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  1. hey thanks for your reply i was hooked on the telescope as soon i started watching videos lol and collimation is no problem what i was thinking of doing is getting a backpack where i can put one of each weights in the side pockets and eyepieces and mount can go inside along with other things i will need like food lol as i can expect to be there a while lol and some backpacks you can get things to able you to hang things on the front so i was thinking maybe putting the tripod legs there or laying then and strapping them in on the top of the bag the telescope tube its self i was thin
  2. so you think maybe giving the 200p up for the 150pds with the eq5 mount is a better choice. do you think there would be much ov a diff with visual or image between the 150 and 200 or more or less relatively the same outcome lol
  3. hi lee thanks for your reply i live on the ground floor flat and the walking time to the dark parts range from 5 mins to 15 mins and i dont mind carrying it i used to be a landscaper so im used to heavy things lol but the dob just seemed to big and my neighbours would prob think im setting up a missile device or something lol. im wanting to do some visual but maybe in the future try some imaging thats why i was thinking the skywatcher 200p and i could upgrade the mount when i decided to do imaging al watch a couple of videos on youtube of the telescope you mentioned
  4. hi everyone i have posted before about getting another telescope my first one i had was a celestron powerseeker 114eq i had to leave behind years ago. i was interested in the 200 dob 8inch then i started watching more and more videos on youtube and i started to realize the size would get in the way as i live in a small block of flats and it would be to much hassle getting it in and out of the flats. at the start my price range was 250 now its between 4 and 500 i seen the skywatcher 200p eq5 on first light optics there out of stock just now but i can wait as the weather aint that good anyw
  5. Thank you for replying at first I was actually looking at the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ and I seen the price of that compared to the dob and I thought if I put a few extra to it I may as well get the dob but like you said it's actually quite hard to find any second hand anywhere lol hopefully the when the sales kick start one floats my way if not its not ment to be lol
  6. Thank you for your reply btw love the username
  7. Hi everyone my names Sara I stay in Motherwell, Lanarkshire a couple years ago I owned a celestron telescope i had to move really quickly and sadly had to leave it behind because it was too big to take with us after 6 years I'm starting to look for another one as I'm getting back into astronomy now I was looking at the dobsonian 10 inch telescope but it is quite pricey does anyone else recommend a good telescope or is anyone selling any telescopes they don't use thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all had a great Christmas
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