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  1. Hi All, had a chat with Lesley at the campsite and the news is good ,they have had less rain than last year and the field is dry and in good condition. The bookings are growing steadily and electric hook ups are still available. Looking forward to the event and catching up with everyone, safe journey and i will see you there! ? Regards Mike
  2. Hi All, sorry i`ve not posted for a bit, i will post tomorrow how the field is holding up,there are plenty of hookups still available,very much looking forward to catching up with everyone. Glad you got booked Damian, Sandra and Andy nice to see you are coming over. Regards Mike
  3. Nice image, you can be well chuffed with it. Mike
  4. Hi ,use R/O water better than standard distilled water,available in garden center/aquarium section ,it is commonly used in fish tanks, HTH Mike
  5. Hi Another solution is to put a small zip tie below the t-bar or a jubilee clip, HTH Mike
  6. Hi Michael, got to superb build quality https://www.firstlightoptics.com/focuser-controllers/primaluce-lab-sesto-senso-sixth-sense-robotic-stepper-focus-motor.html There stuff just works and is very compact. Mike
  7. Hi Niall, no i`ve not had any worries about my mirror, i really do not expect to have a need of re coating, my scope is stored in warm dry conditions. I would think that James will write back and will let you know of any do`s and dont`s Just give Dave a call at Obsession ,he will no doubt be in contact with OMI as they are/were a main supplier to Obsession, i will be interested to hear from you if you get any info. Mike
  8. Hi Niall that`s a blow, i`ve had mine 9 years,still if you contact Dave at Obsession Telescopes he will be able to sort you out!? Regards Mike
  9. Hi Steve, trying the dark arts at last,hope everyone is keeping ok, Mike
  10. By you don`t want much do ya! Jim if it`s cloudy we`ll blame you Mike
  11. Hi Spacedout try this link, https://shop.bt.com/brands/startech-com-681. This is the BT Shop very reliable huge range and good prices,i can recommend Lindy ,StarTech,i use both and have never had a problem. They also have a cable finder chart very usefull! Regards Mike
  12. Still capturing in Newcastle, icy underfoot and still milky up above,ah well just time for another dram,and back to the grind, Mike
  13. Clear in Newcastle ,a little milky----- hopefull at the mo,time will tell, Mike
  14. Hi Jem, you will not have any problems, the sky is huge and in past years any random fireworks have been miles away and do not last for any length of time, looking forward to meeting you if you can make it,you will not be dissapointed, Regards Mike
  15. Hi ,all the bits can be bought separately from army/navy store,velcro, quick release snap fastners,does not take long to sew up to required dimensions, Mike
  16. Hi All i can thoroughly recommend the drainage pipe i have used it successfully to build two scopes,it is versatile and cost effective. I have also used the 10 inch to make a pier. Regards Mike
  17. Hello All, i am pleased to announce the tenth anniversary Galloway Autumn 2019 Star Camp, it runs from Wednesday 30th October 2019---------Monday 4th November 2019. Location is the award wining http://www.drumroamin.co.uk/ Longer stays are available. Our location for the past nine years and the hard work done by the owners Lesley and Ralph Shell has enabled us to run the Premier Star Camp in Scotland successfully building a reputation as a friendly inclusive destination with terrific skies and a very well equipped campsite, a perfect combination !!!!!!!!! We will be putting on some events,with a food extravaganza for the Saturday evening,more details to follow. The bookings as usual will be handled direct with Lesley at the campsite. Bookings are open as of 9.00am 23rd November 2018.( tomorrow ). I look forward to meeting everyone,seasoned regulars and newcomers all. Will post when more details become available. Clear skies and regards, Mike. As usual any mistakes are my own.
  18. Hi John, no worries,any arrival late or otherwise is always welcome, the skies did co-operate and i know you were impressed with the views,i`m glad you enjoyed yourself and looki forward to catching up with you. Regards Mike
  19. Hi Peter,i`ve been a keen admirer of your photo`s and always look forward to the latest offering, there will be no problem in booking an electric pitch,there have been additions and upgrades last year. I`m very obliged to my keen assistants in a quick reply , and i`m sure weather permitting you will be well satisfied with both the location and facilities on offer, i look forward to catching up with you, Regards Mike
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