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Pier and roll off cover, mostly pics


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Packing up is a chore I could do without. All comments welcome

Usual stuff, hole... My daughter helped me a bit :hello2:


Fill with concrete


Plate for top of pier


Galvanized scaffold pole to go inside the plastic tube was centralized like this


Then fit top plate


Connector panel glued to pier


Sprayed "200 SX" red cos I had some paint :)



I need an adapter to fit my EQ6 now



Thanks for looking and all comments welcome :)

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Looking very good indeed.:hello2: What will all the connectors be used for?


12V 4A PSU



12V XLR type connectors

Dew heaters X2

EQ6 Power

Atik 314L+

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Looks like someone did a nice bit of gas cutting on those steel plates. That pier sure isn't going any where soon, a nice solid job but what dose the wife think to the paint scheme :hello2:

I bought the plates from here


It is a bit in yer face :) but she’s the one that wanted a red car! The rest will be painted this much more subtle metallic blue :)


Paint is expensive so I’m using what’s left from the restoration of these two Nissans

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Slight change of plan with the top of the pier. Instead of bolting a pier adapter onto the top plate, I have bought one of these


Since it's the same diameter as my bottom plate and has been machined to accept the EQ6, it will be more rigid. Graham who makes these is kindly supplying one without any mounting holes so I can drill it to suit my bottom plate ;)

Poured the concrete pad-stones for the floor joists


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I can’t work without a brew and usually end up knocking it over. Thought it would be pretty safe up there ;)

I did use shuttering :eek: I dug a hole about 400mm deep but slightly smaller then the shuttering. I then hammered in lime stone chippings to support the shutter to the correct height and level. Poured the concrete and left it 3 days before removing the shutter. As you can see in these pics, I also built up around the outside of the shutter to support it



If you try to remove the shutter by pulling it off, you will damage the pad. It’s best to dismantle it -


The rig is only used for imaging but for observing, you would definitely need more floor space around the pier. As you can see I am a bit stuck for space and the step has made it a bit of a challenge :)

Thanks for the comments :mad:

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Looking very neat so far. Useful pointer for the mount fittings, too.


Graham from Astotec has mailed me, EQ6 top plate should be with me on Friday. I think this is a much better setup than my original plan which was to put a "billetparts" EQ6 adapter on the top plate

Less is best :clouds2:

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