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  1. To be honest I find if you want perfect, and I mean perfect, right on the nose collimation (which isn’t absolutely necessary) then I find no matter how hard screws are tightened or otherwise, even with a solid tube it’s easier to just tweak or check the collimation each session. Takes less than a minute. It’s part of the reflector/dob experience. So many aspects affect it, temperature, vibration, repeatability of the collimation tool being used, etc, that I find it easier to accept a quick collimation is just part of the set up procedure. And that’s only if it bothers me or the view is no
  2. Second what Mamm7215 says, mines a solid tube OO UK and although it holds collimation well it does need a minor tweak most outings if bumped a little. The 200p on the other hand only needs you to look at it and the collimation can be way off. Takes a few seconds to collimate both. I use a 1.25” Hotech laser collimator which itself is easy to calibrate if needed. I think they are one of the few laser collimators that allow easy access to the setting screws.
  3. PM inbound for the Clicklock.
  4. Hi, I also have a 200p on an EQ5 and have been really pleased with it. The first upgrade I made to the mount was fitting the RA motor drive and did so just to make visual use more comfortable. The flexible cable slow motion controls are worthwhile as well. Visually I find the mount and OTA to be a very useable combination and struggle to understand some of the negative comments Newtonian reflectors on EQ mounts attract. Bang for buck they’re pretty good. However it is not so good on windy nights, the OTA being relatively large the view through the eyepiece wobbles a bit. This al
  5. Belay all the above, I’ve just realised you’ve already got essentially the same, the DX being the older version, it’s late, it’s Saturday night and with cloudy skies the wine and beer has been flowing a little to much
  6. Hi, I have the VX12L 1/6 and am really impressed with it. As far as the scope goes, I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed. However I’d not consider it very portable. It’s the same length OTA as the VX14 at approx 1.5m. The altitude bearing wheels can make for good carry ‘handles’ when needed but you’ll need a vehicle with a long, well padded, soft and very accessible cargo space or you’ll end up with one very dented OTA. The tube is made from rolled aluminium which although light is relatively soft. I have an L200 pickup with a role out bed which many people consider to be a
  7. Hi, Had a very similar experience, borrowed scopes at college, got hooked, purchased 4” reflector on an eq on leaving and used that for the last 3 ½ decades. Kids left, house/wallet allowed so treated myself, started with a 200p on eq5 a few years back and fitted it with an RA motor drive. Wanted more so last year started looking at the same scopes as you. Particularly the 14” and 16” Skywatcher dobs with goto. I was nervous about dobs. I love and understand eq mounts. Not being able to source new I ended up buying a second hand VX12L dob from another member on this f
  8. Hi, I have the 200p on an eq5 with just the ra motor drive. Works well for visual but I think it’s right on the limit. AP is just about possible but only in the most limited manner and on the calmest of nights. I think the mount will struggle with a 250p, might just work for visual but the slightest breeze will make it unstable and a very frustrating experience. Until the recent price increases I was looking to upgrade to an EQ6 size mount to try the VX12L on but primarily for the 200p and hopefully for another scope more suited to dabble in AP. I love an EQ mount and the EQ5 is
  9. Very questionable and frankly it’s not promoted brand loyalty in me. I was dead set on getting a new AZ-EQ6 GT Pro as soon as they became available again but I am not prepared to accept that level of increase. I don’t think as a product it’s worth £1750.00 so I’m now looking at competitors/alternatives. In my day one of the rules of sales was not to give loyal customers a reason to look at your competitors. It becomes the thin end of a very damaging wedge.
  10. Again, instinctively the maths are not adding up. China production has all but recovered if not now in a growth state. Their domestic consumer demand is also down. In my industry (automation and control) production in Germany barely missed a beat over the last year and is at pre COVID levels with no increase in price 2020/21. After a life time in engineering and working with imports from China and Germany all I’m sensing is a dominant brand taking advantage of a huge increase in demand and current circumstances. Fair play, it’s business and given the opportunity maybe we’d
  11. No reflection on FLO or any other retailer who’s prices/increases are very similar. This comment is aimed at the importers. I'm instinctively not getting the maths and I’ll admit the below might be a very crude and simplistic evaluation but: If shipping costs have gone up by £8k for a 40ft container and it has a capacity of 2376cuft. The Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT Pro GEQ & Alt-Az Astronomy Mount I’ve had my eye on has increased about £340.00. Rough guess is the mount comes in packaging approximating 10cuft. Then Approx 230 mounts will fit in one container. Increas
  12. Not a lot of help finding Polaris for the first time, there’s heaps of good advice above, but a great help for each time thereafter: If you have to pack away each time, always set the tripod back up in precisely the same position and identify that position by permanent markers in the ground corresponding to the location of each tripod leg foot. Speeds up levelling and alignment no end and for visual you’d barely need to check. This was one of the first tips given by my college lecturer back in the 80’s.
  13. One other thing to make up whilst your at the dew strips is a hand warmer or two. A god send the last few nights.
  14. Personally I used 330ohm resistors in parallel spaced 25mm. Work a treat wrapped in Velcro. RS are far cheaper and you’re guaranteed good products. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/through-hole-fixed-resistors/2141888 https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00186Q7XY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 With these as controllers: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07RHMMM9W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. And The Brexit keeps giving. Even second hand I believe import taxes will increase the price further.
  16. Hi, I have the 200p on an eq5 and you’ll not be disappointed with it for sure. It’s a great allrounder. The OTA is light enough and I’d have no trouble carrying on my back if a suitable bag was made. I’ve seen similar by others. You might need to collimate it every trip though. Mine looses collimation when moving it around. No big deal as it’s a quick process anyway. The EQ5 would be doable and the bulk of the weight is in the counterbalance weights, two at 5kg. Tripod n mount in one hand and weights in the other with the OTA on your back but it’ll be heavy going. I carry a similar
  17. Hi James Will this be your only telescope? I have a 150 SkyMax EQ5 and a 200p EQ5 along with a few others. I like the SkyMax enough to keep and enjoy it immensely but it’s not used as much as the others to be honest. On an EQ mount the finder scope can be at awkward positions. Unlike the 200p that can be rotated in its rings the dove tail of the SkyMax is fixed to the tube. It’s on the to do list to sort this in some way. Although not to my taste I see many use the SkyMax on an Alt AZ mount rather than an EQ. Also it seems to take an age to cool down so is not my grab
  18. I’d go with the Hotech. I’ve ended up with two of them. Make collimating the 12” a breeze. Both purchased second hand but far far better than the cheaper types. The second one I got very definitely needed collimating but as StargazerMcCabe says they are really easy to do. I believe they are one of the few that have readily accessible adjusting screws. Just unscrew the tapered collar to reveal three setting screws. I found this useful on another site: You can collimate the collimator in the focuser with a 0.005" hex key yourself to shorten the shipping time. To access
  19. Just to say I agree with everything Davesellars says above. I think for visual I coma is subjective and somthing you have to experience yourself to know whether it bothers you enough to worry about. For me in my scopes and visually, try as I might, I don’t notice it so it’s not an issue. in the 200p it’s immediately apparent in photography but easily corrected. You’ll be very pleased with the 8” but given the choice go for the 10”.
  20. Hi Steve, I charge the battery connecting directly to the trolling motor posts (the outside ring terminals). I didn't see a problem and the instructions don't mention it one way or the other. Been very pleased with it so far and for the cost, after a little DIY, I think it's hard to beat. The twin USB with the volt meter from amazon is handy. Gives you continuous battery health and is reasonably accurate +/- 0.1A Very Best Steve
  21. This is music to my ears. I’ve had smaller newts on EQ mounts all my life and listening to dob fans you’d think I was mad wanting to put my OO VX12L on an EQ6. I can’t get over how many think it’s an effort to rotate the OTA in the rings when moving positions. The best things in life come with a little effort.
  22. That’s got to be very frustrating given it’s during a sequence of shots. Rules out my thoughts I think. I don’t have a timer on my old DSLR so fire the remote for each shot. Hope you get to the bottom of it, I’m sure if it’s equipment related someone on here will know.
  23. This might be a bit random, but I had the same issues. Totally different set up but same problem, two stars (and other random patterns) on about two thirds of all images. I set up on my driveway just outside my workshop. Perfect level tripod, perfect polar alignment on what looked like a solid concrete surface. Taking long exposures I get bored so use my dob whilst doing so. It’s located a few metres away. Shorter exposures I stayed still at the imaging scope. This means I move about. I found the problem was that one section of my concrete drive (the one the tripod was on)
  24. Hi, can recommend these if interested: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01DO27DE6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I used a small off cut of 18mm ply I had left over from a job. Moves my VX12 around very easily and once locked are stable on a concrete drive. Almost useless on grass or gravel though. Steve
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