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  1. Which brings us all back to your first choices . Personally i think your flextube dob is already on the best mount . I know you want goto functionality though ( and i understand that its an attractive proposition ) . Having used both AZ-Gti and Star Discovery the star discovery acually has a slightly better payload capacity ( the orion version sold in the USA is the same as the one here and quotes 6kgs ).I actually used a weight arm that added a counterweight system to the mount and my scope sat directly above the mount . I was using a smaller scope though than the heritage 150 but it did seem to work very well
  2. Your logic regarding the EQ5 is pretty sound and on reflection i agree .. however the AZ-Gti would never be able to take 9kgs ... think about the motors and gears. I used the AZ-Gti with a WO ZS73 together with a dslr and various other bits and pieces and to be honest it was heavy enough . The thing about weight ratings for mounts is that you shouldnt go anywhere near the limit .
  3. i think at some stage most of us have tried to cut a corner or two where load capacity is concerned , but , in reality you have to have stability . I may be wrong but a flextube scope on an AZ-Gti may introduce balance issues as well . As has been written above , its best to get an EQ5 . Of course a lot more expensive than a Gti and it will be a lot more bulky too . Its a difficult balancing act ( no pun intended) but , im afraid the old rule is still the best rule that you buy the best , most sturdy mount you can afford and then worry about the scope later .
  4. Welcome Back ... my dob is in our (very) small living room ..... its now the third member of our family lol
  5. I recall a very similar experience to yours on the same night , I too was mightily impressed with Jupiter , and Saturn for that matter and , like you i got a bit lost looking for DSO's . Thats the only thing i find frustrating using a large(ish) dob ... so many stars that its actually quite difficult to navigate the night sky . Nice report .
  6. Honestly , if you would have seen my primary mirror prior to recoating ... full of caked on dust , it still gave really good views . Even after recoating there was some "staining " on the glass that couldnt be removed but the views i get are absolutely stunning . I think people get hung up on this and every spec of dust is seen as an enemy . It really makes no difference .
  7. Thanks to everyone for the replies .. I fixed the cork pads with the sticky dots . I replaced the collimation screws with the bobs nobs but reverted back to the original locking screws which I barely tightened . The secondary is fine @Pixiesas the laser dot doesn’t move out of the doughnut . Anyway it’s better than it was but although I have better springs than the original I am going to buy some stronger springs .
  8. Hi John .. a revelation 12” which is basically a GSO …I’ve uploaded a picture of the layout .. a fairly standard one .. I changed the screws back to the original but will be changing them back to bobs knobs shortly . I am certainly going to follow Ed’s suggestion about the clip screws . I like the idea of not “sticking “ the cork pads to the mirror although if it helps keep the mirror from movement then I will fix it .
  9. Yes Ed , thats a really good point about the clips . There is so much empathise put on a gap of a "card " . As you quite rightly point out , that gap is in fact abe to introduce a fairly substantial error . I will certainly re check this tomorrow morning . i also believe that paper thickness is more than adequate . Stu
  10. Thanks guys , I bought some strong sticky dots to put on the cork pads today .. going to try them tonight . It’s strange but I collimate the scope and then when I check collimation after pointing the scope to the zenith the collimation has slipped ( as per the laser dot has reappeared outside the centre hole . It can only be a bit of mirror movement . I used bobs nobs from RVO and stronger springs from them but I have to say I may get some heavy duty ones from Amazon .. apparently 3D printer springs ( green colour are the ones to go for ) . Stu
  11. Continuing to amaze everyone with your excellent images on here , Neil . Brilliant
  12. As Pixies said ... best do a star test . I think collimation is made harder by the fact that we are always critical of our own efforts ... the proof of this particular pudding is to look through the scope and defocus on a bright star ( use a low-ish power EP) If you see concentric circles and the donut is in the middle then its fine . Don't get too hung up on collimation if you are just into viewing .
  13. Hi , the more i get into this hobby the more questions i ask . I reset my mirror in its cell , and , used cork pads without sticking them to the mirror . This has worked admirably for the last few weeks but last night i had a nightmare whilst collimating . One of the collimattion bolts was having none of it and the mirror on one side had excessive movement . I belive that maybe one of the clips have come loose , investigation will take place tonight . I am also thinking about sticking the supporting triangles to the mirror instead of leaving it "floating" , for the want of a better description . I hate the idea of this but this mirror movement has had an unsettling effect . Im thinking of just introducing double sided tape onto the cork pads . A good solution ? or is it better to leave the pads unfixed to the mirror ? Also the locking screws are a nightmare ...you spend your time collimating only for those screws to push the mirror zzzz By the way , i have installed Bobs Knobs for collimation . Stu
  14. I actually had one of those and the two scopes you mention , and i regret parting with the EP and the ST120
  15. Mark , those ES EP's certainly fare well it seems . Its all a bit of a minefield , thats why the questions were posed of course . Thanks for the reccomendations , Mark
  16. AAAAAANNNNND , RVO have one too .... i have heard good things about the Nirvana's indeed my friend @Grumpy Martian has the 4 and 7 which i am hoping to try out .Thanks Heather
  17. To be honest if i am only buying three then i might stretch the budget a little , thanks Jonathan
  18. Ok , so i will go to a maximum £120 on each . although like everyone i do like a bargain .
  19. Lovely report Mark ... Jupiter is a real WOW at the moment isnt it ? I have just put up a post on EP's and reading your post has already theoretically emptied my bank account as i read about the lovely EP's you have lol Looking forward to another clear one tonight ...I do find it difficult to star hop though ... there is so much to see using a larger dob that i wander off course very easily Stu
  20. So , Armed with my 12" Dob i settle down for an unobstructed view of the night sky ... and it made me wonder what would the views be like through some lovely new eyepieces . Now , i am not completely "green" on this subject , but despite that i still have what can only be descibed as a questionable eyepiece collection . Put it this way .. i reckon they let down the optics in my scope pretty badly. So , my scope , having a focal ratio of 4.95 and a focal length of 1500mm deserves better . Now before a few of you start spending my money on Tele Vue EP's please let it be known that i am not in a position to spend hundreds of pounds ( although i really would like to) . I want a good barlow and three decent eyepieces which will compliment my scope . At present i have a revelation 32mm , a celestron 25mm , and a few other EP's that honestly are not worthy at all , oh and one of the cheap barlows that work ok-ish. So , people , please think about what will compliment my one and only scope ( as of now ). I don't wear glasses . I do like 2" EP's . Any reccomendations would be gratefully received . May i add that i do want to look at the lovely planets but of course at DSO's from my bortle 5 garden Thanks for reading Stu
  21. Even if you upgrade the firmware , there is no need to use the mount in EQ mode as it asks whether you want to use Alt/AZ or EQ mode before you start . Upgrading the firmware gives you the choice of using EQ mode . Sorry if someone else has already mentioned this
  22. Hi Dave first of all put some mint in the shed .. spiders hate it … the dob cover has a drawstring but my wife also made a cover for the scope base that should prevent intruders . ALARMING EDIT I will be sending the cover back .. the cover is superb , but , the scope won’t fit in the shed!!!!! The wife has a lot of gardening stuff in there already . So peace has broken out and Elena has agreed to live with the scope in the house ! Therefore no cover needed ! Lol
  23. Ok , so you know Christmas Day when all the presents are under the tree.. they look so big when they are wrapped … er , it’s the same with the dob cover lol
  24. I will upload one later ... i am hoping it will be clear tonight so the dob will get some action befiore it settles into its new home ( ps , wife will be pleased to get her living room back)
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