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  1. Hi Where are you if I can collect I'd be interested. Cheers Dave
  2. Hi Can I take the Skywatcher EQ5 polar illuminator please. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Pierre I'll take this please if still available. Pm incoming Cheers Dave
  4. Hi I thought id start a new thread instead of highjacking Im looking to add a couple of 2" eyepiece's to my collection so im going to need a diagonal . Looking for a 2" eyepiece around 35 - 40 mm Im not looking for anything really expensive just usable. Cheers Dave
  5. Hi Ive just started using my nikon d80 through a skywatcher 120 to try some pics using an eq5 mount with ra motor . Ive polar alligned using polar scope in the mount and adjusted the mount so thers no slop in the ra or dec . when I focus it recovers very quickly if i notice at all. Below are some pics i tried of Andromeda and from the colour i think youll work out which was the longer exposures . I think my tracking is ok as id expect the trails to get longer as the exposure increases if it wasnt . Am i just experiencing a bit of wobble from wind or is my motor drive sticking/juddering a bit ? Any suggestions welcome . Ive also added one i did of orion the same night which was a single exposure. Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Jamie As per pm Id like the 40mm 2" Eyepiece please. Cheers Dave
  7. As per title I'm after an EQ5 polar scope. Cheers Dave Ive now purchased one thankyou
  8. Thankyou Mike Bang on. Just pulled my spider out and luckily the holes line up with the focuser so finding the diametrically opposite point wasnt to hard. Adjusted the focuser colmination a bit. Refitted the spider making sure it was central, collminated with the laser and popped the cap in and hey presto it now also shows it as colminated. Getting two different results from something that should of achieved the same result would of really bugged me. Dave
  9. Would taking a measure from the top of the tube to the point the laser hits on the bottom of the focuser and on the far side of the tube then make sure its at the furthest point from the centre of focuser (piece of string) give me a good enough alignment ?
  10. I had the same issue when i bought the laser it makes you question your technique when you have to collimate your collminator. Dave
  11. Thankyou John Ill wait for clear skys and see which works Dave
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