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  1. Bit of a late one but if anyone is in the CW9 6AU area Celestron have a stand with some goodies
  2. Thanks Ron im slowly fine tuning my setup, the next step is gather a few hours worth of data this good on this composition. just need that holy grail night now
  3. aye they are pretty good lol. this is still the A7RII dont feel the need to upgrade either. you can get them at a good price 2nd hand now
  4. Those in the north with clear skys you're in for a treat!!!


  5. The Sony's are wonderful to use, i shot canon for a few years and moved to Sony after the lack of features from canon. albeit 42.4MP on a FF sensor is overkill it works really well for my daytime landscape work and its a cracking astro camera.
  6. I shot it wide open to see what aberrations it had. You can clearly see it has a vignette but that might of been the lens hood. But still very impressive. I wish I had more time to use it. However I have access to it anytime so next time I fancy stopping it down and doing a full night with it.
  7. I used the skywatcher mount.its a great mount very useful.
  8. not bad wide open like. i rekon stopped down to F2.2 and tracked this lens would be a belter. wish i had captured more data
  9. Ultra wide tracked and stacked 4x4 min ISO 1250 sony A7RII
  10. Last night i had front row seats to the best show in town. North Wales has some of the darkest skies in the UK. hence why i spend alot of time in the area. There was meant to be a chance of the first decent auroa of the season but it never really came, so i focused on some other aspects of the night sky. I had a Sigma Imaging UK 14mm F1.8 on loan for the evening and i was eager to see what this lens could do after hearing great things about it. Nothing could of prepared me for the back of screen moment after the first exposure. What a beautifully crafted lens. Shot wide open at F1.8 ISO 1250 4X4MIN
  11. Yea that looks the dog's dangle berries! I may have a 135mm f2 sammy coming next week !!!
  12. interesting title but im hungry and felt applicable Shot this bank holiday weekend, nice way to ease back into DSO work 2.5 hrs of the North American Nebula
  13. interesting title but im hungry and felt applicable 2.5 hrs of the North American Nebula
  14. Just a bit of variety Dave, i have some Nightscapes planned when the king returns to skies
  15. ah right ok, was going to say you did well ! lol glad i could help. we will ahve to get together again Andy for a session. a pleasure meeting you.
  16. Are you you using a tripod collar on you're 70-200? I'll be adding a vixen clamp my self just for some more stability. I'm not a fan of manfrotto products I think they are over rated I've brokenteo of their tripods and that head you use has failed on me. I found using a heavyweight tripod makes a big difference to my exposure length and an accurate polar alignment. Is you're camera a crop sensor as it will give you 1.6x crop factor vs a full frame sensor and could be the difference between out set ups so you're trailing would be slightly more exaggerated
  17. This is how I run mine. No issues really and I'm getting 300 secs Just for scale this is my tripod no broken backs for PA for me!!
  18. That came out well Andy!!! Hope you have sent it to cambrian Photography for the comp
  19. im currently getting back into a bit of WF deep sky stuff. basic rig for now but the idea is to be able to capture data at home as well as from the datk sky's of Anglesey. im looking for a LP filter but im struggling. the only one i can find is the IDAS 67mm that will screw onto the the end of my lens. this is ok but its very expensive. im just wondering if there are clip in filters for Sony mirrorless cameras yet?? it's been a while since ive shopped around for anything imaging wise. Cheers Dan
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