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  1. thank you, not bad for a first time visit in the dark. i think without the moon it would have been even better as it caused a bit a gradient. One for the note book i think for next year
  2. Headed out after work last night in chance of capturing the arch for the last time before summer nights really take a grip. I had a idea of a location and it worked out better than planned. theres a slight glow to the north ( left of the image) as the auroa kicked off at 1:30am sadly the mountain was in my way but i like the purple hue's. Sony a7rii Tokina F2 FIRIN lens 21x12" iso 6400
  3. full milkyway arch pano shot last night with REFLECTIONS !!!!

    1. johnfosteruk


      Looking forward to seeing that mate :)


  4. Thanks Dave, it was a great evening. Know I the location I'm really looking forward to August September
  5. come with me next time, i'll show you the dark corners of Wales
  6. I was in wales 4/5/19 for some clear sky action, this was a composition i was thinking of but a campsite had their toilet block lights on. F2.8 30Secs SonyA7RII Tokina 20mm
  7. This is the 2nd shot from my recent trip to the dark sky location . approx 51 images stacked @ 20secs a mix of ISO 3200,6500 & 10000 Sonya7RII Tokina F2 20mm Firin Lens Milkyway by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  8. Saw the forecast and had to head out, i rang a friend of mine who is also in to shooting WF astro and i had been telling him about this place for the past 12 months. I have never been to this spot but ive been to the area plenty of times. As we where taking a break from shooting star trails Snowdonia dark sky reserve turned up. got chatting to them and they confirmed that this spot is the darkest place in wales ? just working through some images but the sky was incredible last night. Image details : SONYA7RII Tokina FIRIN 20mm F2 30X180" ISO 800 Stacked in PS The Lookout by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  9. I'm looking to lighten my gear so i have a 8AH Tracer battery power pack bought from FLO around 18 months ago. Has its original box and soft pouch. It's hardly seen much use at all currently £125 on FLO's website im looking for £70 +post
  10. I've not done any serious WF work for a while so i went back to this and done a re edit. Now i know my way around PS alot more i would love to get back into this type of WF. going to be looking for a rig again soon
  11. yeah Dave just like Penmon cafe ? i wish other people would realize this in stead of trying to light paint the bloody thing
  12. No Dave this is sharper than the BATIS. This is the AF version but i really wanted the MF but no where had them in stock and i really wanted one. i got this one at a good price though £600. The light on the front of the LH is ambient light from the caravan site just behind the beach. no additional light was added.
  13. Thanks Jeremy next time will be with my new 20mm F2 Tokina I love it there Andy and the kids do too. i must visit 3-5 times a month.
  14. A quick trip after work on Thursday to Talacre North Wale to do a reccy more than anything. While i was there i set up the camera and let if running for a bit. 20 x 2.5 mins ISO 500 F6.3 Sony A7RII ZEISS 24-70mm Talacre Trails by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  15. enjoy, it was nice meeting you today short but sweet.
  16. brand new never used, feels great in hand and is quite weighty. 30kg payload ! ive decided to go for a geared head. currently £90 i'm asking £60 posted. Danny
  17. Bought new in July from WEX, its seen quite a bit of use but its still in full working order. All the power locks work as they should but show signs of use and some signs of sea water residue currently £269 from WEX im asking £140 +post ive just ordered a bigger tripod hence sale. Any questions just ask. Danny
  18. sorry guys im going to have to pull out, its a long drive for the weather thats forecast so im heading North to where there are clear sky's foretasted and maybe some aurora . wish you all well and hopefully next time i can be there.
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