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  2. Thanks fay it will spur me on did enjoy imaging
  3. oh forgot to put x7 stacked 4 min expos f5.6 800 iso cannon 1000d 18-55mm lens on eq5 with clockdrive
  4. This is my first attempt on the milkyway and processing :)The sky at kelling is fantastic but had to wait till 2 in the morning for the cloud to clear
  5. eyespy

    deep sky

  6. hope it gets sorted out soon astrobaby great site help me out when i needed to colimate my 200p
  7. i have had my 200p since april this year and travel to dark sites in kent all the time . . .i was thinking about the dob but bought the eq and added the ra and dec clock drive and that really makes a difference as it keeps the target your looking at in the eye piece . . I was out looking at the moon and it clouded over 5 mins later i was still on target and other people with me could carry on lookingi will i ate my sandwich and then went back to it and still on target the guy with the dob was still having to manually track . . so just to say i prefer the tracking im i lazy lol
  8. Thats great ! tried to find this last week but at 2am was getting tired
  9. yes give ebay ago but i got mine from flo (first light optics) for £24 and found it well made feels solid and i have got to near perfect collimation so really pleased with it ,also if your collimating a reflector for the first time check out astrobabys web page for a step by step guide ,i found it really helpful
  10. Hi munchkjn,i was also looking at m13 last night was fantastic but it was the first time i have viewd this so i cannot really compare from a previous veiwing.Although i would recomend collimating your scope as then you can say you are getting the best possible view through your scope.The seeing conditions plays a big factor in the quality of what you see along with light poluttion,so get out your cheshie and give it a whirl its all good fun
  11. Hi samtheeagle just want to say that i am also glued to this thread although its a bit over my head i understand that a motor can be controlled from a circuit board, thats about it:DBut your drawing me in very interesting stuff,i also badly want to drive up my eq5 and have not got a spare 100 quid at moe would be great to build one!
  12. Ah quite a few threads on this tonight up and down the country looks like a great night for too see this.
  13. For the first time as a stargazer managed to see a fantastic view of some noctilucent clouds in the east kent area,not seen this before and if i ever have did not know what i was looking at,and just to top it off to the west a bright iridium flare about 10:30 no camera with me so i bit gutted but great too see.Has anybody seen some noctilucent clouds lately?
  14. Just found some footage of looking out of the cupolar
  15. Yes there is a phlips bolt right dead in the centre , you have to loosen this first,it might be a bit stiff,also be carefull not to undo it just loosen it ...
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