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  1. Hi, I just see the Lunt 40 6mm BF for 1349 Australian dollar on pre oder. That's about €826 . Not bad.
  2. Dond be Sure if I will do an Upgrade , Both lunt 40 and Meade pst Has their own Character. So, I dond know if it's Really worth . I think I will stick with my pst. If Meade would introduce a new Meade Solarmax 40 scope for a soft price, I would rather go for that one.
  3. Hi, waw! Cool looking scope. Cant wait for the reviews.
  4. Hi, two weeks ago my little sister Dropped my pst on the ground . oops! But, I examen the pst and thanks god nothing was broken, not even a scratch! Then I looked inside the pst. The prism looked pretty right, the BF and ITF Looks good and seems to be solid on their places. The glass on the inside looked good to. However , today I was looking at a smaller hedgerow Of promminces at the north side of the disk. And while I know that there were more proms, I couldn't reach full disk in the sweet spot.( the seeings was average) Is it possible that the sweetspot has moved to another position o
  5. Hi, I have heard that a cheep binoviewer with 1.85 x Barlow works well with the PST. But there is also the OSC 1.3 corrector from siebert, which can be used with any binoviewer. Thanks for the best tip!
  6. You now what -maybe I just go for a Celestron clone again at AliExpress for just 52 dollar!! And be a little careful next time. And dond try to clean the glasses or shake it. things can get broken fast with zooms! maybe also a" simple " Zoom glass with just a few coatings is better or at last as good for alpha-H= who knows?
  7. Hi, i just see the hyperflex zoom (60=40 degree) for 69 pounds At Bristolcameras store. Also the pentax xF zoom for 199 pound. I was messing around with my seben zoom and it got broken At the bottom. ( some dust get in) Becource of this , maybe to me the better build quality of the Pentax will make the difference.
  8. Ooh yes. I have do that, but was not so impressed by the fews and find iT a bit uncomfortable. I find out that in decent/ good conditions the seben zoom at 11 mm setteng works even better for prommences , and use this one instead. And two simple plossl for less then decent conditions 20 and 15 mm.
  9. Update. My pst had probably a shorter focus range, thats why the 11 mm tv plossl not reach focus. the focus range of the pst prism is in general short,but mine was probably a bit shorter then usual. ( no problem, what really a problem is are the poor seeings and activities which every solar telescope sucks without, the only solution here is patience)
  10. hi, i like to know ( for sure) if the Brandon 16 mm eyepiece really reduce the red glow/glare , what is ofthen present when i look at the sun with my alpha= H telescope pst. and makes viewing annoying at times. Does this eyepiece reduce or take away that red thing on the black space? Thanks
  11. Hi there! I take my seben super zoom in use again ( 8=24 mm) and compere iT with the 11 mm TV plossl lifted up. I put the zoom at 11 mm setting = the seeing was pritty decent for a moment= And compere the fews of the prommences , and the zoom was better then the 11 mm TV plossl! Now i forget that 15 mm TV plossl and what caused the focus problem . i will just use the zoom again in decent and good conditions. And will order a cheeper 15 mm and 20 mm plossl and use that for average and decent seeings.
  12. Hi , i lifted the eyepiece a bit up, while i look through it and it came to focus! But the seeing was somewhat average and i compere iT with an 12 mm plossl and the view through the 11 mm TV was slightly better but worst then 20 mm plossl ( due to the average seeing) the eyepiece is a little short for my scope. What is the conclusion of this? And, Can i order savely the 15 mm TV plossl? ( witch is i think even a better eyepiece for an normal pst, especially for general seeings)
  13. I will try that and let you know if it come that way to focus. Pesonally i think there is nothing wrong with the focuser , iT always focus well with other eyepieces ( up to 9mm is the highest have used) but, if the focuser has a limited range, why others can reach focus with that eyepiece.....and there most be probably also ( a lot) pst's with more or less the same focus range i have. Hmmm its almost getting interesting to figure this out! Experience will tell.
  14. Yes. I agree, probably there is someting wrong with the glass . Maby i will order a new 15 mm tv plossl , hope that one will work!
  15. I use a solar telescope. Thats the only scope i have , so i cant test the eyepiece. I hope i find someone that has the same issue with the same scope and eyepiece.
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