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New camera too


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But which one :?

Now i have sold my 300D kit i'm on the look out for a new camera. Only trouble is my budget has taken a major hit lately and now i don't know which way to turn. Had a few discussions with Steve and the 350D was the clear winner. Trouble is my budget is £600 and the basic 350D kit will gobble almost all of that.

Enter the Nikon D50. Seemed to answer all my problems. Feels nicer in the hand compared to 350D (which feels awful, although the 350D has an optional grip to solve that problem but that adds £100 to the price). The Nikon is the right price, it's about £110 cheaper for the kit. Noise levels identical to the 350D for daytime use according to all the reviews. Better LCD, top status panel, better kit lens and easy access to all the needed functions. Trouble is i can't find a single user who has used it for astronomy :clouds1:

Also had my eye on the Minolta 5D but that's an even greater unknown. Plus there's no IR Remote option, just wired.

The Olympus E300 and E500 suffer with noise and are only useable to iso400. So that are a no show!

The Pentax is also a bit on  the noisy side. Non starter too.

My head feels like it's gonna explode if i think about it anymore. If I go with the Nikon, i can have two lenses, a remote and  a spare battery. With the Canon, just an IR remote! But is the Nikon any good?

Basically has anyone come across a site where thay have used the Nikon D50 for astro image?



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Hi Russ,

From what i am reading on cloudy nights the D50 is almost the same as the D70 (Astrophotography wise) but is lighter and has a larger LCD Screen(D50 that is). The D70 has a HACK out were you can turn off the Noise reduction but it's unknown if the D50 supports the HACK yet?.. Apart from that the D70 is better for daytime photo's whic i suspect your not bothered about..


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So, what did you decide russ?

I have been following this and other camera threads with interest. The post on CN above was interesting and one of the posters said there were a few Nikon guys about....

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Hi Daz,

Undecided at the moment. I really don't know. The clincher would be if I get approved for a mastercard. Then i will be eligible for £100 cashback on the 350D and that will be a done deal.

Someone has offered me a Canon 10D body. But I need to work out how much getting a lens and all the accessories will cost. Plus the general opinion on Cloudynights is that 350D is a better astro camera anyway.

Those pics with the D50 are nice but i get the impression using the Nikon is a bit of a work round. Not sure i can be bothered.

Damien, I checked out the sample pics on DP Review and the high ISO images were quite noisy. Olympus are aware of this which is why they make iso800 and 1600 only available through an 'ISO boost'. The E300 is a mega steal currently. Dixons are offering it with 2 zoom lenses for £479. But all the reviews have said it's a great camera at iso 100, 200 and 400 but not above that level.

I know, i'll go for a 300D with 18-55 kit lens and Sigma 70-300. Perfect!


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My agonising decision is over....the verdict:

Went for the camera I didn't want but knew I should have......Canon 350D

Feel completely gutted not choosing the Minolta 5D but ho hum, apparently it wouldn't have been much cop for astro use.

So instead I'll have the worst handling camera in history....bar none! We are talking about a camera designed by Santa's little helpers for Santa's little helpers! In fact 'Hobbits need only apply' should have been Canon's advertising slogan.

I'm sure i'll warm to it though. Soon forget that there's nothing to grip onto or that all the buttons are too small/fiddly. Or that it still has a poxy little 1.8" screen. Or that the kit lens is rubbish. Or that Canon have removed ISO and AF functions off the status display. That aside it will be awesome. :?


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