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  1. Thank you to you both, I too think that the long scope is better on the side, so, that's 3 of us
  2. Just setting up my SkyTee for the first time .. I have a long frac and a short frac , so the question is . Should I put the long scope on top and the short scope on the side or vice versa The counterweight will go either on the side or underneath
  3. Well I collected the scope from a very nice guy on in Saturday , thank you, Neil And, by popular demand the skytee mount and tripod duly followed today with a swift visit to the Widescreen Centre.
  4. Another update !!!!! So , after buying the Altair Starwave , tomorrow will see the arrival of the SkyTee + Tripod The wife doesn't know yet , so i will keep the box , just in case i need somewhere to live !!! ( i really dont know why i am laughing )
  5. Well, I bought the scope!!!! It was too good to miss..or so I hope.
  6. Brilliant post David. Thanks. I've bought a sturdy tripod so I'm getting there lol
  7. Thank you all for the Input guys I have decided to put on hold the purchase of the scope, which I am sorry to the seller on SGL , but you all raised some important points about the mount which made total sense. As someone who prefers smaller scopes, generally it was an ambitious plan by me. @badhexI am on a very similar path to you so I especially was interested to read that the ed80 was too heavy for your gti . Thanks guys.
  8. No need to apologise The SkyTee looks a great mount
  9. Just one problem , costs outweigh desire ... I am sure you are right about the mount but it means buying the mount,tripod and the scope. Not something which was in my plans . Can't believe I'm being so sensible for once. Thanks for the input though . Really appreciate it
  10. lol yeah , to be shared equally between 2 families !!!
  11. lol Stu , thats like telling someone how good a cake was , but its been eaten so you can't have any Thanks for the input though . A bit "caught between the devil and the deep blue see " at the moment with this .
  12. All about timing though isnt it ?... @Franklin its a bit oif a mare as i saw a couple of those mounts come up recently , ce la vie ...
  13. Thanks guys , really good advice on here, as always ... although not what i wanted to read lol ... might have to rethink my whole strategy here which won't please the seller of the scope . I have a budget ( like most ) to work with and the scope and mounts suggested put me over that line . Got to be practical and realistic .
  14. Hi Vlaiv ... i really dont want another EQ mount if i can help it , i prefer the simplicity of Alt-Az for viewing . Its a bit of a void isnt it , not too many options for just putting a scope on a manual mount .
  15. Hi I am about to buy a long 100mm refractor, F11, which i will use on a manual mount . I have two choices in mind , an AZ5 or an AZ4 . I have to say that i already have a steel tripod ,3/8" Skywatcher , so the AZ5 mount head will be placed on this ,giving extra stability ( apparently with this tripod the AZ5 can accept upto 9kgs ..,the scope i am getting is around 4kgs ) Or i can buy the AZ4 with steel/aluminium tripod ( with the included steel tripod the mount can take up to 8kgs ) The only other differences i see are that the AZ4 has no slow motion controls , but has useful degree markings on the mount head . oh and i can alter the fitment angle on the AZ5 to help with longer scopes So , i am leaning towards an AZ5 , but does anyone else know of any other reason one way or the other . Please note that i am set on either of these two mounts . Stu
  16. or an eq5 adapter that fits onto the EQ5 tripod basically covering the Pin
  17. Agree with above comments ... but , to answer your question about the recessed head of the mount , i bought a long 3/8" threaded bolt and it worked fine ( bolt was sawn down to a usable size ) i then was able to attach a weight to the bolt which gives added stability . It might help you until you get a stronger tripod
  18. Welcome to SGL , John . Don't forget to point that scope at our moon its a brilliant watch through a scope .
  19. Agree with the ST80 ... to a point .. but , as you said you were using 8" and 15" dobs before it ... Quelle Surprise ? I also have a 72ED and i find the views of the planets more than good , when using the right magnification . But I find the whole "getting into astronomy "a confused mess , i will tell you why . Experienced people quite rightly have their own views that are sort after by complete beginners , nothing wrong with that . But the Scope suppliers aim certain scopes at beginners . Most beginners scopes tend to be at the cheaper end of the scale and , lets face it , there are some real dogs out there! i had the misfortune to briefly use a few . Not only were they cheaply constructed , the actual quality of image was poor . If those scopes are intended to enthuse beginners and draw them into the hobby , it won't work ! To be honest , Ed Ting has it right ... he ALWAYS suggests either a 150mm or a 200mm Dob as a great starter scope ... and as most of us have found , those scopes tend to stick around under our ownership or get bought again and again ( in my case ) as i realise they truly are scopes for everyone ( unless you live on the 8th floor of an apartment block) So , i , on refelection ( no pun intended ) would go along with your reflector selection . Now , i wonder what dobs are in stock ... i can see another dent in that credit card coming
  20. Good selection from Louis , just to add as you mentioned planets a little 102 Mak would be lightweight and show good views ( although tbh i would go with the heritage as it offer a bit of everything and of course comes with a mount )
  21. Other Fast Food outlets are available ! ... although catching cows on mars as they take advantage of minimal gravity would make burgers more expensive ... come to think of it god only knows what they would graze on up there .
  22. Agree ... what was an impossible trip or reverse trip is now regarded as normal .. ( regarding other long haul destinations ) . Human nature to explore and create and , yes , to destroy makes the impossible , possible . Only the restraints of finance make things seem unlikely where solar system travel is concerned ... oh and cleaning up the space junk that is circling the planet like a galactic waste paper bin . Maybe we can organise a waste collection , ... every other week of course !
  23. We don't need powerful cars or balistic missiles or bananas or telescopes that are shipped half way round the world ! Its a bit rich commenting on what we don't need when , without " what we don't need" ie space telescopes and rockets that have actually enhanced technology in development of science and life saving tech in hospitals . i'm sorry but this "clean energy " thing is a complete non starter imo . The wind "didn't blow enough" in the UK last month .. we would all have been in a blackout if we were reliant on wind . Sorry , on my soap box ... honestly nothing personal
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