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  1. Thankyou Mike Bang on. Just pulled my spider out and luckily the holes line up with the focuser so finding the diametrically opposite point wasnt to hard. Adjusted the focuser colmination a bit. Refitted the spider making sure it was central, collminated with the laser and popped the cap in and hey presto it now also shows it as colminated. Getting two different results from something that should of achieved the same result would of really bugged me. Dave
  2. Would taking a measure from the top of the tube to the point the laser hits on the bottom of the focuser and on the far side of the tube then make sure its at the furthest point from the centre of focuser (piece of string) give me a good enough alignment ?
  3. I had the same issue when i bought the laser it makes you question your technique when you have to collimate your collminator. Dave
  4. Thankyou John Ill wait for clear skys and see which works Dave
  5. Hi Ive just bought a xt10i which compared to my previous little scope is a bit faster and understand collmination is more important . I thought i had it sussed with a laser tool which ive checked buy rolling on its side in the kitchen and checking it against a dot on the wall about 10m away. But this scope came with a collmination cap so thought ill try that i should know how to do it for future reference. All straight forward line everything up seemed very easy. Until i put my laser back in and found the laser dot was about 1.5" away from my primary mirror centre mark. Ive had a google watched the youtube videos and cant think what im doing wrong should i ditch one and never go back? or is it trial and error and see what happens when i finally get a clear night. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Hi Eduard Sorry but someones got in first if it falls through ill let you know . Cheers Dave
  7. Hi Thanks for the info I think the lx 200gps was a better spec with larger object memory etc. Found this link for comparison http://astroromp.com/astronomy/lx200_vs_lx90.htm. But it does look like it maybe over priced so new price £150 otherwise ill keep it for a project
  8. I was thinking of a bit of modification along the lines of a goto dob but apparently i dont need more telescopes. Did you have to move the level sensor by 90% to allow mounting that way?
  9. Hi I have for sale this meade LX200gps 10" fork mount including handbox ,serial lead to connect to pc and 2 amp mains psu I have used for testing. I was thinking about £250 . (If this isnt realistic feel free to let me know I wont be offended) Link to vid of testing Ps the celestron power seeker 127EQ ,equitorial mount and tripod I used to test in video is also available.(free if i get 250)
  10. HI Im looking to sell a fully working Meade LX200 GPS 10" fork mount with handbox updated to the latest firmware. I have no idea what the going price for this would be any advice would be gratefully recieved . My testing maybe slightly roppy (see you tube vid) but I did a goto on denab after auto allignment and it was bang on. Cheers Dave
  11. Hi Ive recently aquired a LX200gps mount that came without the handbox . It was working until I did a reset by the laptop using the 232 port now there is no serial communication. I believe the only way to put it in safe mode/download is via the handset on boot up. I would obviously collect and return or if I could just try it at your place to ensure a handset would resolve my issue would be a great help. Cheers Dave
  12. Hi Michael Thankyou for taking the time to respond any assistance is welcome as it would be a shame to see this hardware not used. I knocked up the lead myself (old compny laptop still has serial port) and was able to slew ,change speed start auto aliignment and goto etc But because i didnt have the forks linked by a telescope the north and level sensor werent moving so ive linked them with a top spec piece of wood ,then found north and level sensor wasnt fully plugged in . So in my wisdom after resolving these i thought what do you allways do with electrics reset and start again from scratch ooopps. Since then ive not been able to communicate with the serial port theres nothing on hyperterminal and ive rechecked my lead buy shorting tx and rx. Dave
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