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  1. Its reading posts like this that actually make me grateful to live where i do , and having a small garden , in bortle 5 with a nasty street light for company . So , next time i feel like moaning about light pollution i will remember this post and the trials of living in a city . I know its not much of a comfort but at least the planets and moon are visible from LP areas . Hope you find a suitable solution . Stu
  2. Hi And welcome , I briefly owned a 180 Mak , so i have limited knowledge of it but as John writes the cool down time on both the Mak and the C8 will be considerable against a classical cassegrain as there is no corrector plate on the cc8 . Also i believe the primary mirror is "fixed " on the Classical Cass , so no image shift when adjusting focus , and the collimation holds . Having said that , i do have a soft spot for the Mak 180 ( wish i had never sold mine ) , its a beast of scope . I don't think you will be diesapointed if you choose it .
  3. Hi , I honestly don't know the Meade scope but I have owned an st80 .. its a great little scope that you will use for scanning the skies, and viewing the Moon just like you would with a decent pair of binoculars. You might want to consider a 90mm frac ,from SVbony which is nice and compact and is supplied with a dual speed focuser.. its about 80 pounds more than the st80 but when you consider the extra aperture, focuser and the nice aluminium case it comes in is worth considering. Also it will open up more viewing options. Planets will appear larger for one Just my opinion of course I'm sure you will get many others in here. Stu
  4. Doubles are niche ???? Not sure I agree . I think most people look at doubles and indeed they are very much a main part of our interest . As for the 102 mak , well, many people including me will agree with your points but will also champion that scope as a very capable instrument that does what it does very well . At the end of the day, any scope will only perform if the sky and light pollution allows. Did you not know that Maks have a narrow field of view when you bought it? What you see as a weakness is also their massive strength. Honestly no malice in my post, just another opinion
  5. Hi Stu , its the 1.75 ( EQ5) that came with the mount . I am happy with the tripod to be fair , but by having the extension it means i could use the tripod without extending the legs too far of course
  6. I think in my case the clearance issue comes into play, Jeremy . With the tripod fully extended i can see an issue with the scope maybe hitting the tripod , the extension albeit only 16" is the main reason for , possibly buying it .
  7. Hi And welcome to SGL The starsense is a great bit of kit , allowing you to find your way in the night sky ... its new(ish ) tech and to be honest is a great start into astronomy Nothing wrong with the Heritage Dob though ... the thing that puzzles me is the price difference between the two . If i am right ( seldom) then the 6" cass and the starsense mount combination runs to nearly £700 and the heritage is around £250 !! thats a monumental difference . In fact you could pick up the Heritage GTi for less than 400 pounds and then get a 3/8" steel tripod to mount it on for another £130 . You would have a fully computerised mount . Just my thoughts . Stu
  8. Hi @Franklin, I was hoping that someone would enthuse about the 16" extension ...and you and John have done that , its a bit pricey ( what isn't ?) but as long as the stability and strength is there . I think for the very reason that , as the admittedly decent EQ5 tripod , can be used at its strongest with only minimal extension is of course a huge plus . The only worry i had was introducing another connection to the mount/tripod and the said connection being the weak link . Fortunately you have dispelled that . Many thanks to all Looks like more money will be spent lol
  9. Maybe , you are right ...having just thought about it , if anything , they add an extra element which actually makes the mount less sturdy
  10. Hi , I used the SkyTee mount for the first time last night . After lining up both of my scopes on the same target i had an admittedly short session of brilliant viewing , Using the 72ED essentially as a finder and the 102 Starwave as my main viewing scope the whole thing worked flawlessly . I had to have the tripod extended fully to use the long frac when viewing near the zenith . So onto a question , I notice that Skywatcher offer a small but chunky extension tube which would give me the option of not extending the tripod fully . Is that the best option? Everything seemed very solid last night but of course if the extension is considered a useful upgrade i would prefer to use it . ( It is an expensive option though ) So , what do you guys think of these extension tubes ... are they a good fit for the SkyTee ? Is it worth buying ? Do they still offer good stability ? KR Stu
  11. I think the hole is there Vlaiv but sometimes the thread is missing
  12. Hi Dougie , heard this before about the AZ-Gti and yes you should have it replaced if you can. Did you buy it from one of the major scope retailers in the UK ? . Quality control seems to be an issue , although i have owned a few of these and never had the problem . Stu
  13. Unfortunately only 1 available at present , might have to go the ADM route , I certainly want another clamp for the other side of the SkyTee ... ( then i can justify another scope )
  14. Hi John , if you dont mind me asking , where did you get the upgraded clamps from ? Stu
  15. I feel your pain in searching for targets , but , look at it another way ie as you have fairly dark skies , star hopping is a great way to learn the sky . And don't be put off when you cant find an object ... it WILL be there , and eventually you WILL find it and when you do you will be thrilled . With the winter constellations rising there are some fascinating things to see at this time of the year . A GOTO system might provoke envy but , having had GOTO systems i believe the thrill of finding a target without the use of a GOTo system is amazing . It took me ages to find one of the easier targets in the sky namely M13 . As for the planets , i've still to view Neptune too, but its favourable this month so stick with it .
  16. Agree with that , Malcolm ... as we all eventually realise , there is always something to buy and although we set a budget , we very often exceed it .
  17. OK , so you said you want to try astro photography ? And you want the set up to be portable ? Maybe you might consider the AZ-Gti mount . Sure it only has a maximum 5kg payload and you would only be able to use small scopes ie a 127 Mak or a short tube 4" FRAC or a 130 Newt , but you could also use your dslr on the mount with a suitable bracket . Also , just to stop the purists ranting at me , you may wish to buy a wedge and update the firmware on the az-gti to put it into EQ mode . The AZ-GTi is a great mount and a lot of people have taken some great photos , using it as their tracking platform I think you can buy it for aroung £ 450 including a 102 Mak . Not a bad start and i would say a lot better than what you previously used . Just my opinion of course , but , hey , thats why you asked
  18. Have to say , i'm really happy with the set up , Joe .. of course i missed a clear sky last night but hopefully the weekend will first official light ... might be able to see some fireworks
  19. Doh ! That makes perfect sense , just put it down to first night nerves for me
  20. So , do you mean another shaft and weight under the 72? I do have 2 eq 5 weights but not another shaft
  21. Altair Starwave 102 (f11) and a skywatcher 72ed I am really happy to have wide field and a planetary / luna scope . I was going to use the 72ed for photography but I am now going to stick with visual (excuse the mess lol unboxing can be an untidy operation
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