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  1. Looks good! I was doodling designs myself this weekend, think I'll put it on hold till I see how yours turns out! Where did you source your feet from please?
  2. Advice taken gents, setting circle sorted for a fiver (I did some plastering for a local printer last year) and wixey arrived today. Just hope the forecast is correct for tomorrow night!
  3. My first scope was a skywatcher explorer 130 Ronnie, you'd be suprised at the detail you can pick out lunar observing on one of those. I use a sort of shorthand shading at the ep, then go inside to tidy it up with a blending stump and pop back out to add finishing touches. Would love to see more of your work, you've got a talent there.
  4. Now that's a sketch and a half! Fantastic!
  5. Thank you! Just ordered my wixsey, and was scouring the web looking for these, you're a star!
  6. I learnt a fair bit and download my record sheets from here http://www.perezmedia.net/beltofvenus/archives/000567.html Great first sketch Jim!
  7. Dewliner boiler suit, good for -40c, £40 from army surplus, Karrimor 4 season walking boots, thermos of black coffee!
  8. Hi Mike, I still use red light on my pad but only because it's the only light I have! I don't bother with a moon filter either. Thank you for all your kind comments, constructive criticism is always welcome though! Pug
  9. Probably the way forwards dtr42 but I'm terribly tight fisted!
  10. I was thinking of making a wooden or plastic arm to hold it away from the tube, just wondered about how viable it was?
  11. As the title says. Has anyone tried it with any success? I tried to google it without any joy.
  12. Just georgeous! Enjoy! Nuff said!
  13. Pug

    Copernicus 24-10-12

    Thanks Mike! I think I prefer lunar sketching to be honest, I got frustrated with stars an DSOs because I just can't get mt stars round! I followed various tutorials on the web and practised my lunar sketches from books before trying it in the field (and there was a lot of swearing an screwing up of paper!) It's not perfect and not terribly accurate either, I was able to compare with photo and friend took on the same night, but I'm still pleased with it.
  14. I've not been on sgl for a while, but i came straight to this thread, brilliant work Mike, really cracking on with your project!
  15. Treated myself to a dewliner suit last winter, £45 on fleabay, never been so toasty in my life! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dew-Liner-Showerproof-Thermal-Overalls-Small-/350436890982?pt=UK_Other_Men_s_Clothing&hash=item5197aa9966#ht_1755wt_905
  16. Go on, go on go on go on, GO ON! I have a dark site which I do about 30% of my observing from, the rest from my back garden, I enjoy both.
  17. And best of all (and I never thought I'd say it untill I got into stargazing) the nights will be getting longer now, Hurrah!
  18. First was M42, can't say I have a favourite though, I love em all!
  19. Like ArmyAirForce, I had a really good feb and march this year, probably got out more in these 2 months than I did in all of 2011
  20. Managed to get out between 00.30 and 01.15, pretty poor seeing but nice to get out, dewed up in 45 mins though. Plenty of satellites and ISS with the naked eye. Globular clusters are lovely with bigger scope and even better from a dark site!
  21. Don't panic Ganymede! I'm a member of a few forums and it always throws me when they've changed format, you'll get used to it after a couple of weeks. I'm still finding my way around the new SGL at the mo
  22. Really nice sketch Mike!
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