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  1. Well thats an hour ill never get back, hopeless ?
  2. Even better, from my location ISS should pass very near Mars around 17:58
  3. Thanks Dave , ill give it a bash , its a five minute window so hopefully catch something
  4. Has anyone done this with an Az Synscan mount or is it possble .I have a skywatcher 130p with a small dslr monted in place of the eyepiece. Forcast good tonight and Idlike to try this , any advice ta
  5. Great to see someone else with Paintshop pro , I can't afford Photoshop but have found PSP a good less costly alternative
  6. WOW think I need to learn how to clean up an image , difference is like night and day from mine , mars and Saturn clearly visible too thanks (any advice re post processing appreciated I only have paintshop pro)
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xk-WjNG_lvnS8MN80SsTPJyXR1K85Ebd/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TeCU9kP1yQRcoqfpHOk_CTyFbiSG-LWc/view?usp=sharing hope this works. top one is 13 sec exposure. I tried to do 30sec exposure in second one ta
  8. Thanks , how do I post a link ? Camera is a Sony A5000. Ta
  9. Quite simply is it possible or am I wasting my time trying? Friday was a fantastic night so I set up at a nice location and shot some photos which looked great in live view on the camera but we're disappointingly dark on the PC. Shot in RAW but I could not replicate the live view images on my PC. My camera has an APSC sensor, is this too small to capture enough light for clear image of the milky way?. Exposure length was 15 seconds to avoid blur with F2.8 and I SO tried at 800 , 1000, 1600 all hopeless results. All advice appreciated
  10. Cant help with any groups but ive previously been at Playa Blanca and skies were fantastic, got my first view of Scorpius down there , worth packing the bins
  11. https://www.engadget.com/2017/11/28/nasa-release-voyager-golden-record-vinyl-box-set/ Apologies if previously posted but this looks like a fantastic christmas gift
  12. Not if its lightwright plastic construction, that was my problem. I had a surdy older mount but flat plate on top would have limited the motion of the P mount
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