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  1. Congrats Ciarán for winning, well deserved if you ask me! Some great entries as usual. Looking forward to the next one already
  2. My images in bin 1x1 are 51000kb. I am yet to use bin 2x2 and don't ever see myself using it to be honest
  3. Nina Discord is the best place to go I'd say; it's quite possibly a bug somewhere that is a quick fix. I think you can turn off the automatic debayer in Nina to avid the error, but the FITS header will still say its RGGB or whatever it thinks it is.
  4. You should also try updating the USB driver here. This should be incorporated into the AIO pack but some capture software has it's own SDK. Are you installing the latest driver into Maxim through the wizard?
  5. This sounds like a lovely problem to have
  6. Ah of course, my apologies I forgot you are using Linux. I'm sure the issues will be sorted out in time, but it might be worth pursuing the problem on the EKOS forum, I'm sure the devs there will be willing to help.
  7. Hi Steve, I'd also recommend updating the QHY drivers to the ones I have linked above as it may be cause of your issues. Cheers
  8. There has been a couple of updates since then, I apologise I had a typo in my post above and have now corrected it. Download and install the one I have linked and try that
  9. Did you download and install the All-In-One pack v21.02.20? Located here. There is an issue with the USB drivers of previously released packs with this camera and the 294Pro, as these cameras were manufactured with a new USB controller chip. The manufacturer updated the design without announcing it and it has some issues with the old libraries. The new libraries are now included as part of this pack. QHY also recommend only using a max 3m length USB 3.0 cable, or using a powered repeater cable for stable connection.
  10. I am looking to purchase a full / partial set of Chroma / Astrodon 36mm filters
  11. Are you running through ASCOM or the native driver? What version of the QHY drivers are you using? Did you also update the USB driver package?
  12. Fantastic image! I hope you don't mind but I ran the JPEG through PixInsight's image solver and annotator, which has shown that yes, you caught a fair few PGC galaxies too! The way to do this is to solve the image in PixInsight using the ImageSolver script, and then run the AnnotateImage script with whatever objects you wish to highlight. Cheers
  13. Ouch! Metal can shear like it appears to have done for you; I have the same SkyGuider and never questioned that this part wasn't metal. There is a fancy Williams Optics replacement for the base part that has glowing reviews and is supposed to be much superior, but is a little expensive. Otherwise a replacement from iOptron can be purchased too. Cheers
  14. Had another go at the data from scratch, but this time in a different palette. A little less star reduction in this one too. Cheers
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