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  1. Hi I'm looking for a handset for a recently acquired Meade lx90 I believe this needs to be the 497 handset or audiostar. Cheers Dave Now found thankyou John
  2. After spending 10's pounds on my astro imaging I get out done by a smart phone . Had a lovely week with some great sky here are some of my best pics (ive a lot to learn and spend I suspect) https://youtu.be/jrmY5M1SDEU
  3. Well chuffed Mike Now I just need to practice processing. (Ps could someone pm me wifi password I'll post up my results so far)
  4. I managed to get me some . About 4 this morning.
  5. My attempt single exposure with nikon d80 can't see much too many blinking stars in the way
  6. Same here bags packed looking forward to as my last attemp was dismal
  7. Not managed to book for the main event but Im there sat to wed. Dave
  8. HI looking for suggestions My orion focuser currently has the screws holding the 2" eyepiece/reducer and im looking to replace it with a compression ring . Ive seen the Astro Essentials Compression-Ring adapter for Sky-Watcher Refractors (M56) which im getting for my 120 but i cant find an equivelant for the orion . My measuring gives the focus tube a 59.75mm female thread which i take to be m60 . There is the baader clicklock but these may be a bit deep to obtain focus . Does anyone have any sugestions Cheers Dave
  9. Hi can I take this please if not already gone. Pm on way Cheers Dave
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