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  1. Out of curiosity I messaged ZWO last night regarding this... To which they replied a short but sweet: So it looks like the mono IMX571 is up for grabs and QHY didn't get some exclusive deal from Sony... No further info at this stage but perhaps we will see the ASI2600MM Pro before the year is out. Good new all round!
  2. Presumably ZWO will follow up with a mono version of the ASI2600, which is the chip being used in the QHY268
  3. Considering the naming of the ASI 2600 it almost seems like ZWO knew that this sensor would become the 'successor' to the ASI 1600. It will definitely be on my wishlist and I'll be keeping a close eye on it when it finally arrives!
  4. Fantastic news! And just what our community has been waiting for Launch in October 2020... Not too far away at all! How do you find the ASI 2600MC @Allinthehead? Would you imagine that a mono version of the same sensor would give good results? Presumably there are no microlensing artefacts or other issues with the colour version? I had a play with your M42 data from that camera and it was a joy to work with! Cheers
  5. This item has now sold. Thanks for all those who displayed interest. Cheers
  6. Hi Mark, I've just had a look at mine and the rotating eyepiece is quite stiff / damped and holds it's position okay. If yours is new I'd consider getting in touch with the retailer for a replacement polar scope. Otherwise a piece of tape could potentially hold the eyepiece in place and prevent it from rotating? I've not heard of anyone having this issue before. Cheers
  7. I own a SkyGuider Pro and have had no issues with the internal polar scope. Have you tried removing the polar scope and tightening the various points on it? If it is the same polar scope (which it appears to be) as the SkyTracker pro then it is quite adjustable with a locking ring etc. Cheers
  8. Everything included is in the photos, so no counterweight kit I'm afraid. Based on a couple of different couriers, it appears postage to mainland Spain would cost ~£10. Cheers
  9. Hi, I would be happy to post to Spain if you covered the costs of doing so, yes! I would need to do some research on the best way to do this though so I'm not sure how much it would cost. Cheers
  10. No offers received yet so happy to let this go for £180 posted to UK mainland! As always, any questions please ask Cheers
  11. Martin Pugh, rather generously, recently released some data of NGC253 to the public as a way to show what the setups he manages are capable of. The data can be downloaded by anyone wishing to have a play here: http://www.mrpugh55.cba-sierras.com/NGC253HaLRGB.zip The setup used for this shot is a Planewave 17" CDK f6.8 on a Paramount ME, located in Chile. Camera is an SBIG STXL11002 with AOX, and Astrodon LRGB Gen II, 3nm Ha. This is 1 Hour of Lum and RGB each in 20 min subs, and 90 mins of Ha in 30 min subs. For this short integration time it is truly fantastic data. I would be very interested to see how others end up processing it should you get the chance. This is my first attempt at processing it, a couple of hours worth and I think there are still some improvements to be made; if anyone has any constructive criticism I would greatly appreciate it! Cheers
  12. I had a play with some ASI 2600MC data that was kindly uploaded by @Allinthehead a few weeks back and I can say without a doubt that it seems to be a great camera. Not cheap, but is anything in this hobby?
  13. This does seem to be true, with the 1600 on it's 4th(?) iteration they seem to have finally got it right. I do think though that their experience over the years, and particularly with the 1600, has helped in some of their newer cams; I haven't heard of any hardware issues with the ASI6200 or 2600 etc.
  14. Thanks Tomato! I will be running it from a laptop yes, I use NINA and PHD2 already with my SkyGuider Pro with no issues. I'm looking forward to getting a little more in depth with platesolving etc. to make the most of the software! Thanks again
  15. Sure Both images were taken with my stock Canon 6D and a Tamron 100-400mm. Details of the first pic can be found in my post history, and the Pleiades was I believe just over 2hrs worth of data.
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