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  1. Wow,it looks neglected, and in need of a good spruce up what a waste of a great resource Mike
  2. Just drop them an email,they will ge t back to you asap Mike
  3. Hi ,here is a link for importer: http://www.advancedtechnicalpanels.co.uk/news/kydex-durability-by-design Hi Here is a link for the importer; http://www.advancedtechnicalpanels.co.uk/news/kydex-durability-by-design Mike
  4. Hi Damian,is that inches or miles of coconut toffee? Mike
  5. Calvin,he`ll drink anything when he`s bored don`t tempt him. Could you stretch to two bottles? Mike
  6. Hi Ade, try Astroboot for spares. https://www.astroboot.co.uk/ab.php Mike
  7. Nice to see FLO ,David is a very commited guy,met him in the depths of Kielder,having just taken delivery of my Obsession scope and running out of power about 5 in the morning with the temp around -9, heard a car watched it go one way then back again it finally came down the track we were in,it was David on his first trip with a boot full of newly made heaters etc,we supplied the coffee and bacon buttties and David put about 3 or 4 dew bands on and hey presto no more dewing problem,we then showed him the way to the castle where he was to show off his new products,i can confirm they worked ,have always used his products and can recomend them,good luck to David and enjoy your touring. Mike
  8. Ian don`t upset him or he will spit his dummy out!!!!!!!! Mike
  9. Hi Derek last i checked you were lo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  10. Damian, Dereks`s bored again ,do you like his new colouring pencils? Mike
  11. Now you`ve done it Peter, Derek will be hyper ,he will be wanting to mount his baby tak,he might even persuede Damian to flight test his pie testing thingy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  12. Hi just found it_ https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/334568-setting-up-platesolving-in-astrophotography-tool-apt/?tab=comments#comment-3642006
  13. Hi Dinoboy, there is definately ac thread on how to Install asps ON sgl ,I`m sure someone will be along to show you wher it is, Regards Mike
  14. Hi Derek a big thank you is in order,for going above and beyond. Sorry i mised this one,i hope Annette got plenty of knitting done? Can you imagine how much the whiskey bill would have been if everyone had been on site wth inclement weather? Have a safe trip home tommorrow and i`ll catch up with you later in the week. Again thank you for holding the fort. Regards Mike
  15. Hi Solarboy try this outfit,https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ex-Pro-DR-700-NB-2L-16000mAh-Battery-System-for-Canon-EOS-350D-400D/332675806499?epid=17020153470&hash=item4d7505f523:g:kLoAAOSwNcZcrymz Regards Mike
  16. Hi Gary,when you fit your new belts put a drop of threadlock on each bolt,no more worries! Regards Mike
  17. Hi Derek, weather forecast for you is showing clear after midnight, r u up in time for the fishmonger? Certainly missing the spring getaway,have a dram for me tonight Mike
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