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  1. A lovely surprise delivered today instead of Monday , thank you @Dean Hale Unfortunately Dean you forgot to take the clouds out of the box
  2. just seen an 8mm up for sale . I have just purchased an EP from another SGL member ( Baader 17mm ) so when it arrives i expect to hide my sub par poor EPs in a drawer lol
  3. Louis i can see you have no idea about the poor state of UK roads lol
  4. hmmm not sure i like the analogy with cars ... my last 5 have been 3 x BMW and 2X Nissan ... i think the nissans take it for comfort
  5. Louis ... lol... we will have an architect from St Petersburg for starters ...in Russia you just buy the floor space and design the interior right down to the size of each room so every flat can be different . The way i'm going we will just live in the floor space ... but at least i will have my scopes there .
  6. Hey ... lol ... i've got a new flat in Russia to design and furnish !!!! if i spend spend spend on expensive EP's i will be living in the box my next scope is delivered in !
  7. Yep a little bit more than i am willing to pay , but ,of course quality costs ... not sure my older eyes can discern minute details that lend themselves to top of the range EP's though .
  8. Firstly , What a great gift you will be giving , whatever scope your sister receives will make her happy i am sure . I was definitely in the 100mm refractor camp on this one as travel is the key here . BUT Of course aperture is king when it comes to scopes but , reality has to play a big part in what we buy and more importantly what we use and how often its used . A refractor will be a really fast set up, and easy to transport ... of course an 8" Dob would be more beneficial under a dark sky ( think about all that lovely aperture ). The choice will come down to practicality . The dob would require collimation each time its moved in the car to site . ( but to be honest that is not a problemas it takes only 2 minutes, but factor in a collimation tool to the price ).
  9. Thanks for the heads up.... Whilst cost is inevitably a factor the value is in the regular usage.
  10. In fact I want to thank all of you for your invaluable input. I was going to pull the trigger on a Hyperion today but I am leaning towards an Explore SCIENTIFIC 82 DEGREE but I'm still in the homework phase tonight
  11. Stu, I certainly won't be doing that.... Thank you for the advice
  12. I really do want a nice widefield eyepiece ... But that can wait as I really would like to get a high power and mid range first. Thanks for the suggestion for the celestron. I have just seen a rather good review of it, Dean and Heather Hi, thanks for the heads up on the ES 82...I am seriously looking at one of those. It really does look like the BST have a good following.
  13. LOL thats the idea ! i saw the words Tele Vue and shuddered .
  14. Actually Dean has brought up a really good point about EPs that are better for longer focal length scopes and vice versa ... looks like i could be in for another night of YouTube reviews !!!! The wife is already fed up of British TV ... i'm sure she thinks Astronomy videos are the only programs we have .lol
  15. Thats an interesting thought , Dean ... i suppose my Mak would be ok with the hyperion . Another vote for the BST's ... Wookie . To be honest though i am even more confused now than when i started the thread . lol .
  16. Yeah that cheap zoom wasn't the best , was it , Heather ?... I am so "over " the cheap EPs ... when one thinks how important decent EPs are i should have been "over " it a long time ago . Having said that , i am sure there are less expensive ones that punch way above their weight .
  17. Yes the BST's get a good write up... and they would be good for planetary viewing with the Mak ... good choice and half the cost of the baader hyperions . Unfortunately the Nirvana isnt in stock at the moment ( Widescreen Centre ) although i must admit they were high on my list .
  18. yes its a serious consideration ... i only avoided it due to the fact that my only experience of a zoom EP wasnt a pleasant one. Although if i am honest it was a very cheap and not so cheerful EP !
  19. Now thats right up my street !! Good show . ... looking forward to the pics
  20. As i have probably the worst collection of Eyepieces imaginable i am going to , albeit slowly , build up a decent collection ... starting today !! I have a couple in mind ... a baader Hyperion 8mm or 10mm . Having NO experience with decent EPs i hope that the Hyperions will give great views from my two small scopes , a 420mm Evo 72ed and a 102 mm Mak . Any views ( no pun intended ) much appreciated on these EPs . I also like the look of Explore SCientific EPs . Before everyone points me to EPs costing 500 pounds plus please acknowlwedge i am married and i want to stay that way Stu
  21. would the op have to point it south ? as hes in the southern hemisphere ? or is that me over thinking it
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