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  1. Hi and welcome to SGL! My favorite is Ursa Minor too: beautiful shape and FULL of galaxies.
  2. ¡Bienvenido a SGL! Best place to take advice.
  3. Welcome to SGL! I wish you a lot of fun with AP.
  4. Thinking about buying the Bresser 100W. Can someone give any feedback?
  5. Every time my wife says that I can feel the cold sweat on my spine. Having said that, BUY YOURSELF A TELESCOPE A.S.A.P.! You’ll never regret if you start with a decent set.
  6. I've had a couple of bad experiences this last winter with my MacBook Pro: batteries don't like low temperatures. They get drained quickly and I believe it affects their lifespan. If you use the laptop with the power cable plugged, I don't think you have any problem (apart from your frozen hands).
  7. By the way, and back on topic, that dongle was the last item the mailman brought. Before that, I received a Raspberry Pi, an ASI224MC, a battery dummy for the EOS 600D and a power adapter for the EQ6-R. A couple of days ago I ordered a ZWO EAF with temp probe. But the funny thing about the situation is that I STILL DON'T HAVE A TELESCOPE to attach all the gadgets to! I ordered a SW 200pds + EQ6-R Pro + MPCC Mk III four weeks ago but I'm afraid I'll have to wait at least another month. There seems to be a huge demand for Skywatcher products, the pace of production has slowed and the fallout from the "Evergreen" incident is still affecting the supply chain. I'll post some photos on D-day.
  8. I've just bough a cheap WiFi USB dongle and when I plug it in the Pi, the configuration tab shows wlan1 instead of wlan0. I didn't install any drivers. Now I have to check how much the range has increased. If some.
  9. I joined SGL community a few weeks ago, after lurking some others. I want to congratulate the moderators and all the members because this is one of the very few forums I've participated in, if not the only one, that makes you feel part of the community from the very beginning. It's highly appreciated when you're a newbie lost like Bambi. Finally a suggestion if I may: I've noticed (and suffered) that when you want to dive in the practical astronomy world, you just jump into the forum and ask for advice to buy a new telescope (good, cheap and cute). You may consider creating a kind of questionnaire asking the newcomer a few questions: background in astronomy, observing and/or AP, limitations, budget... Whatever it may help. This way, the advice received by the beginner could be more precise. Just food for thought. Congrats again for hosting this community. JR.
  10. barbulo


    Hi and welcome to SGL, Chris.
  11. Would be much appreciated. Could you please post a picture? Thanks in advance, Phil.
  12. There are several threads on this regard. To sum up: All coma correctos have supporters and detractors. I chose this one but haven’t tested yet (long wait due to the “Evergreen effect”).
  13. Agree. IMHO, ASI224 would match your Mak for planetary. Regarding Mac, I’ve been running WIN10 on a 2015 MacBook Pro with Bootcamp. No issues.
  14. Hi and welcome. Lot to do and lot to learn. Got the right place!
  15. Thank you Daz, I haven’t yet had the the opportunity to test the EKOS’ focus assistant. Before selling my 150P I used the APT’s Bahtinov aid: happy with it for 1-2 hour sessions; used live view so no pictures taken. Currently I’m moving to a new configuration with Astroberry, environment where APT can’t be used with DSLRs under INDI. So far. I don’t mind using the Bahtinov mask and re-focus every 30-60 minutes, but I don’t fancy the idea of using the camera shutter uncountable times. I prefer the way APT works with live view. On the other hand, the idea of automating a 2-3 (or plus) hour imaging session with an auto focuser, is quite sexy. I’ll give a second thought.
  16. I’m following this thread closely because I have the same doubts as Daz, except that I’d opt for the ZWO EAF instead of the DIY solution. I’ve considered the latter but having the ZWO for €180... (focuser + temp sensor) I wouldn’t take the risk. My main concern is how EKOS would manage the autofocusing routine with a DSLR. Does it use the live view or takes pictures? Can perform when the scope is pointing at faint objects, or it needs brighter stars?
  17. I thought I was the only one, and was about to patent it as workflow.
  18. OMG, this thread is a gold mine! As a beginner I don’t have many anecdotes to tell: cap on, clutches untightened... I’m pretty sure the rest will come sooner or later.
  19. Hi Alan, and welcome to SGL!
  20. ¡Bienvenido @SOLAR_pi!
  21. I ordered my set (EQ6-R + SW 200PDS) 2 weeks ago, but it seems that the “Evergreen issue” has delayed all deliveries to the Western Hemisphere. All this on top of a situation where Skywatcher products demand exceeds supply. I’m afraid that I’ll have to wait for another 5-6 weeks.
  22. Here’s mine, taken last month with a SW 150P and an ASI224MC. No guiding. These followed, taken with a Canon 600D and autoguiding. Then I sold my equipment and now awaiting for the new scope. Hope arrives soon.
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