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  1. Hi everyone, Stupid question alert! Could you please advise the following: If I purchased the SW EQ5 Deluxe mount (without GoTo) in the below link, would I be able to upgrade it at a later date to a GoTo mount using the kit in the second link? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-eq5-deluxe.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/synscan-pro-goto-version-3-upgrade-kit-for-eq5.html Furthermore, how hard is the upgrade, and will the upgrade essentially make that particular mount the same as the EQ5 GoTo package as sold on FLO? Thanks! Maho
  2. Thanks for the tips everyone. So I've scrapped the laser collimation route and did a collimation cap, which I think works better. My issue seems to be that when I look through the collimation cap, I only see only a portion of the mirror rather than the whole mirror. I do use the alligning screws on the back of the scope but it doesnt show the whole primary mirror. Is this normal? I've attacked pics I took through the hole of the collimation cap.
  3. Hi all Not wanting to hijack someone elses post regarding their collimation issues with their 200P, I have an issue with my telescope. I'm a complete newbie and have only received my first scope this week. When I put the laser collimator in, the red laser dot on the primary mirror is off by quite a bit from the middle circle. When I try to adjust the primary mirror with the knobs at the back of the scope, the red dot barely moves an inch, of at all. Does this mean I have issues with my secondary mirror? The spider is very stiff, and the screw in the middle wont budge at all, and I dont want to push too hard incase I damage it. I will be getting allen keys tomorrow if the issue is with my secondary. I have attached pics for reference and the target on the collimator (which is blurry). Any advice would be most helpful. many thanks Maho
  4. Just received my first scope, a SW 130 PDS. Very well packaged. Thank you FLO! edit - might as well post a picture!
  5. Just ordered my 130 PDS (first scope)and I cant wait!! Really excited. Any idea where I can get a t ring for Olympus EM10 m2 t ring?
  6. Maho

    Greetings from London

    Thank you all for the responses. Having read further and reduced my budget somewhat I have decided to go for the following: SW 130PDS reflector EQ3 Pro GoTo Reason for the change is primarily cost. However due to Covid, with a big delay in supply of the mount and scope, I have decided to get a decent pair of bins to look up at the night sky through the comfort of my garden. As I live in London, I will be making trips to dark sky spots as and when I get the chance. The reason for the GoTo is to give me options of astro imaging DSO once I'm ready and to also make it easier for visual due to my location if I'm observing from London. Clear skies! Maho
  7. Hi SGL Wondering if anyone has used these bins before to look at the night sky, and if so, what are your thoughts and impressions? https://www.opticalhardware.co.uk/product/visionary-hd-10x50/
  8. I'm going to be getting the SW 130P-DS reflector myself. Called around today but everywhere seems to be sold out It will go on a SW EQ3 Pro GoTo mount.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I didnt realise the focuser on the Bresser 130/650 differed from the 150/750 one. If you had to gauge the quality of the basic focuser on the Bresser 130 and the SW 130PDS, how would you rate them? Also, the build quality of the tube, any difference there?
  10. Hi toshapetriji I would like to look at mainly DSO and later on try to photograph them. In terms of the set up, instead of the 130PDS, I have opted for the Bresser Messier NT130/650 as from what I've read online it has a better focusser and is of a sturdier build. On paper they look the same with both using parabolic mirrors. Do the tripod legs increase in anyway the payload capacity?
  11. Maho

    Greetings from London

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  12. Hi everyone, This is only my second post here on SGL and all I've done for the past month or two spend time here reading reviews, and watching YouTube tutorials. I dont have my scope or mount yet, and I've been toing and froing on what to get at a price I can afford. I would eventually like to take images. So far, what I have decided on is: SW 130PDS which is £176 for the OTA EQ3 -2 Deluxe mount £179 and then eventually get a used SW 3/8" steel tripod (£50?) as I've heard the aluminium legs can be quite weak. All of the above should be a little over £400. OTA and mount prices directly from FLO. My question is, is this a good set up? or am I doing everything wrong? Will the EQ-2 Deluxe mount fit onto the steel tripod? What other alternative mounts can I get? Unfortunately on a bit of a budget. Edit - Would a iOptron SmartEQ Pro+ GoTo Equatorial mount be suitable for the SW130pds? It has a go-to which is a bit more pricey but might save some money in the long run. Many thanks Maho
  13. Hi everyone, Long time lurker here. I'm new to astronomy, something I've always been interested in as a child but never really had the chance participate until now. I live in North London, which according to Clear Outside app, is a Class 8 site . I have been reading up on reviews, watching YouTube reviews on types of telescopes and I dont think I've ever been more confused and intimidated about a purchase I've made before as the options are so many. I havent got my telescope or mount yet, though I do have a camera. I like the look of the SW ED80, but it looks like it's out of stock everywhere, so looking for alternatives which will be good for visual and in the future for astrophotography. I'm umming and ahhing about whether I should get a GoTo mount or a non motorised one as the non-motorised might force me to learn the technicals of observing the night sky. Any and all advice appreciated. Anyway, good to meet you all! Maho
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