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  1. i absolutely love this! black and white works so well in my opinion
  2. so so beautiful! i can't stop looking at all the wonderful details in this image!
  3. i got this photo of the moon with my htc one x, but, it did take a little trial and error... i'm guessing your phone uses the android operating system like mine? in the settings for the camera try manually setting iso to 100 and if you're able to, set the exposure compensation to -2 (found in settings/image adjustments). that's what i did. after trial and error i managed to work out where the phone needed to be placed to get the camera to line up with the eyepiece, then i just took as many shots as i could in the hope one of them was in focus. i neatened the image up in photoshop, but, i could have achieved just the same using free photo editing software like gimp. good luck!
  4. This year I have a Helly Hansen Kiruna Suit that I can pull on over my regular clothing. I tested it the other night and I think it's going to work great!
  5. they sounds excellent olly! here's hoping they continue to meet expectations!
  6. difficult to say without knowing what it is or condition... worth a drive to have a look? you did say it was in a local paper
  7. looking forward to your first light report!
  8. just been having a look from edinburgh. it's a lovely sight between the clouds
  9. Right, I think I've made a decision... I'm going to get an 8inch Newt as this (for me at present) is the best compromise in performance vs size for the objects I'm wanting to look at. However, rather than going for a Dob, I'm also going to get a second EQ mount, but, the smaller EQ5, with manual controls. I've never really got on with the dob mount and feel more comfortable sticking with what I know. I'll keep the EQ5 in the boot of the car, so that for grab and go duties I can pick up my Equinox case (complete with eyepieces and diagonal) and just head out the door. It'll make a nice travel setup for weekends away and not take up to much space. For nights when I'm imaging with the Equinox and HEQ5, the Newt can sit on top of the EQ5 for visual use. While I know this isn't perhaps ideal, I had a play with a friends new Explorer 200p and EQ5 on Friday night and I've decided it will be stable enough. For visual only nights the Newt can sit on top of my HEQ5. That setup should work great for planetary imaging also, maybe even imaging an occasional DSO if I fancy trying imaging at a longer focal length... With all that in mind I'm thinking of buying a Skywatcher 200p DS Thanks again for your comments guys!
  10. Thanks for the info so far guys, you've been most helpful! Rossco brings up an interesting point regards size. I only have a Clio, so fitting in a large scope may prove difficult/impossible. I wonder what the maximum size i could fit in is? It only has 3 doors, so the gap between the front seats and the pillar may prove the deciding factor... that and the width of the car! Storage and being able to manhandle to the scope to the car is also another factor, with me living in a flat. I have 2 flights of stairs to consider...
  11. Ok, so at the moment I have an Equinox 80, mounted on a HEQ5, which I bought primarily for imaging. I love it, so I'm not looking to replace it, however, I'm finding that due to my circumstances (lack of time and having to drive to somewhere I can set up and image from) I'm not making the most of this setup at the moment. Me and the Mrs plan is to move to somewhere more rural inside the next 12 months, we're looking for the ideal place at the moment, so once we're there and I can have a more permanent setup, the Equinox will see much more use. What I would ideally like is a 2nd scope for visual use, to be mounted onto my HEQ5. I like to observe DSO's and would like a little more magnification on the planets too (than I can achieve with my current scope). I'd like to be able to use this 2nd scope to perhaps try my hand at imaging the planets also. Imaging of DSO's isn't a priority as I have the Equinox for that. I have around £700 to spend, but, that's flexible. After doing my research I have a couple of scopes in mind, but, I'll not mention them just yet so as not to colour any recommendations you might make. What would you suggest? Thanks in advance Chris
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