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  1. I don't think it was actually, but that looks very interesting as well!
  2. I'm sorry to post this but I have used the search function on here and got no joy. I do remember news of a june launch of a 1.25" zoom, approx 7-21mm with a 70 deg FOV at all focal lengths. I cannot for the life of me remember the manufacturer and I can't find anything on google but I do know it has been mentioned on here. Can somebody please remind me and does anyone know if it's still expected to be available this month because it sounds hugely exciting? Thanks Dave
  3. This might be a ridiculous question but.......I have a solar filter and I'm enjoying being able to enjoy astronomy during the day and in warm temperatures! I have seen that projecting the image onto a screen can create a large image that more people can observe and in safety so that seems like a great idea. My question is, can the same method be used with the moon, after all the moon is extremely bright in the telescope. Do people ever project an image of the moon onto a screen? Or is it a completely stupid question? Cheers dave
  4. I have purchased a sheet of Baader solar film to make pair of solar filters for my Canon 15x50 IS binoculars. I had intended to modify some pop up objective lens caps, outer diameter 70mm, by making 2 circular cells with 50mm central openings, out of the film and stiff card, then gluing them to the inside of the lens caps which have a good 25mm of depth, so that the cap can still be closed and protect the film when not in use. That was my plan, However the film comes with instructions showing an overlap around the objective lenses which could be square or circular. Is it necessary to h
  5. I know fall back spring fwd, I just don't understand the term "Daylight Saving Time"! My Synscan init was correct anyhow, thanks!
  6. Yes cheers I will have to find that level and north option then. I did watch some youtube vids and they seemed to suggest that it wasn't critical. I know a lot of constellations but names of stars I am poor I'm afraid, very poor.
  7. Thanks. I can see the point of using stars rather than the moon or even planets to get an alignment! I just don't know the names of too many stars. I guess I'll have to get the laptop out to be sure I am looking at the right stars.
  8. Thank you, this raises the question (shows how little I know), I am levelling the ota, not the mount! Schoolboy error?
  9. I just mean that mounting bracket on the ota that's sort of wedge shaped and a single albeit large thumbscrew on the mount holds the ota in place. There was definitely a bit of give there. I use the handset because I couldn't get on with using the app on my phone but I use an app Synscan init to set up the scope. I'm never sure what daylight saving yes/no is supposed to mean. All I know is the clocks went back about a month ago!! Thanks.
  10. Since buying some Canon 15x50 IS, I haven't used my scope much, and I've shied away from the technical stuff, star alignment ets. as at first it just didn't seem to work very well. I took it out last night for another try. 127 mak on azgti wifi with hand controller. Set level and north, input co-ordinates etc. etc. It wasn't yet properly dark so did a daylight alignment using just the moon. Tracking worked great, which is the main reason i bought a motorised mount. GoTo was poor, asked it to slew to Jupiter and it placed the planet within the 10x50 finderscope but not in the 24mm hyperio
  11. thanks. the 15x50's arrived yesterday. for me, and its a personal think with binoculars, these things blow the 12x36 out of the water. My concerns were after reading on the web, the eyecups, the weight, the fov....nope...no issuee, I Iike these things they feel nice and comfortable, the fact you can press and release the IS button is a MASSIVE plus for me makes them so much easier and more comfortable to hold. Only caveat, the focus does seem to drift in and out with the is on but if you twiddle the focusser out then in again it seems to settle down....anyway.........these are amazing
  12. So, I may be talking to myself on here but another update on the Canon's. I went out walking on a hot day yesterday, and I took my Nikon Manarch 8x30 with me. I didn't fancy taking out the Canons as I like to travel light as possible and the Nikons hand from my belt strap in their soft pouch. That told me all I need to know about the Canons as a pair of all-round use bins. So if they are going to be just for Astronomy and very occasional use in the field, I may as well have gone for the 15x50, for the extra aperture. So I am returning them and exchanging them for some 15x50 is! I shall
  13. Finally a gap in the clouds on a day when I haven't got a 4am alarm call. Took a look at jupiter and saturn and a few milky way constellations (Cygnus, Cassiopea. It was not fully dark before the cloud blanket covered the whole sky but meanwhile: Beautiful pinpoint stars, lots of double stars and colours showing up well. The best views of starfields I've seen in binoculars. Jupiter showed a large disk, no bands visible, perhaps a bit too bright? 3 moons clearly shown, biggest surprise of all, Saturns rings showing quite clearly which I did not expect at 12x! Tiny yes but clearly showin
  14. Today, I took the both bins out, just birds and planes and rooftops, usual thing and did a proper side by side comparison, Nikon Monarch 7 8x30 vs Canon IS 12x36 and I changed my mind. the colour fringe is there in the nikons, it's just less noticeable, and everything else is less noticeable in the Nikons, the Canons in terms of resolving detail are a world better, and with the batteries replaced for Energiser ultimate lithiums the view seems almost like tripod mounted. What you can see observing a pigeon on a nearby rooftop well there is no comparison. You see the pypils of that bird like i
  15. Finally my Canons arrived, they have been so out of stock during this lockdown. It's thick cloud tonight but I've had a chance to play with them before dark and I'm slightly underwhelmed. I owned some of the original square chunky versions back in the day and was amazed by them but since then I have purchased some Nikon Monarch 7 8x30 bins and optically I think those are far better than these Canons for less than half the price, plus smaller, lighter and with a wider fov. The Canons are showing a lot of colour fringe around anything against a bright background, I'm used to better. The stab
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