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  1. Thanks for that. I've signed up for a few other free courses with them which I plan to do this year.
  2. I haven't been out for ages due to cloud. The other problem I have had is when I notice it's clear I'm either doing something else or can't be bothering to go out!
  3. If the sale doesn't go through please PM me as I am interested. Thanks.
  4. Is the voltage dropping that much at the battery too or just at the load end? If the voltage at the battery end is fine, it will most likely be the cable. If it does it at the battery too, then that's your problem.
  5. Depending of you have power available (and a seat) I've been eyeing up something like this before. https://www.aldi.co.uk/auto-xs-black-heatable-car-seat-pads/p/096844226927400?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjbveBRDVARIsAKxH7vmr5VWtD2qDXAMcrdhRaY5MG0cIWurLSAVROnG-W2IG3l1Gi1gxsPkaAhJTEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CJSW-Ouznd4CFYIZgQodr6UBpg
  6. I've managed to over tighten the thumb turn on one of the legs on my 130 AZ tripod and shear/ snap the plastic body off so I can't tighten it up now. Grrrr. I have searched the internet and cannot seem to track down replacements and looks like I'll need to either undertake a spot of dodgy DIY repairing or buy a new tripod. Does anyone know where I can get a spare from?
  7. I'll definitely look you up if I go again.
  8. My last pair of glasses was from a website called speccyfoureyes and were very cheap compared to my old onea.off the high street, but still a 'designer' brand. You have to wait a little while though, probably 4 weeks in my case, but I was in no rush so I was happy with that. I'd need to check, but there are the usual lense options. Maybe worth a look.
  9. I didn't see the article but it all sounds a bit of wishful thinking to me. Sure, if they can capture a large object and send it towards the atmosphere then great, but the majority of junk is very small bits from what I have read before so it's not going to help much. Something needs to be done though as surely there is going to be a point when either there is a chain reaction of collisions or maybe it even gets to the point when we don't have a chance of launching anything.
  10. If you are still there check out the usual markets that run during the week on the isand. It might surface at one of those.
  11. Well the sky's didn't fail to deliver but most of it was by eye only. The amount of stars you can see with the naked eye is amazing compared to my usual at home. I only managed to get my bins out for about 10 minutes one evening as the rest of the time I was in the mini disco with the kids! I had a good hunt around but couldn't find any info on any local clubs etc...which is interesting as there is an observatory which I could see on top of one of the mountains from my hotel so would have thought there would be something happening. All I managed to find and read up is that the carpark by the observatory is a good place to view from.
  12. I think you may struggle to get anywhere as it's not high in their priorities list. Ican't tell from the photo but by judging your back garden pictures, the colours suggest that the lantern is not LED, but probably high pressure sodium. Even if it was LED you would still have a bright source there which you will struggle to do much with, even with a back shield, due to its height. I have had a quick look at the usual manufacturers and can't find that particular lantern to see what data is available. Most local authorities have specifications and listed the the manufacturer of the lanterns that could be used in their area or did a number of years ago. It was to do with ease of maintenance if one got knocked down or failed. It's probably changed since as local authorities probably have to be open and use any EU manufacturer for anti competition rules. As for the back shield, I'm no expert but do work in the electrical industry and have never come across wind loadings and forces being an issue on external columns. It looks like it is probably 6 or 8m, and as all are, will be designed and specified for to take certain lantern weights and wind loads. I have seen back shields go in many times in private and public sector projects on columns upto 12m. They are nothing out of the ordinary so would question the forces that the council suggest would result in premature failure of the column. They are very robust items. It's strange. Highway Lighting will get the safety etc. card from the council and there is little you can do about it, but if a private installation doesn't tick all the boxes you are on a rocky road with the council. Good luck.
  13. The sooner the better i would say. Get around and speak with them as soon as you can otherwise as time drags on you kick yourself and also they may be less obliging to do anything.
  14. A neighbour to the side of ours suddenly put up a LED flood on a post at the bottom of his drive to light the access to it from the road, as his little bit of road is unlit. No problem with that apart from the angle it was at lit up our garden and my other neighbors upstair windows and missed nearly all of his property. To be fair to him, I don't know him and asked if he could angle it down, he said I could do it to suit me as he would need to get some one in to do it as he's fairly elderly. I popped around in the dark a few days later and all sorted.
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