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The "Israel" Nebula - VDB 149, VDB 150 & LDN 1235


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Hi guys,

Here's another beautiful dusty area in Cepheus.

Upon ending processing, I suddenly noticed the familiar shape of Israel's map pop up - as the main dusty area, taking about half of the image:

- The Golan Heights at the top right (South East)

- The Haifa Bay, the beaches on the left (North) side of the image

- The large Negev desert on the bottom (West) side of the image - the location from which this image was shot...

I hope you like it, and any comments are, as always, very welcome.


Harel :p


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I can only imagine how hard that is to get... star colours are amazing next to the odd darkness of the nebula.

How long exposure time was it?


Thanks Ant !

Here are the full image details as shown under the image on my site:

SBIG ST8300M, Astrodon filters: RGB E-Series GenII

LRGB Total 3:15 hours = L 120 min. (24x5 min.) + R,G,B 75 min (5x5 min. each filter)

Boren-Simon 2.8-8 CF (Carbon Fiber) OTA

EQ6 mount, guided w/PHD and EQMOD


Harel :)

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Very nice.

Out of curiosity - how do you get the double spikes on the star to the left?

I am so happy you noticed! I have worked so hard on this, and seems that nobody really notices but you :)

To get this I had to play with my secondary for perhaps 10 hours - the reason for the double spike is that I managed to bend one set of opposing handles of the spider holding the secondary -- thus creating a dounle set of opposing spikes. The problem is, that everytime I though I was good, it turned out that I ruinded the basic collimation with it. FInally I decided to let go of the other opposing set of handles (which would have created two sets of double spikes) and just stay with this. It's not imperative, but I find it making the larger stars more interesting...



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An absolutely stunning image and love the comparison with Israel's shape! :)

Thanks Sam and JimStan,

I should first apologize for my slow response time - I've been traveling quite intensively these last two weeks or so...

I am happy you liked the image, and I just love the comparison to Habble's team's Chicken :happy1:

It's all for fun, after all :D


Harel :)

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