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  1. And was one that i was sorely tempted by when you had it up for sale
  2. yeah , the 120 is a step too far , i think. But it looks good on the mount
  3. Good idea , i usually place my power tank on the spreader plate which gives stability . I was going to buy a steel tripod as i have an 80ed on the mount but i'm not sure i need it with the counterweight system i am using .
  4. Nice one , Ed ... the tripod is a good fit for the AZ-GTi ... its actually quite stable ,especially if you don't extend it fully ...i would say its even more stable than the skywatcher one that is supplied with the mount . Oh and the counterweight is a good fit .
  5. Just a little view of my setup… and I was only out for about an hour tonight as it was actually quite cloudy but the scope performed admirably and so did the mount. IMG_0001.MP4
  6. .. although, Joe , i have got a bracket that allows the scope to sit directly above the mount and is perfectly counterweighted .... i will post photos on here later , maybe even a little video of it working . The accuracy is surprisingly good as the weight is completely balanced. I certainly aggree that the tripod isnt the best for such weight though. Only time will tell if my set up fouls up the gears , motors, but , at present its ok . Only for visual in Alt Az mode of course
  7. So , my first night out with the az-GTI and the 127 mak .. bit of a frustrating first hour as the app continued to make life difficult but after the app and I had a little chat we agreed that i am right and it started to play ball . A 3 star alignment was followed by a quick tour of tonight's best and a few favourites . I only used one EP , a 26 mm so there was no high magnification but every target was in the EP . So , tomorrow the android app gets the bullet and ios kicks in and that can only be a good thing for my blood pressure and sanity . Tonight was a challenge that ultimately turned out to be a success . I will upgrade the tripod to a 3/8 " steel one to give the mount extra stability but that's just a personal thing , the skywatcher ally tripod is very usable . Hope you all had a great evening . Stu
  8. I think we have to weigh up value when we recommend gear, I agree we recommend gear because it's the best but thise sw wedges do work . And they are a 3rd of the price . Even now I am hovering over the buy button , lol
  9. Just a quick update ,people ... I have managed to get the synscan app to work!!!!!! I once again added my coordinates and everything seems to be fine ... the northern hemisphere targets are now listed .. I downloaded the app direct from skywatcher the stable Pro version .. the original app from the site did not work . But tonight I will try out the scope for the first time . Thanks for all the contributions to my trials and tribulations .. now let's get out under those clear skies Stu
  10. I can only speak about the Wedge ... the skywatcher wedge is acceptable and does the job , more so than the rather squat ioptron ... but if you are feeling suicidal and really dont want to take the mrs out then the best one to go for is the Williams optics one ... you will need a short dovetail to fix to the bottom of the mount so it slots into the wedge .
  11. i have used the version as listed by Widescreen Centre and also the latest version on the skywatcher site ... all to no avail ... to me its just an annoyance that will be sorted out , im sure .
  12. thanks for the reply , yes ... i have manually entered the location but it still comes up with the ridiculous scenario of showing Southern Hemisphere targets.
  13. I agree ... i may even resort to resetting the device ... even when it arrived it didnt recognise both sim cards until i did an update ( its an official device from SKY Mobile)
  14. Good call on that ... i am at work but the administrator prevents the location services being used ... Damn Foiled Again !! .. will try this later though Does the kindle operate on the latest synscan software ?
  15. Yes , i deleted the app, probably 15 times lol , by default the app doesnt have permission but ive always granted it ... it could be conflicting of course ... i will try that tonight . ** UPDATE ** Just tried installing the App again , not using location services ... same problem ... ie showing southern hemisphere targets instead of northern Hemisphere .
  16. Ho guys I've just put out a "help" on the forum. I am using a Samsung s21 ultra with android 12 . I downloaded the supposed fixed synscan app but the "user location" part of the app still doesn't work and crashes the app. The az gti when used through the app is told I can see polaris at 1 degree !!! And I can see such delights as the small and large magellenic clouds !!!! In other words it has defaulted to the southern hemisphere . Anyone else found a workaround for this ?
  17. Firstly sorry for the confusing title . But that's what I am , confused . Now I am normally an iPhone user but this year I changed to android. The problem which has been well documented lies with the synscan app. I am using android 12 and even downloading direct from the skywatcher site the location user in the app doesn't work ! The app keeps crashing . Even more ridiculous is that when I enter the "tonight's best " utility I am faced with lots of southern hemisphere targets !!!! Sure I would love to see the large magellanic cloud but from my English location alas it isn't possible . Oh and polaris apparently sits 1 degree above the horizon ! I am using a Samsung 21 ultra . Any ideas people ?
  18. A great set up indeed and one that I mirrored (almost , as I had a long frac and a 72ed ) alas not anymore for me but it is a superb combination . Stu
  19. Hi Jock , will certainly put it through its paces .. I'm not even sure of the payload capacity ... a bit of homework needed on my part
  20. So, a new scope and its accessories including this cheeky little alt az mount and a couple of EPs and of course the skywatcher tripod for the az-gti skymax 127 combo . Thank you Niall. Great to meet you .
  21. Many thanks , I'm chasing a skywatcher 80ed to go with the Mak.. the skies look quite good for me this week , so fingers crossed for us all .
  22. So , I am now the owner of an AZ-GTi and a skymax 127 ... so, ... I'M BACK !!! And I'm happy to be back with this mount. Not sure I will entertain EQ mode as I am not too worried about imaging , but , who knows ? The next purchase has to be a small frac to compliment the Mak . Stu Oh and to upgrade to the latest firmware .
  23. What a refreshing introduction. Welcome to the forum. Great to read that you have found your sweet spot in this amazing hobby .Many are encouraged on here to get into astronomy using binos as its a very intuative way of learning the night sky . Something you are proving to be correct . Stu
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