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  1. If you scroll down a bit, they add right at the bottom that it is an animation showing the current position of the probe, not an actual live feed... a little bit cheeky I think!
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for a simple solution that would let me extend my wifi up into the garden - this would be so I can connect a Raspberry Pi with Astroberry to my home network, rather than needing to run the Pi in hotspot mode. Ideally, I was thinking of something simple - one of the wifi extender things that plug into a mains socket would be perfect I think. However, it would need to go through a wall and then up to maybe 50 feet max to the actual device. Has anyone got any recommendations? Or am I being somewhat optimistic? Thanks! Brutha
  3. Hehe, of course, student = pupil, took me a while to work that out!
  4. I know this is an old thread, but it is amusing that amongst such things as outdoor camping and formula 1 races that the Amazon description claims these are particularly suitable for is “blurred vision”. https://www.amazon.com/Binoculars-30-260X160-Professional-Telescope-Stargazing/dp/B07SRZNNLF
  5. I do - I find it very powerful once you get used to it! And you are not vulnerable to a company removing functionality, as recently happened to Fusion360
  6. It does support C++ (although I guess not the Arduino special stuff). Interestingly, arduino are also building a board themselves using the new chip. Given it will have WiFi, I guess it will be a fair bit more expensive: https://blog.arduino.cc/2021/01/20/welcome-raspberry-pi-to-the-world-of-microcontrollers/
  7. I was looking at Orion the other night through my 8SE, and it was quite clearly a greenish hue. I was reading this thread and wondering if I had imagined it, but glad to hear I wasn’t!
  8. Yes, second that, keep camera level when doing the panorama, it just needs to be able to see the horizon (or top of buildings!)
  9. If you have a 3D printer and fancy a bit of DIY, you could try building one of these: https://openastrotech.com/ I have the structure built, and am working on the electronics now. You get goto with the basic electronics, then with Astroberry and a RPi4 you’d get platesolving and other stuff too!
  10. I bought the Starsense for my 8SE, and love it, much faster to get going than before! I thought about the gps, but since I only use the scope from the garden it’s a bit pointless, it would only supply the date and time, and that is quick to enter anyway.
  11. You probably don't need to get this massively accurate I think. Even if you can figure out from a map the bearing of your balcony, this might be enough.
  12. Do you have any land marks that you can measure the bearing to on e.g. google earth or peak finder? I used Peakfinder to establish the accurate bearing to a nearby hill in the picture, then it was fairly straight forward. Some further info here, but irritating missing the image they are referring to: http://stellarium.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Landscape_Rotation
  13. Hehe, funnily enough I have *finally* managed to get some decent weather to use my 8SE over the last few nights, and have been starting my "messier twitching" list. I was rather surprised to find M1 quite nicely visible; although to be fair it was just a faint patch of light!
  14. Thanks Malcolm, some good reassurance there! Also, the purple aluminium mount top is very snazzy!
  15. Yes, should be more or less level (although it seems pretty tolerant and doesn’t need to be exact). The azimuth of the mount doesn’t seem to have any effect; if you are doing the usual alignment based on bright stars, it simply works out where it is pointing in the process. With starsense you start with the scope pointed roughly east and level, and it moves around taking 3/4 images and plate solving to get the orientation. My first telescope was a skywatcher 127 maksutov; this was “tracking only” with no goto functionality - indeed, this needed to be aligned with true north to make
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