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  1. I understand thtatbecause of global supply issues there are now shortages of most eyepices in the market. so yes the prices are going to go up[ .
  2. You probably need to find out what generation filter it is as Lumicon have been very up and down in terms of quality over the last few years.. Also note it is a 2"
  3. note this star party is now managed by Kelling themselves so I guess that is where information will be. Most people I suspect will have been rolled over twice now.
  4. I think it may depend on what information you are looking for. As noted already the Autumn star party is run by Loughton AS. The running of the Spring one is now being taken over by Kelling themselves. It is also true that the campsite is almost certainly fully booked for the Autumn star party so just turning up in hope may not work. I understand that most of the campsites in that area are pretty much fully booked through the end of November. As for the star party the main changes this year is that there will be no talks due to Covid issues. The vendor row will be there on the main Saturday as usual. I don't believe FLO ever go to shows and this one would be too far for them anyway. I believe the raffle will take place. I am not sure if the telecope tour will be taking place either due to Covid. The other changes may well be that people will be unlikely to allow viewing through their scopes, again due to Covid precautions. People will be able to visit during the day by parking in the parking lot and looking around.. As for the weather moving the star aprty to October to allow Kelling to make the most of the Forties weekend in September may well mean that the chances of decent weather will disappear. I do wonder for the future of the star party thanks to this move. remeber the Autumn star party is one of the largets in the world with maybe 700 people there and people tend to cluster in their own groups.
  5. Just be aware that Sky Publishing are very parochial and unless the AAS can sort out the international vendors that WB used to have it may be expensive and difficult to get them directly from the US. I see that they are talking end of October before the US side is sorted so hopefully FLO and others can get the distribution over here sorted as well in time for Christmas
  6. I assume the closeness together of the telescopes is to protect from marauding Welsh Sheep
  7. Unfortunately clashes with Kelling star party and I will be there.
  8. Well if you are interested in visual observing it might be worth giving the Webb Society a look. That is still primarily viusal observing, although we do not rule out other options. It isinteresting that we see a lot of large Dob's at star aprties but don't often see what they are looking at, and what they do outside star parties, and by large here I mean 18" and up. I know there are self contained groups like the Dob Mob who don't really seem to communicate outside their close circle.
  9. If you are really into that kind of stuff I recommend you look at the AstroGrav software.
  10. Haw Wood campsite in Suffolk
  11. Anybody tried this software https://www.starhopmaker.com/ and if so what do they think of it.? I know it is not for imagers so probably not on this forum.
  12. Astronomy is a US magazine like Sky and telescope, albeit at a lower level but still not as far down as Sky at Night magazine.
  13. You might also look at this https://www.springer.com/gp/book/97830304769 However like most Springer books in this series it is likely to be a vanity project and poor..
  14. You could try Burnhams Celestial Handbook, Allens Star names, Ian RidPaths Star Tales and many more for what you are looking for. There is also Olcott's Star Lore. And mnay others. Owen
  15. Also try this Mike http://faintfuzzies.com/Files/RingGalaxies v4.pdf Owen
  16. If you have not already found it this is a good guide http://www.faintfuzzies.com/Files/AbellGalaxyClusters v1.pdf
  17. I suspect with the star party cancelled the lights from toilet blocks etc. will not be blocked out and you will be hit by uncontrolled lighting from normal campers. We have had this issue when people stay outisde the normal dates and it can get fractious.
  18. Unfortunately with the goverment options on opening campsites Kelling April star party for 2021 has been canceleld. You should hear from Kelling if you had booked about your options. This pretty much closes out the Spring Star party season, at least in observing terms for the UK I think. We can only hope for better in the Autumn.
  19. I spoke with Mike about these. NeVe6 is an HII region not a PN. J900 may not be well known in some circles but it has been well known amongst visual PN observers for a long time. It even made the Webb Soc Deep SKy Observers Handbook Vol 2 in 1978, along with J320 in Orion. It seems a shame that so much literature is ignored just because it is not on the internet now. People need to look back at older references..
  20. no point in trying with an OIII filter Martin as there is practically no OIII emission. The only filter that might help would be an H-ALpha one. Owen
  21. Mike not sure if you saw this, or indeed if it is the source for your information http://www.deepskyforum.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=3495&d=1556044862 It is Jimi Lowrey's list. Owen
  22. Hi Martin there was this transform V := G + 0.01760 + 0.006860 * (BPg−RPg) + 0.1732 * (BPg−RPg)^2 to get from GAIA G to approx V for GAIA DR2. I don't know if it still applies to GAIA EDR3. However obvioulsy magnitude estimates that faint are going to have realtively large error bars and I spspect that ga;laxy magnitude estimates at that level should be treated as aprriximate only. Owen
  23. Martin I have the physical Neckel and Vehrenberg Atlas and it is a 3 ring 3 folder printing. It was also scanned and digitised and sold as a DVD. I know I have a copy in the Webb sales boxes but I would need to check the original source. to see if it is still available there. The orginal source was http://www.stellarum.de/ Owen
  24. Well since the RAS has been doing this since its beginning I am not sure why the AAS is trying to extend its tentackles over here. The BAA has also been working closely with professionals for the majority of its existence.
  25. The accomadation at AstroAdventures is fairly basic but cozy. They have some telescopes for guest use including a 50cm dobsonian and an imaging setup. There is alos Eddington Lodge neraby whihc I think has a much more glamping style of lodge. They also have quite large telescopes to use but I have not been there.
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