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  1. So you have not found a problem with focus drifting in and out when using the 12x36 for astronomy? A lot of people on here have referred to it and I found it to be a major issue in mine, although they were incredible in daytime use! Perhaps it is a qc thing. They are available at a great price now and I'm hugely tempted. I can't even hand hold my nikon monarch 7 8 x 30 steady enough for astronomy use. (I didn't want to start a new thread so I used the search function on here I don't know if that's the better way or if I should always start a new thread?) Cheers dave
  2. I agree about the 10x30. They get fabulous reviews but mine were quickly sold as images were lacking in brightness and contrast and I saw a blueish cast in daytime viewing. 12x36 were a massive improvement in daytime but IS wasn't great at night and seemed to fade in and out annoyingly but that is going back to the days of the original model 12x36 that were a ompletely different design. I am now seriously considering buying the mk3 12x36. The price of the 10x42 is a shame. Just too much to pay no matter how great they do sound.
  3. Not in the UK they don't. That's a very unusual type of cable.
  4. Cheers everybody I am up and running installing the upgrade now. The controller should have come with one of these cables! It cost enough and these things are quite unusual...... They ship out some complicated kit with no instructions whatsoever!!
  5. Thanks. I think my old flatbed scanner might use one of those type ports...if I can dig it out....
  6. Hi guys. I have the azgti wifi but purchased a hand controller because I get tired of fiddling with my cell phone. I notice the handset (brand new V5) has out dated firmware (04.30.04) and I have searched for instructions on how to update this. I keep finding instructions that refer to very unusual connections and cables and adapters. (All of them refer to a power cable which this controller doesn't have for a start). I can only assume (hope) that I am looking at out of date instructions and this version of handset does not require the additional weird connections. Please can anyone point me to some up to date instructions so that I can get the best out of the hand controller. Thank you everybody. Should I also be updating the azgti wifi mount firmware as well? Dare I even attempt such a thing? Clear skies all. Dave
  7. Thank you. 2 x 16.8mm super abbe ordered today. If I like and I'm sure I will, I'll order the 24mm. I'll then have to sell a 17mm Nirvanah and a 25mm starguider which will be surplus to requirements
  8. I have the 127mak with the azgti wifi. I'm not very technical minded, but that's why I chose this option. Tracking is very nice to have but I get no accuracy from the goto feature it doesn't even get close to target so that's a massive disappointment for me. It may be a lot more to do with incompetence on my part than the ability of the mount mind you. I hope that helps? Dave
  9. That looks very interesting! They don't seem to do the 24mm any longer though and that'd have been my 1st choice! thanks
  10. Hi guys I have a 127 mak. I recently aquired a WO Binoviewer. I now have 2x 16mm Nirvana ep's which gives me the impression of a very wide field and high power view. So the moon almost fills the fov, meaning I get half a degree fov which in an 82deg ep = effectively about x155 (without barlow). This means the 16mm is performing more like a 10mm ep. The image though is a little bit soft I might add. Now, I have a 24mm 68deg Hyperion and that seems to give a sharper brighter image and still a comfortable ep with good fov. So my dilemma: I was going to purchase 2x 25mm bst starguider eps to get a lower power view but I already have the hyperion. I can buy another hyperion or the 2 starguiders for the same sort of money. My issue with the hyperion is the weight! (I'm using an azgti wifi). I can't determine the weight of the starguiders, I have looked online and seen vastly different weights quoted for them! Basically, I could have just asked does anyone have a 25mm bst and if so please what is the weight of the ep? Any other thoughts welcome. I almost forgot, they binoviewer seems to feature individual focussing holders but as far as I can tell, they do nothing? Cheers Dave
  11. I have a lot of light pollution and I have owned a 6", 8" and 10" dobsonian. Quite honestly even bright nebula like M42, M57, M13, M31, M27 are my staples if I'm looking for DSO's, and it may just be me, but I couldn't see any great difference between the *2 and the 12 inch, the extra aperture seemed to pull in more light pollution somehow, I liked the 6" and 8" dobs better! I know that sounds mad but it's a personal thing at the end of the day. There's hardly any difference in portability between the 6" and 8" and the 8" is a faster scope but you would see the benefit of that extra aperture. As you go bigger, you really want dark skies and therefore you want something portable you can take out somewhere properly dark. Everything in the hobby is a compromise There, I've been no help at all. I now have a 127 Mak because I wanted goto and tracking. I love the tracking but the goto is rubbish, it never finds the target, not by a long way. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your scope Dave.
  12. OMG you make that sound really bad! I haven't been able to test it out on the night sky I was just testing the ability to focus in the daytime. I had a look through a 32mm plossl and I thought the Nirvanah was 100% nicer.....
  13. I put one of my Nirvanah 16mm ep's into the binoviewer, just to test if I can get focus without the barlow and very easily can, not just focus but a very comfortable amount of eye relief and a really pleasing wide fov, which will be more pleasing when I've got a 2nd Nirvanah and I can use both eyes. I am certainly going to purchase a 2nd Nirvanah. The barrel of the ep is long and seems to sit a bit proud of the holder but it doesn't seem to be an issue. I am wondering what the effective focal length/power is that I am working with? The 127mak is 1500ml and I use a tak prism diagonal and I think the 16mm ep sits about 5mm or so proud of the holder. Overall though so far, very exciting. I will post back after I try it out properly with two eyes. Clear skies Dave.
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