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  1. Hi All, by way of a thank you from Lesley and Ralph owners of Drumroamin campsite there will be a buffet supper being served in the warm room on the Sat evening 2nd Nov, all campers/attendees welcome can you let me know if anyone requires a vegetarian or other choice in good time. I have sampled Lesleys cooking on many occasions and i can be sure it will be a winner and a very nice gesture. The time of the meal can be decided on the day,and i`m sure a pie or two will make an apperance. Not long to wait now, See everyone there Regards Mike
  2. Thanks Damian,just noticed this post. Regards Mike
  3. Well out with it Kenny ,is it someone we know? Mike
  4. Hi All, good news there is a new fish and chip shop in Newton Stewart prices are very reasonable, a good range of cooked to order food,and a sit in if you fancy, it’s open 12 to 9pm every day. There are copies of their price list on site. The field is in great condition and the skies as good as I’ve seen them,I’ve been up for a week and cannot wait for the event,any questions please pm me Regards Mike
  5. Well done that man,we must be due some clear skies, thanks for the effort David. There are still some spaces available so get your bookings in,and make the 10th Galloway Star Camp a memorable one . See you all there. Regards Mike
  6. Hi Shirva,looking forward to meeting you if you make it ,can we have a name? Regards Mike
  7. Hi Hadyn, yes get yer finger out, hope you and Christine are keeping well? Looking forward to catching up with you,can i put in an order for cake please? Regards Mike
  8. Hi James i have used these power supplies for almoast 10 years and can highly recommend them:https://www.rapidonline.com/rapid-ps1540s-smps-switch-mode-power-supply-15v-40a-with-digital-display-85-1828 There are a huge range in bench psu`s, i have always found them to be really reliable Regards Mike
  9. When you have got it stripped down check the bearings on the curved plate, one or more could be cracked, the bearings and plate are available from W/O,but the plate will be okay and the bearings are widely available from the likes of bearing services for not a lot,hope this helps. Mike
  10. I don`t believe it was that long!!!!!!!!!! ? Well done Kenny, Mike
  11. Hi Derek,it was nice to see you and Annette, shame about your meal,it will not hurt your diet one bit ?,i feel sorry for Annette she was looking forward to it. Mike. It`s still blowin a hoolie here and very clear
  12. Hi All, the rain has stopped and the skies are very clear,but we have a stiff breeze,we will see what we can get, Mike
  13. Hi All, here` one of Dawn`s rather good M42 efforts,
  14. We are not proud and both whisky/whiskey are being sampled as we wait for the skies to clear the wind has died down and the temperature has dropped,tea`s are in the oven, i will of course post any pics we get!!!!!! ? Regards Mike
  15. Hi All,here`s another effort taken by Phil,the Rosette Neb . Mike
  16. Hi Andy, thank you ,taken through W/O FLT110, Canon 500d( modded ), 1600 ISO, 60SExp 40 Frames stacked in DSS, enhanced with whiskey fumes! Regards Mike
  17. Hi All, superb skies,here`s an image from last night---- More to follow, Mike
  18. Yeah right and no one told the midges it`s winter,four seasons in one day, Mike
  19. Well the rain has stopped and it`s crystal clear---------- we will see how long it lasts! ? Mike
  20. Well i`m onsite and who ordered the rain? The field is in great condition despite the afternoon rain. The journey over was uneventful, but i have to say the A75 is in a poor state loads of cracks and potholes,the temperatures on the way here started at 15* to 18-5 at the M6 and as i approached Newton Stewart a lowly 8* , it is for now at least not raining! Safe journey to all and i will catch up with everyone as they get here, Regards Mike
  21. Hi Peter, nice to hear from you hope you have a full recovery, i`m heading up to Galloway for the spring gathering in the morning. The forecast is fine for the start of the week so fingers crossed for the rest of the week. Looking forward to seeing you in October. Regards Mike
  22. Hello all ,i thought you would like to know of another astronomy related event,it is taking place the weekend following on from our event,details are here http://www.wigtownbookfestival.com/programme It is a pity that the events could not have been co-ordinated but anyone wanting a longer stay just call Lesley and it should be a fitting way to take in even more astronomy? Regards Mike
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