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  1. Hi Robert ,I`ve got a set of Garrett Signature 28x110,they are very good and very heavy ,do not underestimate the mount you will need,Oberwerk Helios, APM all do 28 x110mm versions. My set need collimating as i have a double image,they have been very reliable and i could recomend then,i mount mine on a very large parallelogram,would not like to have a lighter mount as i feel it would compromise the performance.I`ve just checked and Rothervallyoptics stock the apollo!!! Good luck in your search. Regards Mike
  2. Dai,me thinks your having a tipple or two!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll on Autumn, Mike
  3. Hi Damian,what do the weathermen know,and it would not surprise me if it stays clear,enjoy, Regards Mike
  4. Hi All, it would be nice to know if the handle`s have a smooth underside, i ask only that W/Optic original handle on the mk1 GT81 looked very tactile but had hard edge`s on the underside and when the scope had been out for a time the hard edge and the cold made using it very uncomfortable, i ended up wrapping tape around it. I wish FLO the best of luck with their new endevour. Regards Mike
  5. Hi Sunshine, don`t waste anymore time, youi have a couple of choices ,remove alminium,carefully, and replace with a strip of laminate,having sanded the remains of any adhesive, or sand the aluminium and cover with laminate,then trim to correct width,Repace "Nylon blocks" with virgin teflon. Try this company for bits " http://www.scopestuff.com/#ATM Stuff Regards Mike
  6. Hi MD You can`t go wrong wwith the Astrosystem gear i have bought and used there products for a good few years, the build quality and finish is very reliable. Regards Mike
  7. Hi All i have finally remembered where i had seen a builder of bino scopes who had cracked the adjustment of said instruments,here is a link:http://www.aokswiss.ch/ayo/zubehoer/binoscope-holder.html And the https://www.sciencecenter.net/hutech/borg/bino/index.htm Matsumoto prism adjusters that make the whole system work. Enjoy. Mike
  8. Damian,was this done on your canon? A very good effort,and no sign of the Galloway lighthouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  9. Thanks Ian,no shoping needed,there`s a chilli on the go ,if you need feeding,safe journey Mike
  10. Hi Stuart,hopefully the micro-climate that is a feature of the location will be kind to us all,look forward to catching up with you, if you pass any clear skies on the way bring them along!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  11. Hi All, cold and clear, but very windy, the warm room is calling,hopefully the wind will abate,the usual repairs have been made and a list is growing for tomorrow. Mike
  12. Especially for Damian you know you really miss it!
  13. Weather update ---------Light snow towards Perth---honest Wackyscot its actually driving towards Auchterarder. Mike
  14. Hi All just had a quick word with Lesley overnight rain has made the field wet . but it is drying quickly, Julian had just arreived on site so we will get a detailed report later ,no doubt. Mike
  15. Hi Lee,it`s amazing how fast you can put up a tent in the rain, the Galloway erection team will give you a hand, all types of tent put up!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrap a duvet around yer scope,it will give a bit of protection,looking forward to meeting up,oh and an extra groundsheet is very useful, Regards Mike
  16. Hi Billy try this company: www.vpi.us They are American ,but have a large selecction. Also try : https://uk.farnell.com/?CMP=KNC-GUK-PFB-E14-core&mckv=sKF4TryVA_dc|pcrid|206693064948|kword|%2Belement14 %2Bfarnell|match|b|plid||slid||product||pgrid|3956848989|ptaid|kwd-35472574144|&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvPCoy52f5QIVRed3Ch3Tvw8VEAAYASAAEgI5B_D_BwE HTH Regards Mike
  17. Hi All, just a reminder to anyone coming to Galloway make sure you have booked as the site is filling up,i know it`s easy done to think you have booked,just a quick call to Lesley will fix it. Looking forward to catching upwith everyone, have just ordered clear skies ,so fingers crossed. Regards Mike
  18. I think you have to much time on yer hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  19. Or go oldschool and use ally bar and a file to profile as above. Mike
  20. Atik 16HR-C . COMPLETED-SOLD

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