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  1. Daz you have to do it. For all of us that have not, cannot or would love the idea. Put your build on here, I would like to see it as next year I have plans for a chicken house obsy. ROR Obsy that looks like a chicken house with out door run that is actually the structure the roof rolls onto. Never know I might get some hens just to make it look authentic. Marv
  2. After two months of hideous, the weather gods tempted me.... Woke this morning to clear skies and sun, went back to bed, must be dreaming. But no. Clear all day. Mountains crystal clear in the distance, perfect clarity. 5pm sun goes down clouds roll in and nothing! Last decent night October 9th!!!! I am 1000 k south of the vast majority of this forum and it seems to make no difference. M
  3. Sorry to say I will be in central London for the Ursids, what a shame. Will be visiting the meteorite room at the natural history museum. Got to say, not just a great picture because of the streak, but a great wide field milky way. Any info on exposure duration ISO etc ? Marv
  4. Did you manage to find those pics? It’s imbedded in my memory, but you know how it is, you sometimes think ‘did I really see that” M
  5. I have taken notice of your determination over the past months, possibly year. I am in awe of your dedication. Sometimes, look up for meteors and wonder if I am the only one, right there, right at that time. Then I find myself saying out loud, “maw lod qan”. If it wasn’t for the time difference we could be looking at the same thing. The skies cleared (shock) last night at 1am. Saw an amazing meteor, burning orange from east to west and a further four small streaks in the minutes that followed. I am going to say that I am a witness to the Geminids. Keep it up everyone. Absolute meteor nut right here. Beulah. Great photo, sums up all the effort well done. Marv
  6. I am a little confused by your post as you seem to be coming from the opposite direction of most people who ask this question. If you have already been imaging using your scope and creating photos then I have to assume you have a working knowledge of the night sky. Imaging is a challenging and technical subject. As for visual, I would say remove any flatterers or photo related gear, pop in a wide field eye piece and look through it with your eye. As you already have knowledge of the night sky you should be able to see star clusters, plan nebs, galaxies but probably not that much of the pure nebulas. Marvin
  7. We always go with westerly, warmish but wet. Northerly, cold but very clear with gales. Easterly, freezing, stay indoors, don’t even think about it. Southerly, never in winter. It is a full westerly blow. Heavy down pours every few hours. Ambient temp 4deg C then a summer thunder storm turns up! How? All over in two minutes. Try operating an obsy in that, none of it is in the forecast.
  8. I know we complain about the weather (a lot) but I thought I would stick my head out the door despite the ongoing crap weather to be confronted by a flash of lightning and huge rumble of thunder. It is three deg C above and raining! And now a thunder storm?????? Been here 17 years and this is new to me. Marv
  9. That’s Mr Gates hit squad raining on your parade. They got to you first, I am a bit farther away. If you hear nothing in forty minutes you know I have gone to bed.... or fear the worst. Marv
  10. Wise decision. Last words spoken after bills hit squad kick down my door.
  11. I have found the best way is to take it out into the garden and leave it in the rain. If it survives the last two months weather then I can chop it in half with an axe. Doesn’t work properly anyhow and I have lost several days of my life to Microsoft updates. You are aware you don’t get this time back in the form of a refund (time). Marv
  12. JOC. I get your message entirely, well said. Perhaps I was too strong in my opinions and voicing them. If so my apologies. In a more measured way I was trying to say that the challenges can sometimes seem like an arms race. And if an SGL’r doesn’t have a bunch of post processing software and the knowledge to use it, it can seem pointless to enter the challenges. After reading my post I want to apologise to Grant. You seem to have enough on your plate without someone (me) deciding on a unilateral boycott. I have looked through the mirror the other way and decided to enter any future challenge if I can meet the criteria. It was pointed out to me that perhaps that is how the winners got their mugs. Yeh.... my wife was right. “Stop moaning and do something about it” M
  13. Ahh nice one, they go by far worse language in my house. Heavens know why, they keep the monsters from our doors. Might be a legacy of family stories, due to the fact that my grandfather may have worked for the Richardson’s. Could just be a healthy distrust of authority. Got to keep free thinking alive. Can you imagine what Galileo must have lived through? Let alone Copernicus?
  14. Thank you if you could that would be great. I did think about running back to the house and grabbing the tripod and DSLR but the clouds were moving quick so I knew it was just that moment in time. like a night time circular rainbow round the moon, a first for me, but I have only been at this two years so I thought I would ask the question.
  15. Just working out who is who. Who is plod? Unless I am missing something they are are not part of this thread. I assume that Paul is Paul M, but I am still confused.
  16. Good stuff, I hope you see a few in your lunch break. As for the question? Perhaps but the chances are that the moon and exposure rates for lunar photography just wouldn’t pick it up. Bit like trying to photograph Mercury, much better in transit or by orbiter, I would imagine it is possible with a sizeable bolide, but when does that come along and crossing the moon!!! not to mention at night in the northern hemisphere. perhaps it should be one of the SGL challenges. Could run longer than time itself. Marv
  17. If the skies are clear you can count me in. I will stand in the freezing cold for a meteor shower no matter what. Sort of an unofficial club for night sky lunatics that don’t even need scopes. Could get you arrested for loitering in some places. Try using astronomy as your defence in court and see how far it gets you. Those binoculars will add five to your sentence. M
  18. As a leveller the persons own back yard might Snowdonia and yours inner London, hardly a level playing field. I know there is no such thing, but I feel that software for the beginner is exclusive not inclusive.
  19. As it is caused by the moon I thought I would post it here. Heavy winds and heavy rain here yesterday which cleared to blue skies and horse tails into the night. Didn’t get the scope out due to the full moon, but took the dogs Marvin jr and Lexy up the lane for a walk. A huge high piece of horse tail crossed the moon, very thin but like a work of art. The moon very bright had a halo five moon diameters in circumference, and a further four moon diameters of the bands of the colour spectrum. I realise this is a circular version of a rainbow caused by second hand light reflecting off the moon back through the ice crystals of the horse tail. What surprised me, other than how beautiful it was, was I that I think it is the first time I have seen this phenomenon. Does anyone out there have a name for this as it stopped me in my tracks. Marv
  20. I like the idea of the one above. How about adding an extra dimension. Just what you captured! No stacking or computers allowed. Just the single original image. Might be a leveller for us, might not be spectacular, but those of us without a server in the basement might actually want to enter future challenges. I entered my first shortly after joining SGL (Lunar terminator ep pic) and quickly realised that the challenges were purely photographic and I had neither the kit nor the photoshop know how, let alone the program to get even close. Sorry Grant, but I will not enter another as I know I am under gunned as at present I am a visual astronomer and I have seen what it takes to get a mug. They all deserved them by the way, terrific entries. Marv
  21. Yes I did get it added after the kind help of Jamesf. It was some time ago and worked first time. Perhaps one of those dreaded Microsoft updates has added a gremlin into the works.
  22. Any idea how you attach the brass DSLR? Let alone how you connect up the bronze laptop. Must have weighed a ton. Does rather put things into perspective though. In 1923 how many people had electric? But I am guessing that if you had 21k for a telescope you had shares in Westinghouse. Strange irony that the person with the scope probably had all the lights on to show off to neighbours, so there starts urban light pollution at the hands of an astronomer. M
  23. Yeh, lead balloon that crashed into the Pyrenees due to bad weather that goes on for ever, except in Spain it seems. Only joking, it’s just that I am quite close but have UK weather which is a long version of “I am envious”. Marv
  24. John, done us proud right there. Can’t stop comparing this picture with the over head from Johnturley. Never noticed the deformation in the right crater wall. Enlarged the overhead image to see the crater nearest to the close end of the wall. Doesn’t really show up on the overhead. Next opportunity I have a mission to try and see that magma rille to the right of the central crater in this shot. Can’t imagine what it looked like to the naked eye. Marvin
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