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  1. Hi everyone, Need a little help please, I have a Meade LX90 GPS LNT with an Audiostar controller. I have added a 909 axillary port module and a 1209 micro focuser. The Audiostar handset sees the 909 module and you can select the focuser menu and when you press the up or down arrow key it operates the focuser...... and then the problem starts! it will NOT stop running and yes I have taken my finger of the arrow key I have to switch it off or unplug it to stop it. It does this in both directions. The Audio star is 497EP A1f7. Anyone have any ideas on what is wrong? I spoke to a guy at meade today and said it should all work together but never had any hands on experience as he said the 909 module was never sold here in the UK which I knew about. Thankyou
  2. Thankyou for all the advice, It left me thinking for a while for sure. Since the last post iv been and bought a LX90 8inch ACF with gps & LNT. Id like to say, I have had more enjoyment over the last two nights with this new scope than I have ever had over 10 years with the big dob. No its not the lightest but the tripod is for me, a doddle to get out side and the ota although heavy, far easier to move arround. Plus its been out in the car twice which was impossible with the dob. I also set it off doing its thing while Iam waiting for it all to cool down so its set up time with the gps etc is not a problem or at least not one that bothers me. I still have the dob for now and will at some point get them out side by side to view something and compare but up to now I feel it was a good choice. Bring on more clear skys
  3. Thanks Shimrod, I went with the newer one which turned out to be a 2009. Plus after seeing it, its in near mint condition!
  4. Yes they are both 8" and the newer one has LNT. I think he said the newer one was arround 2006-7
  5. Morning all, So I have been offered a Meade LX90 EMC which includes an eq wedge, but... i have also been offered a Meade LX90 ACF GPS. The question is, the older scope is £300 cheaper and includes the eq wedge and the other is newer with gps and better optics so i belive? Is the newer scope worth the extra money. I want to use it for visual and get into basic astro photography. Thanks in advance
  6. Thankyou for all the advice, although probably more unsure now.lol I think if i do change scopes I will keep the 10 inch dob then if iv made a big mistake i still have it and just move the new scope on again.
  7. Also, In reply to Shimrod, I have to make 2 trips out side, its not really the weight. The tube although big is not to bad, I hug it and walk out side its more the base as its so bulky and have to carry it through the whole house. Banging it into every thing along the way! So just thought a tripod would be easier as it folds up plus as a few of you have mentioned I have a big car but seats dont fold down so transport is a huge issue with it. Tried once!
  8. First off, thankyou all for the advice and so quick! Think I will be getting my hands on the book! Would i notice much difference between the 10 and 8 inch in the image?
  9. I do like looking at planets but more deep sky objects.
  10. Hi everyone, New to the site so hello first of all. Hopeing someone could tell me if I am being stupid or not? So here goes.... I have a skywatcher dob 10 inch which I bought years ago but never seem to use it for a couple of reasons, first its LARGE although I always wanted a big scope as i always belived get the largest you can but its a pain lifting the mount out of the house as its so bulky vs a tripod. Second I am not that clued up on where everything is in the night sky other than the basic objects so really would like a goto scope so my time outside is more fun and actually get to see things. I would like a Meade lx90 or lx200 8 inch goto scope but am I stupid for downsizing? Would love your opinions Cheers
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