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  1. I have a 700D and 450D, 700D has a flip screen and is more modern also better specifications, good for daytime too, I would suggest 700D.
  2. Not the most optimal target for shooting at 135mm but there are not many targets for 135mm anyways, this is an hour of data at F2.8. This image was taken when I didn't take flats so I had to make a synthetic flat in photoshop and salvage it, I still think it's pretty nice. Mount used was star adventurer. The Rokinon 135mm F2 is a really powerful lens, even for daytime.
  3. Hmm, so I don't need to buy anything at all?
  4. Looking to modify it, but not sure what UV/IR cut filter should I get, there are people saying you can just get one on eBay for like 10 USD, what has been your experience? If you modded it which one did you get?
  5. I've looked but none of these answer the question on how to attach 9x50 to a DSLR's l bracket. I have no issue attaching ZWO cam to the scope.
  6. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/skywatcher-9x50-finderscope.html Has anyone used this as a guidescope? I've connected ASI120MM mini with an adapter, focusing works well, but I am not sure as to how to attach this to my DSLR.
  7. Hey guys, how did you attach a guidescope to your DSLR or this lens directly? I'm thinking of getting an L bracket.
  8. I've been using nova.astrometry.net to blind plate solve my images, this does help a lot when finding targets that you really can't see easily, but this can take 3-5mins sometimes so it is annoying. Does anyone know a local blind plate solver that does the job well? I've tried ASTAP but it does not seem to be accurate and does not seem to have annotations for DSO.
  9. I find finding faint targets pretty tough, last night I was searching for M3 and ended up accidentally stumbling upon M51. How do you find? People talk about plate solving but nova.astrometry takes a few times, ASTAP not working very well.
  10. I don't think that such device is extremely technologically advanced so it's probably not good to be true, but as always it's better to wait for reviews.
  11. Compass I believe gives you coordinates, latitude & longitude, you can also set your compass to true north for more accurate polar alignment.
  12. I agree, I have the 200P with EQ5 but it is at it's limit, for astrophotography it's not really viable, my biggest mistake was getting the EQ5, should have gotten an HEQ5 but that's what I'm upgrading to soon.
  13. What are my upgrade options? I was looking at HEQ5 Pro or EQ6-R pro.
  14. Seems this time I polar aligned somewhat successfully, I went to a more open field where Polaris isn't as obstructed, did 15s exposure on Orion Nebula and no trails, I even compared no tracking and tracking and the difference is great, so it seems to work. Doing 30s seems to start star trailing so I assume its not very well polar aligned, but it seems to be rough polar alignment, not perfect but I'm very happy for now.
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