24. If you are height restricted (2.5m) you may not be able to increase your yellow beam size to 150x22. You might see some distortion of the yellow beams over time. You could consider using some carbon tape and resin between the yellow beams and also do a little pre-stressing while the resin sets. It would be even better to use 4 x 100x22 with carbon laminated between each beam. This would probably do the job: Carbon tape. You would also need some laminating resin .
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