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  1. Hi . Do you think that the ES 14 mm 82 degree, Or the ES 11 mm wold be a nice eyepiece for the coronado pst solar telescope, if you want a eyepiece with a different experience and comfort ? And if so, witch of these 2 i should go for? If i go for the 11 mm model, then maby also will buy the ES 20mm 62 degree model. Thanks! ( my feeling says: the 11 and the 20 mm)
  2. I finally find an ES 10 mm 52 degree. And 12, 15 and 20 mm plossl. Becource the eye relief of 10 mm plossl is too tight. Thanks!!
  3. Hi , i have heard that the vixen SLV Did well for alpha=H. ( and is a bit more comfortable then plossl and zoom) i have a normal pst ( max 50x) so i though that a 12 mm slv is the eyepieces needed . BUT , there is also the ES 11 82 eyepiece. Wich of these you prever for the pst? I dond use eye glasses. Thanks.
  4. You are all right if you compere the pst vs a mod, the pst looks like a dwarf. But,( i think) that the portability of the pst ( fast set up, zoom in and out fast to prommences , easy to store, small, light weight) has also its charm. For proms allone maby zoom in up to 8 mm is more then enough. ( to look at spicules at 100x for example with mod will also get bored i think) and as a casual/ visual user i think i dond need nothing more then a double stack to see finally more detail in lower ( 16mm) power,while the set up is still "portable". I dond know. I have to consider everything.?
  5. Hi, i see that they are different models double stack too. Question : are ALL double stack models have more or less the same quality/resolution? In europe seems to have only one model. End second. I have Lets say a normal pst and 8= 24 mm zoom =8 mm is the best higher mag i can go in decent seeings(verry good pst may have better resolution?) and Lets say the double stack is 40 percent dimmer then single, then my pst will be with a 13-13.5mm as bright then 8 mm in singele. Then iT will be still worth and good enough to order one of the or all double stack models? Brrr..... thanks! ( if people give a hint or review then they maby also most say how good theire pst and stack model is..then you most compere iT to your own model)
  6. Okey, i will do that, until its really needed. (Although its a bit tempting to improve the scope the best possible ways. Maby with a double stack...) thanks.
  7. No, i dond think its rusted . I just want to know if the beloptic or maier ITF will improve the few a bit compere to a not rusted good original. To improve the fews ( a bit) when i zoom in at higher settings (better Surface detais at the higher settingsof the 8=24mm zoom ) if the images are clearer in the new ITF, maby its still worth the upgrade even my ITF is not rusted.....(?) or is iT better just keep on using the original and dond remove things?
  8. Hi, i want to try to put a new ITF filter for the coronado pst. Someone told me that he use the beloptic ITF filter and now he can use an 2x Barlow and 13 mm Nagler . With the original filter this was not posseble. Is the beloptic a good choice to improve the view of the pst? Is iT easy to put iT in the scope myself and remove the original? Thanks!! ( i dond know for sure if its still available and how to order....) thanks for the tips!
  9. Thanks. I will give iT a try. Slould i buy just one or do two works better for even better contrast?
  10. Hi, dond have mutch clarity witch polarizing filter really works with the PST. I hope someone can give me a tip now, Thanks.
  11. Hi , is this zoom suitable for a 1.25" alpha-H telescope? And, what is the range of this zoom ? ( from 21 to 9 mm would be perfect but i dond know for sure) thanks! I see this zoom somewere and i am curious becource iTs a nikon and not too expensive...... thanks!
  12. Hi, i think a while about it and will go with the SM 2 60 10 BF . IT cost only €500 more then the 40 mm double stack now!.... no penta prism system anymore = witch can damage the resolution. Sharper image if i zoom in with my 8=24 mm zoom... if the ITF BF get rusting its more simple to replace. So, i think its worth the upgrade! ( the new darker color of the scope is becource they add an extra layer for better Protection )
  13. Hi, i have the pst for over a year and i want to upgrade to improve my solar experiens. The first thing on my mind is the 40 mm double stack , becource i allready have a scope . But i can also save for the SM 60 11 with 10 mm BF. And Sell or give away my pst. I hope someone can help me to make the best choice becource solarviewing is still not cheep in EU. I do only visual. (the double stack is now € 750 in EU and the SM 11 60 10 mm BF scope about €1250 in Some stores and i most maby also buy a better Tripod if i go for this scope but if iT is worth....... Thanks! especially for those who have all and can judge this better...
  14. Hmmm.... looks like another good zoom for a low price and lighter and good magnification settings for a pst! find this also on a site: "the seben zoom is as good in alpha-H then the pentax xf zoom the xf has only better eye placement" . There you go.
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