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  1. Thanks for the tip I will try that, it looks ok in photoshop but every time I load in on the internet it sticks out like a sore thumb, must be the black background that shows it off better
  2. After every 3rd or 4th stretch on the curves I would use Astronomy tools making the stars smaller it may not be the correct way but it worked for me in the end.
  3. OK being trying again today in processing and really hitting a brick wall with the amount of knowledge and skill level, I think this is where I really going to need to find some really good guides on different techniques on processing in Photoshop but here is V3
  4. Thanks Barry I do have 1 question when imaging do you bin 2x2 your colours and the HA and LUM at 1x1. The image above was all at 1X1 but has got me thinking of maybe binning the RGB on my next image.
  5. Hi Barry I have to say a massive thank you Barry for your input, it has completely changed how I think about processing now. This is just the start but was well excited to show you the results after your input. Much more easier on the eye now and I hope you like.
  6. Hi All Here is my attempt of the veil nebula and really enjoyed getting back out after a few months of not being able to image. I used the ED80 with CCDT67 focal reducer and imaged with a StarLight Xpress 694, the image consists of: 6 x 600s RGB in each channel 6 x 600s HA I really appreciate constructive criticism and thanks for looking
  7. I will be posting my results later or if it is clear again I will grab some more data in 0III
  8. Great job there I'm also imaging the broom from last night and I'm wondering could you link your resources please as I'm a beginner to CCD imaging
  9. All I can really say is WOW that us stunning and I really hope I get to this quality 1 day.
  10. I have the SX Trius 694 and have been using SGPro with great success
  11. Thanks for the advice, Sorry I meant when i rotated the camera the elongation changed.
  12. WOW that's stunning and extremely dedicated to do 37 hours !!!!!!
  13. Thanks Tony I went out the next night and the stars where elongated again. When you say turn the focuser does the elonation turn with the camera as well ?
  14. Thanks Gus I followed this guide here https://daveandtelescope.wordpress.com/2013/12/24/collimating-the-at10rc/comment-page-1/#comment-56
  15. As astro boy said very blue but great start, this is difficult to capture and needs alot of data.
  16. Stunning loving the star colours and the sharpness.
  17. So you used HA for the Red and Oiii for the green what did you use for the blue. Sorry new to CCD imaging just want to get my head around it ?
  18. When processing your images did you combine these together in photoshop like you would for RGB if that makes sense ?
  19. Ok thanks for looking I will strip down today and have a look. Just want to say as well thank you so much for helping
  20. The RA is trailing to the earth's rotation
  21. Here are the PHD logs from last night PHD2_GuideLog_2016-06-04_215853.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2016-06-05_221023.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2016-06-06_014622.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2016-06-06_020849.txt
  22. Ok I do have a issue with the mount in RA running slower but i have solved the issue with the collimation as the egged shaped stars was caused by collimation. I used CCD inspector to collimate the secondary mirror and when i went to take my next set of images it was bang on. frame_and_focus_1.TIFF M27_600sec_1x1_R_frame1.TIFF
  23. WOW unguided that is brilliant very nice indeed. Did you bin the images or was it at 1x1 ?
  24. I have not been using eqmod for long but I have set the sidereal on the correct setting. Not used the PEC program either. The only thing I have done in the past was a strip down of the mount and serviced the mount and maybe the RA worm gear is to right causing it to slow down possibly ?
  25. One thing I have noticed in PHD is when i have finished calibrating I turn on guiding assistant the DEC stays around the middle part of the graph with about 1.9 polar alignment error but the RA goes down and straight of the graph and the star does drift away ?
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