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  1. Now, this is a contentious issue. I no longer have an EQ6, but when I did, the biggest mistake I made was cleaning off the original grease. I never found a grease that would stay in place, and I tried 6 different types. Yes strip and replace bearings and spacers and even do a belt mod, all good. But, I would, if I could have that time again, leave the original grease on the worm gearing. Not only does it stay in place, it is also an anti backlash grease. I have no doubt I will be strongly disagreed with here but that is my two-penneth.
  2. Mount an iphone or similar to the top of your scope so it points in the same direction and use a gyro planetarium App.
  3. Although I am on a Slik Master Classic tripod, the scope only being 85mm means I have quite good viewing time before having to re-centre the object. I am quite enjoying getting back to finding objects. I got a few minutes to look at Jupiter last night, I used the fixed 33x EP and it was very good, I can still make out the bands and the image was crisp. I have both the EP that came with the scope, 20 -60x Zoom and I bought the fixed 33x EP. At the moment I tend to only use the fixed EP, but as I become more accomplished with the tilt & pan tripod head, I will pop on the zoom...and maybe, just maybe, I will see a transit shadow?
  4. An Obs is just about cost for me and the fact we rent in France at the moment, so any Obs would have to be moved at some point.
  5. Thanks for the reply, but just to let you know, birding has been my mian hobby for over 30 years now. I just spent most of my money on astro stuff.
  6. I will probably (at some point) invest in a pick up and go scope, something like the Celestron NexStar 6SE or similar? But for the moment, you are correct, the best scope is the one you use.
  7. As some of you may know, I put my kit up for sale on SGL and on a French site, a little like ebay called Leboncoin. I thought it was time I gave my reasons and what I am doing now. Well I managed to sell it all to one nice Frenchman just before Christmas 2015. There was really only one reason I sold the kit, and that was lack of opportunity to use it! During 2015, I managed to use my kit only 4 times. I set up many more times but by the time it was ready to observe, the weather forced me to shroud it with a tarp, until such time as I could use the small break in the rain to strip down and stand it in the corner of a room. We all have to be patient people to be AAs but there comes a time when you feel days are wasting away and you achieve nothing. So I decided to sell all and invest in some better birding kit, which I did. I am so glad I did this, as apart from getting out every day to do some birding, I have used the spotting scope more times under the stars in the first two months of 2016 than I did during the whole of 2015. It is so nice to now be able to grab the scope and take advantage of a 5 minute window in the weather, and just plonk it down and view, no Polar alignment, no balancing, no attaching cables..etc! Just plonk, view, grab and back in doors. I have had the odd pang for my old kit of course, but overall, it is the best decision I have made in a long time.
  8. My pleasure. I am sure though that others will be far more helpful than me...once they climb out of their pits, especially if they enjoyed good weather last night.
  9. Overall then, I would just enjoy the good images you get. The worst that can be happening if you are getting good images is you may be losing a little of the light from the primary, as the secondary is a flat surface it will reflect the same quality from most of its area.
  10. Do you use any other collimator? It is always worth checking a laser against a Cheshire (the Cheshire being the far superior tool IMO).
  11. Is there any play in the collimator as it sits in the focuser? In other words, can you wobble it?
  12. I think overall I would agree with Olly, the AZ EQ6 is probably the best value for money. I believe it is already belt driven and will save the belt mod the NEQ6 benefits from and has a better alt adjustment than the EQ6 so no need for the wedge upgrade. I think if I had the budget again, I would go with the AZ EQ6.
  13. You are basically looking at one of the following with your budget: The Celestron CGEM GOTO, The Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro or AZ-EQ6-GT or AS-EQ5-GT if you want to have a mount that will take bigger scopes in the future. But if you want a mount to take what you have now, you can throw in the Vixen Sphinx SX2 in there too.
  14. The wobble or movement in the RA or Dec has nothing to do with the belt mod, it is all down to getting the relationship between worm mesh and float correct.
  15. Sorry you've lost me. How on earth are you tensioning the belts without loosening the motors?
  16. I have dismantled my mount (since the belt upgrade) about 5 times (mainly to try different greases) and it has taken between 20 mins and 3 hours to get the RA axis correct by tweaking both the worm mesh and the float (using the worm retaining nut). So, try again, it can be a real pain but I am sure this is the reason for your loose RA. I know it is a pain having to loosen the worm housing bolts & then retightening them every time you want to alter the worm mesh using the two grub screws, but it is worth it.
  17. I alway use this stuff. It stays stuck, and never sheds any bits.
  18. Do not try with mount under load or even on. To do a worm adjustment you need to loosen the alan bolts holding the worm housing together.
  19. Redo your taper bearing, if this is in crooked it will cause the problem you have. When you say locking bolt, do you mean clutch?
  20. I think I remember having to do that when I first did the mod Dave. I kept the gear wheel tight to the butt of the worm shoulder with a screwdriver as I nipped up with the small alan key.
  21. I can't think what else it would be other than the relation between worm mesh and float. I will think on.
  22. I take it there is enough pressure on the RA taper bearing? People seem to want to leave these loose but they are meant to be under pressure. If not then it will be the fine balance of worm mesh and float, this can take hours to get spot on when you first rebuild.
  23. I have just realised that you have the Bresser 152S f5 not the 152L, f7.9, that is why the focuser wheel I sent is a little narrow. You will not be able to change the focuser either I think. The 152S has a lens in the focuser housing.
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