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  1. Firstly sorry for the confusing title . But that's what I am , confused . Now I am normally an iPhone user but this year I changed to android. The problem which has been well documented lies with the synscan app. I am using android 12 and even downloading direct from the skywatcher site the location user in the app doesn't work ! The app keeps crashing . Even more ridiculous is that when I enter the "tonight's best " utility I am faced with lots of southern hemisphere targets !!!! Sure I would love to see the large magellanic cloud but from my English location alas it isn't possible . Oh and polaris apparently sits 1 degree above the horizon ! I am using a Samsung 21 ultra . Any ideas people ?
  2. A great set up indeed and one that I mirrored (almost , as I had a long frac and a 72ed ) alas not anymore for me but it is a superb combination . Stu
  3. Hi Jock , will certainly put it through its paces .. I'm not even sure of the payload capacity ... a bit of homework needed on my part
  4. So, a new scope and its accessories including this cheeky little alt az mount and a couple of EPs and of course the skywatcher tripod for the az-gti skymax 127 combo . Thank you Niall. Great to meet you .
  5. Many thanks , I'm chasing a skywatcher 80ed to go with the Mak.. the skies look quite good for me this week , so fingers crossed for us all .
  6. So , I am now the owner of an AZ-GTi and a skymax 127 ... so, ... I'M BACK !!! And I'm happy to be back with this mount. Not sure I will entertain EQ mode as I am not too worried about imaging , but , who knows ? The next purchase has to be a small frac to compliment the Mak . Stu Oh and to upgrade to the latest firmware .
  7. What a refreshing introduction. Welcome to the forum. Great to read that you have found your sweet spot in this amazing hobby .Many are encouraged on here to get into astronomy using binos as its a very intuative way of learning the night sky . Something you are proving to be correct . Stu
  8. When i retire my wife and i are emigrating .. we have a brand new flat which is still awaiting interior work but i have a balcony that gives me North, East and West , but , alas no southern skies .. in fact North is the predominant viewpoint... Not ideal , esopecially viewing from an balcony . Short scopes will be the order of the day , no doubt . Loving the clear nights we've had this week . lets hope it continues.
  9. Indeed it is , its my best DSO photo .. but i prefer observing to the stress of imaging ... the scope , is mainly for looking through
  10. What a great report , and a message to anyone who thinks astronomy has to be an expensive hobby. Its what you do with your time rather than the expensive equipment we have that counts . I for one am even more enthusiastic after reading such a report .
  11. Firstly , for visual your collimation should be good but doesnt need to be absolutely perfect , unless of course you have perfect vision . And as written previously a star test is the best way to check your collimation . I used to favour Laser collimators as ,and this is very shallow, they are "techie " but, i am now a committed Cheshire user . In truth , the Cheshire doesnt lie ( as long as its placed squarly in the focuser ) and whilst like you , Laurence , i struggled with it at first , it makes perfect sense in the end. The problem with laser collimators which has been well documented is the fact that they need collimating . But i understand why people use them.
  12. I think it has a 3/8 fitment on the bottom of the base that can be mounted onto a sturdy tripod
  13. Hi and welcome , I certainly wouldn't describe myself as a pro but I have owned quite a lot of scopes . So , for your budget your options in terms of quality are a bit limited . Firstly we need to know what you are interested in seeing .. is it the moon and planets or some fainter deep sky objects . I have a couple of suggestions , skywatcher sell a flex tube reflector telescope that comes with its own mount its called skywatcher flex tube 130 which is only slightly over your budget . The only possible draw back is the fact that you would need to use some kind of table to put it on . At the moment there is a 150 bresser dob up for sale on the forum its a fantastic first scope and it's up for sale for 150 pounds . Second hand equipment us usually well looked after so don't discount it . The other first scope is up fact not a scope but a good pair of binoculars . Some of the night sky wonders are best seen in binoculars ie the plaides openstar cluster . You will probably get a lot of people with a lot of good suggestions on here in other words you've come to the right place Good luck in your journey in astronomy
  14. That's the set up I am purchasing, I will probably stick to alt az . Do you know if the android problem with synscan is fixed yet ?
  15. I have also just purchased a 200p .. its a great scope isnt it ? . I would try to get some replacement screws but I have had scopes before that I NEVER tightened the locking screws as collimation was thrown out by doing so . But , as I said , try to get some . As for EPs , I have used both 1 1/4 and 2 inch .. the 2" gives great wide field views and I usually start my viewing with that .
  16. Looks fantastic... and I will be back with an Az-Gti hopefully by the end of next month . .. can't wait .
  17. Welcome to SGL , Alex ... You are off to a good start with that scope
  18. Hi , there is a dedicated thread on SGL which might help you , concerning the AZ-GTi I've had a couple or three of these mounts and they are generally sound . Look, if you are seriously into astrophotography and plan on trying to get images that will eventually get you an APOD , then look elsewhere ... but for simple photos and , in my opinion perfectly acceptable quality its a fine mount . There is also another thread on SGL which i think is called "Non EQ Challenge " where people take photos on alt-az mounts , most of which are stunning images and actually put pay to the , shall we say , rather snobby view that you need to spend thousands of pounds on equipment to gain acceptable results where photography is concerned .
  19. A clear night ,bit freezy weezy but I wasn't going to give up the chance of a second clear night in a row . I just had the 200p on a skytee mount out last night and did a bit of mobile phone photography at the eyepiece . The winter constellations are really a sight to behold aren't they ? Plaides, and the Orion Nebula (photo attached) . Looking at the photo blown up on here it looks a bit naff , but , then again its only a crude snap .
  20. Indeed , Venus for me is only visible during daylight as its far too low at dusk .. i think its fascinating to view it during the daytime .As for Mercury , well done ... i have only seen it once but its surprising how many haven't seen it at all .
  21. Sorry to read that you are unwell Robert . I had a heavy cold (non covid)over Xmas which knocked me for six so I can guess you must be feeling quite low. Hopefully you will be back outside , freezing with the rest of us in no time .
  22. I just had to have it when I knew it was up for sale , the previous owner took some amazing lunar and planetary photos with it , I hope it will still get the use it deserves as the 200p is a bit of an all rounder .
  23. For the first time in about 6 weeks we have a clear sky . Not only does it coincide with a moonless night but also the first light of my newly acquired skywatcher 200p with aftermarket dual speed focuser . So I eagerly set up my SkyTee 2 mount and set up my 2 scopes , a 102 altair starwave achromatic frac f11 and my 200p . (Photo attached ) . The frac was really there just to add a bit of counterweight to the newt as I hardly used it tonight . I went out without any plan but quickly set about panning the cygnus region which was getting lower in the west / northwest, cue masses of stars . The collimation of the scope was tweaked without any collimation tools so I was really surprised and delighted that stars were pinpoint and round . I used a baarder 36mm EP , tonight was going to be a night for scanning . I set the frac up with a 17mm baarder , but it hardly got used . , don't worry , it's day will come . So , my next target was the plaides .. a favourite for all of us and it didn't disappoint, Then onto the Hades and an open star cluster that i stumbled on without knowing what it was called! This really was turning into a great evening and with another clear night forecast for tomorrow Orion will certainly be on the viewing menu . With clear skies a precious commodity I was a bit annoyed with myself for not making the most of this evening by not having pre determined targets but tonight was really about getting used to the scope . It works well on the mount and although purists will frown that i am using a fairly heavy scope hanging off the standard saddles , it seemed very stable . The real plus is that being an alt az the focuser remains at a constant angle , something that wouldn't be the case using an EQ mount . So , to sum up my brief first light of my 200p... a great start and I now have two scopes that compliment each other . All we need now are more clear skies .
  24. I think a mak is complimented by a wide field scope . As you progress through the hobby you may realise you need more than one scope. As for finding things in the sky , download a program called Stellarium or Sky safari . Free apps that can point you in the right direction for your latitude and longitude .
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