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  1. Also , make sure you are mounting the scope on the left side of the az-gti, when using it in alt az mode
  2. Another “me being the postman “ as I travelled past the Widescreen Centre today …I bought a nice 11/4” Williams optics dielectric diagonal ( I was going to go for the 2” but the additional weight wasn’t welcome on my small scopes
  3. So , not the postman … but me and the wife ( I think she came just for the ride ) picked up a couple of nice little beauties from Widescreen Centre yesterday .
  4. Hi , congratulations on choosing a wonderful scope . You’ve made a great choice as a 200mm reflector will enable you to see some wonderful things . I personally would wait before buying more eye pieces . Sure , the 25mm and 10mm (especially) are not the best quality but they are supplied for a reason . They will give you more than acceptable views and are ideal as starter EPs . I still use the 25mm that came with my scope ! Of course better EPs will be your next step along with maybe a telrad finder( this will give you a non magnified view but help you point the scope to your intended target ) , oh , and a collimation device . In fact the collimating device ( either Cheshire or laser ) and the telrad would probably be the best purchases at this stage . Other opinions may differ to mine . As for making things easy to “jump into” , you have already done that … the first thing you need is enthusiasm and maybe reality of what you will see through the EP . Download Stellarium. I believe you can simulate the views you are likely to see through the two EPs . And , try to familiarise yourselves with the night sky . You’ve picked a great time of year to start your astronomy journey . The gas giants are well placed and the moon will be a wonderful sight . And of course the winter constellations are beginning to appear . clear skies to you and your son and welcome to SGL Stu
  5. Fascinating thread... its given me a bit of a headache though... Do i go for the Heritage 150p on the vituoso or get a gte with a smaller reflector. I know the GTE doesnt have freedom find but if im honest i have only used freedom find twice and i find that the encoders have a detrimental affect on the goto system . ( my opinion , others may disagree ) I already have a new 72ed from skywatcher which i will put on the mount . Connecting the virtuoso thing to a tripod is interesting ... not sure how that looks though . Anyone done this ? Stu
  6. A fantastic scope that I let slip through my fingers , but I am on the lookout for another lol . The build quality is superb on the zs73 .
  7. Thank you for the really nice report @Zermelo. I am in the market for a small frac (again) and reading your excellent nights work has enthused me even more . I really like Bresser scopes , i have in the past owned a 102/460 and used a 127L , which incidently gave me my best view of the inner planets .
  8. To be honest , a 200mm dobsonian is not too heavy , but the size means its bulky . But its a simple two part movement and is ready to go in five minutes ( not including cooling time ) .
  9. "A" for sure ...I like the definition .
  10. Cant wait for the winter Constellations . It will be my first winter season with my 12" Dob , Dave ,... and your report has fuelled the enthusiasm even more .
  11. And the telrad and finder compliment each other . I added my Telrad only the other evening and found M13 and M31 in an instant ! It brings so much more enjoyment to astronomy to be able to locate targets easily .
  12. When i fixed mine to the tube there was enough room and i have focuser , telrad , finder ,.... i get what you are saying but for me , having the telrad the other side of the finder was a bit of a trek .
  13. Agree with the above ... i purchased a height extension for the telrad which helps a lot regarding comfort of use .
  14. Welcome to SGL .. and congrats on the scope. You’ve made a timely start as the winter constellations are on their way
  15. This is right up my street ! I bought a 12" dob from another SGL member and the only thing "wrong" was that the primary was really dusty . I actually had to get the primary recoated in the end because it was quite badly stained. BUT... when my mirror was caked in dust etc i still got acceptable views through it maybe just losing a bit of contrast . I took the mirror out and cleaned it which made a difference. The views became sharp again , despite the staining The point i am trying to make is that the primary on my scope was in a very poor state but still produced fine viewing . If you are getting great views then why clean it although i bet you are like me ,can't stand seeing dust on the primary . But cleaning a mirror isn't the perilous procedure that we are led to believe .
  16. I concur with this . The skywatcher steel tripod was one of the best things i bought ( and i regret selling) . There is no getting away with the tried and tested " a solid mount is imperitave " that is always written when people ask about new equipment . Many , including myself have tried to get round this but failed . Learn by others mistakes .
  17. Unexpectededly clear last night , out with the 12" Dob , looking at M13 ( my first ever sighting of this ) and of course the Ring Neb . No Freak rain but a chill breeze which heralds the cold nights to come . You know , the ones where you look like a complete idiot sitting outside whilst everyone is warm indoors
  18. Alas no, Heather ... i packed away at about 10;30 last night as i have a 5;30 alarm call during the week . Tonight is not looking too promising but , if its ok i will be out a bit later Isn't it nice to at least be outside and able to view the night sky ? Remembering the shocking weather we experienced last month , September is proving to be a god send for astronomers .
  19. Absolutely , Heather .. i feel even more annoyed as i have such a large aperture scope and i still haven't bagged the little blighter. lol. The street light acutally gets turned off at 1am ( or so i'm told ) . I have a fairly good southern sky , although no southern horizon to speak of . I think tonight is going to be the last one thats really clear in my area for a few nights so i am going to try and make the most of it . As for the Moon , it rises tonight at 20.05 so its going to be a pest although , Neptune should be do-able . Watch this space ! ( er , no pun intended )
  20. Thanks for the tips Nik ... one bonus is that the moon rises just a little later every night . I only observe up until around 11pm on a school night but im going to give it a go .
  21. I think we were spoilt with the previous night being so wonderful for observations . I was a bit disapointed last night if i am honest and Neptune is still an enigma for me ( damn street light washes a lot out ) . But , a fairly clear night forecast tonight , hopefully better seeing .
  22. Nice report Nik... and for our younger readers , ask an older person about vinyl records Can't wait to get out tonight !
  23. You certainly need to do a North level alignement , at least , everytime you set up but it takes 5 minutes ... the beauty of the 150i scope is i believe it has a fixed primary mirror which means it rarely need collimating . ( although its a good skill to learn )
  24. Hi, yeah , i used the weight arm because i was at the time using celestron 102 mak , which has a fixed dovetail ...the trouble with the star discovery is that the scope has to be mounted on the left side whereas the 102 celestron had to be mounted on the right ( it has a non rotatable 90 degree eyepiece holder ) .. it actually worked really well .
  25. Yes i second this ... a ready made system designed for purpose and no decrease in aperture .
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