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  1. Hi Olly, thanks so much and thank you for looking! Yes I think you are right, All too many M33‘s are painted neon blue :-)) as you can see I’m treating these gems very very seriously. I’ve come to the conclusion that people start with imaging aiming their scopes and cameras at the known objects and then when up in the learning curve, they never return to those objects in favor of the “difficult” ones. The state of affairs is that for that the known objects are lacking good professional renditions. I decided to change that, and return to each of them solemnly treating them as if they were truly and indeed “difficult”. And guess what? They are (if you want it really bring them out in their full glory, that is). Thus I gave M33 36 hours and two months of processing, seeking to make it a loyal representation of the data, in color and detail, carefully “under processing” it at every step of the way. Warm wishes, Harel
  2. It’s taken a long long time since my last image... life is tough and only 24 hours in a day. Here’s a rerun of an old gem - but this time done after 12 years of learning curve climbed. I like this result more than any other I’ve done. I hope you’ll like it too: The image with explanations: https://pbase.com/boren/image/170428062 The image with annotations: https://pbase.com/boren/image/170428741 and check out all those tiny little galaxies throughout the image and through the galaxy’s arms. Cheers, Harel
  3. Thank you Olly, thank you guys. Appreciate a warm nod from you all cheers, Harel
  4. Thank you much Carole. Yes it’s a very difficult object from a LP location. But it says up till early spring. cheers, Harel
  5. You know the feeling - an Object you’ve been craving to image for many years, and one day it happens. I’ve imaged this many years ago, before a steep climb on the astrophotographers’ learning curve. I have thoroughly enjoyed imaging and processing this mysterious man in the sky. I hope you like it too. https://pbase.com/boren/image/169640454/original The Ha only version is found here: https://pbase.com/boren/image/169242008/original Cheers, Harel
  6. It was worth every minute under the skies. Such a captivating vista. Lovely work!
  7. An absolutely lovely bubble. Very well done Olly.
  8. Thank you guys, for these nice comments. Olly, I'd love to help on any dark side issues :-) Cheers, Harel
  9. Hi guys, First and foremost, sorry to have been out for some time - just too much work, and not enough hours... I miss you all very much, hope to be able to spend more time here now... Our Sky Gems Observatories network (soon in the air under SkyGemsObservatories, and now see: https://www.facebook.com/skygemsnetwork/?fref=ts)already comprises 3 observatories - 1 in the Kalahari Namibia (Officina Stellare RiDK on GTO 1200), - 1 at the Dolomites Mountains, North Italy (50 cm Cassagrain on ASA DDM 85 LX), - 1 in Nerpio Spain (14.5" on ASA DDM 85 LX, at 1650m elevation), - and another one to be soon installed in Spain in the next few weeks (Officina Stellare Veloce RH200 AT, on ASA DDM 60 Pro). The following image is the most recent one shot from Sky Gems Nerpio: http://www.pbase.com/boren/image/161898074/original I hope you like it, and any comments are, as always, very welcome. Cheers, Harel
  10. Olly, I think I've alreay commented on this WONDERFUL composition... An excellent and beautifully framed image. One to remember. Cheers, Harel
  11. Nice result indeed. You may like to have look at Bob Franke's site, for some hints on how to manipulate the colors to the turquoise and gold result. Cheers, Harel
  12. I like the composition... better than slap in the center imho. Details are also very nice. You can get the true red through by creating another layer, pushing up the red channel, and combining back in in color mode, with mask that conceals stars and reveals only the red channel. Would be great to see the result. Cheers, Harel
  13. I just love the composition! The "normal" one - which pops the NA and Pelican are so iconic that I cannot see anthing else of the sheer beauty of this scene. This is going to be a wonderful image (I'd recommend clipping as less as possible of the black point if only possible). Cheers, Harel
  14. Is this a hint of an Einstein ring just to the top and left of the center, or am I just imaging? Cheers, Harel
  15. Absolutely wonderful first light or not... Many congrats! Cheers Harel
  16. Sweet! Very well done! Cheers Harel
  17. I believe it's no secret by now, that I am very fond of this object... I had some time during June to shoot 30:20 hours using the Officina Stellare RiDK we have installed at our observatory at the Kalahari Desert, Namibia. This study comprises a close look at the pillars, at their "classic" right up position, in RGB, HST pallet (pure) and HST (processed). I have given special attention to the fine details in the pillars and the pillars' "platform". You'll also notice that the RGB version is very different than what you're used to, as given the high altitude of the object above the horizon, I could get the true G and B through, and opted not to use Ha in the R channel. The RGB image is therefore pure RGB set on Ha as Luminance. http://www.pbase.com/image/160635098/original There's also a stand alone version of the RGB image here: http://www.pbase.com/boren/image/160623015/original I shared more information about the object and the process of shooting it on my site, at the links above. I hope you like it, and any comments are, as always, very welcome. Cheers, Harel
  18. Just lovely! This is such a beautiful part of the sky, and you've captured it magnificantly. Cheers, Harel
  19. Thanks Pete, Michael - I'm happy you liked it! The response to Nebula from the Netherlands - the observsatory is located at Tivoli Farm, so that's not too far away :-) Cheers, Harel
  20. Guys, thank you for all these warm words! It's indeed good to be back here. It's just that with work and the huge effort to put this observatory up and running - I've had hardly any time for real imaging. It's great to be doing that again, and being here with you - the greatest bunch on planet Earth! Cheers, Harel
  21. Hi guys, This one was on my list of immediate suspects to be addressed in the new observatory ("Southern Sky Gems") as soon as we've installed it at the Kalahari Desert. It's 15 hours (my longest integration time thus far), and I'm rather happy with the resolution and noise levels. http://www.pbase.com/boren/image/160474142/original I hope you like it, and any comments are, as always, very welcome. Cheers, Harel
  22. Guys, thanks for looking! As soon as weather improves in the Kalahari (due 1-2 months from now) we'll invite the group to some "open-nights". Looking forward to having fun together! Cheers, Harel
  23. Lovely !!! Happy and Healthy New Year to you ! Cheers, Harel
  24. Hi John, You may see many an image shot with our setup on my site: www.pbase.com/boren . Also, please feel absolutely free to approach me on harel@hboren.com or harel.boren@gmail.com All the best, Harel
  25. Thanks Tom, Gingergeek, Callum, Lee, Jérémy, Red-Dwarf, Sub-Dwarf, MArtin, Thanks for looking, and happy you liked it! Lee, you're right, there are so many different interest areas in the image... I feel in love with it at first sight (frame, that is)... Cheers, Harel
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