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can't contain it any longer :)


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Fed Ex arrived earlier this week with a box, within a box, within a box! All the way from Vancouver Canada :eek:

All other peripherals arrived too and earlier today it was "Fired" up for the first time :)

can you guess what it is yet ??

approx' 60 grammes, 29mm x29mm x30mm of pure high tech joy !

My Flea3 arrived and works wonderfully (in the study !). Some test captures showed no dropped frames whilst running INXS of 120fps !!

Firecapture works like a dream with it and Torsten has just emailed a zip file with which to apply the new Ascom commander installation to add filter wheel support to the program courtesy of Lars:) ( still to read thru that and get it up and running)

Had a few bugs to iron out with my card slot ie had to completely de-construct my laptop this morning in order to get to the card slot caddy and sort out two bent pins and then hold my breath once all back together to see if it would boot:icon_eek:

- but it did and who's a happy boy ???

now if the skies remain clear tonight .............

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...you need to update you sig! I can see the weather gods punishing you. We all wait to see what the "wondercam" can produce. By the way roughly what do these things cost?



a broken arm if the missus finds out !:)

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Sorry guys -don't get the meaning or how why it's relevant /appropriate -

would you care to enlighten me ???:)

I was merely taking a guess at what you have just received from Canada, at your request and by the dimensions you gave my guess was a set of Pass the Pigs!

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It's a question of capturing really, I doubt I'll ever need more than 60-80fps but if I was doing solar imaging I imagine it would be useful . The point is there are no dropped frames, even under 12 bit capturing high speeds can be attained, the chip is very sensitive, especially in the near infra red, but generally 2-3x more than it's nearest rival chip- more info gathered !!:)

At least I won't need to think about another planetary cam for a long time :eek:

it's also very light and titchy !!

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