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  1. I intend to purchase a solar filter for 127 Mak. Any recommendations? I have heard that some give a false orange colour to the disc, and others render a white image. To be honest I think I may finf an orange disc more easy on the eye! I have goto but I wouldn't be able to do a 2 star alignment during the daytime, I suppose it's tricky to get the disc in your fov, and how would the mount be able to track if not set up and aligned? At least I would know there's something to look at on most days, even if only for a short period, it gets hard waiting up for the clouds to clear night after night especially when they never do! Cheers Dave
  2. I forgot that! The final movement has to be up and right before hitting enter! I've had so few clear nights and I have to be up at 5am for work............not had a lot of practice.
  3. I have had a few problems with alignment! Perhaps this is the key...........
  4. This seems a silly question but telescopes come with scant instructions no matter how sophisticated or expensive! So, is it of any importance when mounting a mak on an azgti wifi, that the scope must be mounted on the left side of the mount (left as in the direction the scope is pointing, as you stand behind it), and does the mounting screw need to be at the top ? Every pic I have seen shows the ota mounted in this way and I've only just realised it. will this have an effect on the goto accuracy? I feel a bit silly asking but I'm sure one or two of you will have the answer. Thanks Dave
  5. Thanks. So the BBHSis noticeably better than those prisms? I should go with that thank you. Like you say it's a one off payment and you get a lifetimes use. Also, I can sell a few bits I don't really need anymore.....put that towards it.....
  6. I do have AZ GTI WIFI, I have only tried it a few times and found it not to be very accurate. I'm not very good with the finder and have added a telrad, I think that will help with me setting it all up. I would be prepared to buy a 1.25" Baader BBHS if the total came to £250 or so, all I can seem to find is the 4" and the 1.25" non zeiss or tax prism. Is the BBHS worth the extra? I'd stretch to it if you think it's a lot better. Thanks
  7. That's interesting but the BBHS costs more than my OTA! Quite a lot more. I'm not sure I want to spend £400 on a diagonal. Would a Baader T2 (not zeiss) be an improvement over the stock mirror diagonal that came with my scope? (skymax 127). I might even stretch to the zeiss at about £250 if that makes a lot of difference....I think £400 is just not on really.....
  8. I have owned both these scopes and I sold the 100ed. I won't be selling the mak. I'm no expert and I'm only an occasional, casual observer, and I liked the views in the ed but for some reason I prefer the views in the mak, it seems to pull in more light somehow, and get more pinpoint stars, it's a lot more manageable, takes up no space and I like the simplicity of alt-az/goto! For someone like me, with poor skies, and I've owned dobs from 150-300mm as well, the mak is the perfect compromise. It would be very easy to take it out somewhere really dark as well it packs away so small.
  9. I have heard about the spikes. I think I'm confusing myself! I'm not having spikes! erect image prisms are just for terrestrial? I'll have to be careful choosing.
  10. I really like a telrad zero magnification finder! Once I'm looking through an optical finderscope, I get lost in all the stars, I find I have no idea what I'm looking at! I like to use telrad/red dot/rigel, then widest tfov eyepiece I have, tolocate an object! It's horses for courses I suppose!
  11. Oh! Thanks for that, I assumed a prism produces a correct image?
  12. This is all good news. I had always thought that there was a big trade off in image quality if you wanted an erect image. I shall make the Baader my next purchase
  13. I have always believed that a mirror diagonal, especially a dielectric one, produces a brighter and sharper image than a prism. I've never tested it out it's just something I read a long time ago and have always taken as fact. Lately I have been reading that, on long focal length scopes, a prism will give noticeably better images, brighter, more contrast, no false colour etc. as well as the nice advantage of producing an erected image. I have a 127 starmax and I want to upgrade the diagonal. What's the best way to go? I have a telrad because I find upside down back to front images in the finder just annoying and I think a combination of telrad + prism diagonal would suit me so well. Having said that, my scope is goto so it shouldn't really be an issue, I just haven't quite got the goto to go to anything very well yet! I like to keep things simple. I was looking at a baader t2 90 deg prism. Any thoughts or experienced user observations would be excellent thanks folks. regards Dave
  14. I've confused myself. My Speers is a 13.4mm, hyperion is 24mm.. I bought they hyperion for maximum fov, to use as a finder/general low-ish power ep. It is going to prove to be a far more useful ep. My Nirvahas came in boxes marked "Helios" but it's all GSO is it not?
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